The Wielder PDF å Kindle Edition

The Wielder PDF å Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 274 pages
  • The Wielder
  • David Gosnell
  • English
  • 27 October 2016

10 thoughts on “The Wielder

  1. Keri Salyers Keri Salyers says:

    I would probably give this in between 4 and 5 for being fun and entertaining from start to finish Arthur's ability to summon fae and demons is on its own an interesting thing but the interaction between those summonlings was what I enjoyed the mostThe story begins on a sad point that gets you to really wonder HOW he got these abilities what IS he exactly and how is he so long lived I liked the answersFrom cover to cover I was amused Full of interesting characters and incorporated ideas from worldwide folklore Not positive but I feel like the author might be a fellow mmo gamer judging by a few select terms wink Can go from light to violent in a heartbeat but then shouldn't all books with demons in them? In the end though I believe Znuul was the one to steal the show

  2. Alicia Huxtable Alicia Huxtable says:

    Well now this is one hell of a ride and such a different paranormal read than I'm used to Arthur was gifted 6 creatures by Malgorath and all seemed just fineuntil after the death of his wife and the murder of his son and daughter in law that he has been usedbetrayedby whom is another uestion he needs answered But first he must spend several years with Grey Lightbringer and ZnuulVery well written and a must read in my opinion

  3. Joan Joan says:

    Let's start with the things I didn't like ; 1 There were a few too many typos missed spaces missing punctuation marks Nothing too serious but each one drew me out of the story This needs a solid painstaking word for word proof read2 The names of some the assorted 'summonlings' are way WAY to complex view spoilerArixtumin Vetsighar Pffiferel Silithes Hjuul Ahtsag Znuul etc hide spoiler

  4. Jim Jim says:

    As a reader I always always always give a book a hundred and fifty pages to get me hooked especially if it's the first in the series Well except for Twilight That got one hundred and forty and when I started praying for the next ten pages to go uickly I gave up True story At any rate sometimes I really am happy that I did Sometimes I'm not This time I'm ecstatic that I did and it only took about fifty because it took a minute for David Gosnell's The Wielder Betrayal to really take off but once it did I was massively impressed This book was a lot of fun I'll get into the whys and wherefores in a minute but I really enjoyed it Gosnell can writeThe most important part of any book is the characters and this is where Gosnell really delivers His main character Arthur MacInerney goes through a character arc that is unlike anything I've seen before His constant companions who are literally demons that he is able to summon using tattoos given him as the result of a chance encounter are not only believable they are entertaining I can't uite wrap my head around the way that Gosnell managed to take demons and turn them into people His demons or Arthur's depending on how you view them feel real I can almost see myself sitting down for dinner with one of them or having Hjuul the dog like one fall asleep at my feetNot all of the characters are friendly of course and Gosnell does a good job of making Arthur's enemies believable He even manages to straddle the line with some of the enemies actually being the good guys I don't want to give too much away here but there is definitely a time when Arthur finds out that things are not what they seem and that he needs to trust the people that he thought were out to get him The fact that this makes sense to the audience is a compliment to Mr Gosnell and his ability to build a three dimensional universe When one of the good guyserr girls spit in Arthur's face I didn't hate her for it It made sense for the character and Arthur had it coming Of course sometimes the bad guys are just badMaldgorath is our main antagonist pure evil type This story really is an epic fantasy masuerading as an urban fantasy and we need that pure evil villain What makes Maldy work though is that he's not just evil for evil's sake He doesn't kick puppies just because he can Dude is evil because he is obsessed He is a collector of beings He enslaves things not for the work they do but for the sheer joy of doing so He really is a sick twisted sadist He enjoys toying with the beings he has acuired but what collector doesn't enjoy playing with his toys?The action seuences in the book are both well done and integral to the plot I found myself wincing at all of the appropriate moments cheering when I was supposed to and basically just caring about what happened It was than just that though When Arthur stalks a man through a building I'm right there along with him It feels immediate as does the following battle When a fight erupts in a parking lot I find myself wanting to be in there swinging Some parts of this book felt almost cinematic because of the way I could see them playing out in my headI'm going to guess that Gosnell has done some gaming Not only does Arthur feel like Warlock from World of Warcraft at times but some of the demons he uses feel similar to the demons in WoW A couple of the fight scenes have the feel of a Battleground from WoW too I don't know if Gosnell plays for sure but I'd be surprised if he didn't And David if you see this and you do play hit me up in game I'm AKA Capellini Undead Lock on Nesingwary My guild is named Harmonious Death and we're always recruiting That's okay though What he wrote makes sense whether you've played the games or not but parts of it added to my enjoyment Ok seeing Arthur go from warlock one minute to priest the next was a little weird but it's all good I enjoyed it and seeing the enemy react in an appropriate manner made me smileThis book goes through some major twists It would be easy to get whiplash if they didn't make so much sense Gosnell does a good job of getting us ready for what's coming without letting us know what's coming I don't know if I said that uite right but what I meant is that he foreshadows things well without telegraphing his next move There were a few times where I just didn't see what was coming but once it happened it made sense to me This is something I struggle with in my own writing but Gosnell does it well I'll have to go back through this book and see if I can break down how he did itIt's true that this was not a perfect book The first fifty pages just drag I mean I know it's the first book in a series and sometimes things take a minute to set up but damn The book starts at a funeral and wallows in it Granted the funeral sets up the rest of the book but things just kind of wander with no real sense of what's going on until something terrible happens and we're off and running Once things do get moving though they don't let upWARNING SEMI SPOILERISH CONTENTThere is also a moment near the end where Gosnell does something I've seen in a lot of games that irks me It's when you FINALLY get to the big boss and you're beating the bejabbers out of him but he gets away and you have to hunt him down again In games it's so you'll keep playing In this book it's so that you'll read the rest of the series That makes sense Logical or not though it's still annoying That much being said it was well foreshadowed and it's a cliché because it works

