Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything PDF

Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything PDF

Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything [PDF / Epub] ☂ Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything Author Thomas Eaton – 100 stunning ingenious and absorbing infographics reveal the secrets of life the universe and everything Discover uniue witty and surprising facts about all sorts of natural phenomena from the secrets to Life the Universe Kindle - stunning ingenious and absorbing infographics reveal the to Life PDF ↠ secrets of life the universe and everything Discover uniue witty and surprising facts about all sorts of natural phenomena from the secrets of the universe to the wonders of natural science and the impenetrable dimensions of uantum physics Scientific facts are presented in a memorable surprising and illuminating way.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything
  • Thomas Eaton
  • 17 February 2014
  • 9781844037889

10 thoughts on “Infographic Guide to Life the Universe and Everything

  1. Miri Miri says:

    This book is enjoyable and beautifully put together but some of the infographics are repetitive hard to understand or just plain bizarre Out of 80 infographics for example twelve are about space which is one every six or seven pages There's one showing relative brain size for different species and one comparing the smallest living thing to the largest—which I feel like we've all seen about a thousand times right? Interesting enough the first few times but not really groundbreaking newsOf the stranger variety there's a graph showing how long it would take you to fall from various tall structures; one about the makeup and activities of various global gangs the Mafia the Yakuza the Sinaloa Cartel; one detailing global vacuuming habits; and one that asks whether if you were shot into space with nothing but a very long tape measure you'd be able to identify the planet you landed on solely from its mean radius Like I said though many of these graphs are gorgeously designed While I didn't find the information itself fascinating the one that shows where the strongest tornadoes hit was visually one of my favorites I loved the one that showed where in the world different types of dinosaurs have been found and was surprised to learn that Atlanta is the busiest airport in the entire world in both take offslandings and passenger volume The one comparing deaths caused by pandemic and by war is both morbid and fantastically illustratedOne of the most interesting pieces of information comes from the introduction which points out that Florence Nightingale—a pioneering statistician in addition to her famous work as a nurse—was one of the first in modern times to represent data visually And the visuals here are lovely But than just having a great design they're supposed to show the relationships between one piece of data and another and not all of them do that very clearly For some like the one showing how much power the Death Star would need to blow up the planets in our solar system the chart isn't very meaningful if you don't know a lot about the joule With graphs like the carbon footprints of vegans vs meat eaters and the genetic makeup of humans compared to other animals I just wasn't really sure what I was looking atAll things considered it's definitely worth 45 minutes to read through if only to see some great design work and learn how much all your organs are worth on the black market You never know when that might come in handy

  2. Douglas Douglas says:

    Besides presenting information poorly I stopped reading this book when I found a major factual error Benjamin Franklin was not President of the United States from 1785 to 1788

  3. Rebecca Ann Rebecca Ann says:

    This would make an excellent waiting room on the bus or coffee table book and I mean that as praise It is full of concise fascinating inforaphics that are perfect for short bursts of time My favorite was the comparison of countries' chocolate eating in contrast to their most popular national dish I really thought America would be highest but you showed us France

  4. Bethe Bethe says:

    Almost everything you want to know about the world in infographic format from animal brain size to 6 degrees of separation to Steven Hawking an anything in between All have info sources Need to find something like this for elementary school kids

  5. Dayna Dayna says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of the infographics here They were presented in creative and engaging ways The colors are attractive and capture my attention the design is amazing It covers such a wide range of topics and it was fun to read about them even though it'll go down the forgot about it drain It did give me several interesting things to research and read about such as1 The most and least light polluted places I hate hate hate that humans don't get to experience total darkness it drives me insane This infographic made me want to pack my bags and move to Western Australia Tanzania Africa2 The various constellations in the know universe the Markanian Galaxy the supergiant elliptical galaxy in the virgo constellation the Huge L in the Large uasar Group3 the most remote places in the world least populated places on earth places with no cell phone coverage in which Myanmar is one of them I got really shocked at that one4 The most and least polluted airs on earthoverall it was a blast to read this and a great visual treat for the eye brainI think it is a great book that offers you a palate of facts and topics to choose from and pursue in knowledge They provide all the resources too

  6. Jorn Barger Jorn Barger says:

    The only value of this book is for examples of what NOT to do for infographics The agreed goal is to help data be self explanatory the charts in this book reuire suinting and head scratching because the important relationships are hidden behind superficial ill considered flash

  7. Lloyd Hegarty Lloyd Hegarty says:

    A lot of the info graphs can messy causing the information to be unclear There are abbreviations used which are not explained in many places and there is a lot of contradictory and outright incorrect information in this book

  8. Zahraa Mahdi Zahraa Mahdi says:

    Good book with good information and illustration however it mentions a lot of numbers which cannot be remembered

  9. Aaron Wong Aaron Wong says:

    Eaton T 2014 Infographic guide to life the universe and everything London Cassell Illustrated

  10. Steven van Doorn Steven van Doorn says:

    Interesting topics but I did not think the infographics were particularly well made It seemed to be about appealing colors than communicating information clearly

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