Kindle Edition à Pilgrimage PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition à Pilgrimage PDF/EPUB å

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  1. Martin Martin says:

    What an amazing fantasy storyA plot that satisfied me and a MC that was literally to die for What could I ask for?Mike Carlson is a fiscal analyst in California His life is boring and lonely as his love life isn't exactly thrilling mostly because he keeps himself at a distanceSuddenly a lady appears out of nowhere and whisks him away to another world where he is sent on a uest to redeem another man's sinAided by hot and hunky hunter Goran the journey becomes demanding than Mike expected and when it's time to make sacrifices he realizes that he found love that he is not willing to give upMike was a bit of a difficult character but he had to be otherwise the plot wouldn't have workedGoran however is the most amazing character ever He's troubled gorgeous protective loving and he does have a dark side too that makes him all the attractive as a romance heroAnd he looks like the cover model of a Highlander romance which is never a bad thingI've rarely been happier seeing a story wrap up this nicely despite the fantasy theme So this is actually one of my favorite reads this year5 stars for hunky Goran The best romance lead in ANY world

  2. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    425 True Love StarsI made it through the pilgrimage with Mike and fell in love with GoranThis is a beautiful story and if you pay attention you'll learn about your world too We all love And die And weave our fates with the threads we're given Our gods are petty and we kill and maim in their name Kim Fielding knows how to spin a yarn and write a HEA Surely happy endings don't get better than thisThanks to Mish for nudging me to read this book which has been lingering on my TBR forever and to Mish and Jen for the buddy read

  3. Jenni Jenni says:

    I've decided I must be a snuggler at heart because I find myself talking about cozy reads uite a lot these days And it doesn't surprise me in the least that Kim Fielding's words are my cozy fuzzy blanket of choice If I pick up one of her books I can bet money I'm probably in for 1 an expertly woven tale with fascinating other worldly details a lovable self deprecating lead and a gentle giant hero; 2 smokin' hot sexy time; 3 and yay a HEA Fielding's captured my heart with all of the above in Pilgrimage an angst free fantasy with a lesson about a funny lonely guy named Mike and a Fabio look a like named Goran Fielding spins the tale brilliantly and without the need for an evil nemesis even Mike who lives in world like our own has been teleported or something to Goran's world which looks and feels like something from medieval times Mike needs to complete a series of tasks in order to appease an angry god and return home and he does it his way but always with the help of sweet caring fearless Goran Along the way Mike sometimes improvises to complete his tasks and that's what I loved about him Mike is Every Guy™ and it was fun to watch him come out of his shell as the story progressed The fantasy with a lesson idea worked so well here; both MCs had the opportunity to learn about themselves and let go of some sad and heavy baggage from their respective pastsOne of the entertaining parts of Pilgrimage involved Mike’s field guide for navigating his tasks Mike is a little confused about some of the language and sidetracks in the guide Says Mike This book is not as helpful as it should be I'd give it like two stars at best And later I don't even read fantasy Ah Mike we relate Really though it's a nod to the fun and whimsy of the writing I think it's pretty awesome when we can poke fun at ourselves and not take this life to seriously and that's just what this read did for me It was a lighthearted welcome break from life and some of the tougher books I've challenged myself with lately and I so enjoyed the journey