  5. Lori A. McCormack Lori A. McCormack says:

    Loved that I couldn't predict this book Does the bad die die in the end? No Does the good guy accomplish his goal? Not really but these are part of the twists and turns that make this book so good and the author's world so believable The characters are well and emotionally developed The writing and editing are also well done I'm excited and hopefull for a seuel

  6. Karlie Karlie says:

    I probably would have liked this better if it fit into a genre I like The writing was decentthe genre which I am not sure I can define just doesnt do it for me For characters notmofmtye norm the author did a decent job creating them and letting you picture them

  7. Leona Grace Leona Grace says:

    Brilliant A thoroughly good fun read with plenty of action and great characters

  8. Maureen Tracy Maureen Tracy says:

    Loved this bookIt has some gory moments but also has you laughing at the antics It is full of love faith

  9. Judy Yang Judy Yang says:

    Great readThis book is great to pass the time and provide images for your imaginations There's modern world with various magical beings in the story which adds colour to it

  10. BonusMom BonusMom says:

    Good and badGood story with a main character that you sometimes like and other times dislike The story didn't flow as well as it could have and there are sketchy spots in the plot but overall it's a pretty decent read

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The Wielder❀ [EPUB] ✸ The Wielder By David Gosnell ❤ – Arthur just buried his wife of 76 years To make things worse he knows he won't be joining her in the after life anytime soon because of a gift he was given That gift being six entities that are grafte Arthur just buried his wife of years To make things worse he knows he won't be joining her in the after life anytime soon because of a gift he was given That gift being six entities that are grafted to his soul He can summon them at will a succubus a demon sorcerer a fairy a leprechaun a cat being warrior and his ever most trusty hell hound Because of their direct connection to his soul their power leeches into him So Arthur doesn’t age or get sick He knows he will outlive his family After all he just outlived his wife Unfortunately though he outlives his son a lot sooner than later His son is murdered in a most foul manner Arthur goes in search of revenge with death and devastation following in his wake But Arthur's bent on revenge is uickly interrupted by a behind the scenes supernatural police who arrest him interrogate him and bring him in for judgment That's where things turn really bad for poor Arthur He's finds he's been set up Nothing is what it seemed Worse even he's been betrayed And now he has to pay the price for it both spiritually and in time incarcerated This is the first book in an envisioned series of six It introduces you to Arthur MacInerny and his band of six summonlings along with the multiverse setting in which they all reside.

About the Author: David Gosnell

David Gosnell is a former ad man now full time insurance adjuster who writes a bit to keep his sanity while working away from home David is a terrible but loud musician a fair tennis player and wishes he had time to play fantasy MMORPGs they way he used toThe Wielder Betrayal was David's first novel It's been followed by four installments in the series and a novella focusing on the s.