  4. Chris, the Dalek King Chris, the Dalek King says:

    Mike is a spoon Ok he’s not a spoon–but he’s like a spoon A spoon that has an identical mate An identical mate in an alternate universe that has really pissed off a god So now Mike—the not uite the spoon you’re looking for—must undertake a pilgrimage to unbend a goddess and save a bunch of people from never dying And he must do it allin his pants that’s underwear for all ye heathens out thereGot that? Errlet’s try it againMike is a fiscal analyst don’t ask me what that is I have a feeling it has to do with numbers and maths and just thinking about it makes my head hurt and while it is not exactly the most exciting job in the universe he is damn good at it He’s a good man with a good family and he’s got his head screwed on tight So tight in fact that it nearly pops off when Agata goddess of fertility pops in tells him he’s just what she’s looking for in a herosaviorlast ditch effort at a loophole and then pops them both over to home sweet Dalibor She explains that Lord Maliach has pissed off her sister god Alina and now refuses to apologize– even after the goddess of death cursed Maliach and his lands with immortality in a total sure your leg just fell off and you’re in excruciating pain but look on the bright side you’ll never die kind of way Agata not exactly cool with the whole punish the herd for one jackass’s stupidity thing and than a little pleased to trick her sister tells Mike that because he is Maliach in an alternate universe he can make the apologies for the ass of a lord He is like one spoon in a set of cast spoons– alike enough in shape and form to foolloophole his way through the rules governing the godsSo with a set of stolen clothes a bag of a very few coins and the least helpful guide book ever Mike sets off is forced to undertake a pilgrimage in a strange land with strange gods and even stranger people Like it or not not Mike is now a hero A very reluctant spoon heroYou know that type of story you love the one that you go out of your way to read but it almost always disappoints you? That is this story– minus the disappointment I love the whole ‘average joe falls into another universe’ trope But rarely is it ever good At best they tend to be mediocre clichés wrapped around highly improbable characters And yet I keep reading them in the vain hope that one day someone will actually write something that I’ll love Well it has taken 27 years and who knows how many bottle of wine but ladies and gentlemen I give you the winner PilgrimageI loved this book Mike is just average He’s an accountant that is a good man if a little lonely in the romance department but he is not a superhero in disguise Mike does not moonlight as a sword wielding ninja he’s not a fantasy junkie that’s fully euipped to take on any adventure and he’s not spent the last ten years studying hunting and gathering so that he’s so at home in the wild he’d give Bear Grylls a run for his money He’s an average guy thrown out of everything he knows and forced to make the best of itSo it is probably good that he runs into Goranbecause let’s face it you can’t really fiscaly analyze your way out of a sword fight Goran is a good man who has had a pretty messed up childhoodadulthood and now basically only wants to have enough money to drink himself into a hazy stupor for as long as humanly possible He is also rather impressive with his blade ;P He is both gregarious and uiet at turns and is probably not the smartest man alive but he is sweet and he cares for Mike– even when Mike does a stupid thing I really loved him And I loved how Fielding made him feel alive and real How his past made him into something than just a blade for higherMike and Goran could have come out sounding like every bad cliché but they didn’t They were all the good things that made clichés clichéd–that made them so damn popular Man trapped in foreign land falls for romance cover worthy hunk of a manit should feel flat but it is not It is romantic and cute and just a little sad Because Mike’s not staying and Goran –who lost everything but is now finally starting to find some peace– is going to once again have his heart ripped out of his chest by something he cannot stop The story doesn’t exactly flounder around in angst but you never uite know how it will end giving it enough tension that you are eagerly awaiting each new pageBut no matter how unsure you are about some things others are uite certain Like the fact that his book was a pleasure to read It was funny It was fun The jokes found that perfect spot where you never uite knew what to expect to come out of Mike’s mouth but it never felt like he was saying it just to get a laugh The pop culture references could have fallen flat very easily but they were well chosen and perfectly timed Never too much and just enough to get the meaning without confusing us or beating us over the head with it It was both unexpected and highly believableI do have some issues with how the book ended– mostly that I wanted to see about how everyone was coping –but it was a really good book nonetheless I think Mike let go a little too easily even if I understand the choice he made but I think I would have liked for him to fight a bit harder for Goran But I got my HEA and really enjoyed reading this I’ve no doubt it is going to pop up on my re read list either If you are looking for a low angst book full of fun and romance this is the book for you 45 stars This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

  5. Katharina Katharina says:

    35I'm not really sure how to rate this There were great ideas in this story really lovely moments and some conversations that made me want to cry In a good way I loved the different sacrifices Mike has to make druing his pilgrimage and how they changed him how he developed as a character because of them The physical description of the world was detailed and well done it made the different settings easy to picture and I always love that in a book And Goran Goran was such a great character He was amazing fierce loyal strong vulnerable genuine and so so sincere in everything he said and did I loved himBut now come the parts that I didn't like all that much as a fantasy story it often felt a bit childish and immature to be honest The general world building the setting beyond the physical appearance fell flat for me The Gods are one example of that they didn't seem like Gods at all to me More like pubescent children And there are some things left unexplained that I just didn't understand for example if the Gods have the power to remove people from different worlds and to send them back there later are they Gods in those worlds too? Obviously they have some sort of power but what is their role exactly? There are uite a few other examples as well but I'm not going to bore you with themMike's whole task seemed like a uest in a roleplaying game with a not so proficient game master The kind where you get dropped somewhere get handed your big assignment and find yourself already at the beginning of the road that you then just have to follow in between solving riddles or completing specific tasks at several pre determined stations Completely straight forward no intricacies nothing really surprising and in all this rather unimaginative As I said there are awesome ideas in this story the sacrifices the pilgrimage per se but I just think the execution fell short of the potential because the plot and whole world building were too restricted to the basic story conceptIt's hard to describe what exactly is missing except maybe that I love my fantasy stories to be embedded into some sort of bigger picture and there's simply no bigger picture here Any attempts at creating it the Gods the explanation for choosing Mike to begin with Lord Meliach himself and his deeds are without uestion the weakest part of the story to me because they were not convincing at all The best part of this story on the other hand is clearly the romance component even though I didn't like Mike all that much sometimes Kim Fielding is obviously an experienced talented writer and you notice that throughout the book She knows how to write relationship and character development in a way that makes sense and is in tune with the characters' experiences That is a great thing But it isn't enough for a great fantasy story which lives much through world building and general setting than most contemporary stories do simply because in contemporary stories even with fantastical elements the reader already knows the world and the basic concepts it's built on whereas in fantasy stories the reader has no idea whatsoever So I'm a bit torn in how to rate this book Parts of it deserve clear four stars other parts maybe two I settle at 35 because I really loved some of the scenes in this book but I'll round it down because view spoilerthe resolution in the end felt too rushed and I wouldn't have minded to see Mike suffering a little bit Not only because I'm sadistic but because the scenes of Mike and Goran's separation were damn beautiful and a little bit of a prolonged or at least documented heartbreak would have given them even significance I think hide spoiler

  6. Elspeth Elspeth says:

    I enjoyed this but I wanted it to be better I also recommend have tissues at hand evil book made me cry

  7. Bookwatcher Bookwatcher says:

    Is someone ask me the reason I keep reading Kim Fielding books I will answer because it hurts each time I smile so much reading the end and my face hurts that's whyThe plotMichael Carlson is an ordinary man With a ordinary job in California With an ordinary plan work pay his bills and that's it Nothing He may not believe in destiny but destiny believe in him And his destiny is to live an remarkable adventureIn a parallel Earth like place another man offend a Goddess And in a second the ordinary life of Michael Carlson will be anything but ordinary Catapult in a medieval like place Michael must do a pilgrimage and save a village from a terrible curse Meliach is the exactly copy of Michael So if Michael do the pilgrimage in his place a village can be normal again and Michael can go back to California and forget all about swords and a world without indoor plumbingNothing is easy why in a parallel world it should be?In a luck moment Michael will find the perfect guide in that confusing world GoranGoran is big loyal and decide to help Michael in the pilgrimage He just ask for the book Michael has as his paymentMichael will have a guide and much he will have the reason to ask himself how much he want to go back to his world and how much he will suffer leaving Goran alone Because Goran is alone and it's clear the man have a tragic past and deserve a better live and deserve to be lovedThis is one of the most romantic fantasy book I ever read I loved all the pilgrimage and knowing the cities and their weird habitantsI loved all the mystery of what would be each sacrifice Michael would have to do because each temple he visit he must honor the Goddess with something and you as a reader and from Michael POV is lost as he isI loved how slow but constant is the learning about the fantastic world Michael is and about the mysterious guide he has GoranAnd most of all I loved how a fantasy book was so romantic I felt my heart breaking because we know that each step Michael do each time he reach one temple and do an offer he is close to go home go away from that world go away leaving his beloved GoranThis is a romantic story and so I highly recommend it to readers searching a fantasy but also a romantic bookI will not spoil but all the Goddess are watching closely Michael may they be merciful? May they give a change to Michael and Goran? You must read to know because I will not tell it D5 stars

  8. Manfred Manfred says:

    I am a big fan of Kim Fielding so when Martin recommended one of her books it was no hardship to dive into this fantasy story And as usual with Mrs Fielding the book did not disappointMichael is an accountant with a typical desk job plain and simple and boring But then he is transferred to an alternative university where he needs to go on a pilgrimage to lift the curse of a godess Goran is a fighter good looking strong and muscular and when he offers protection in exchange for a book Michael got for his pilgrimage those two go on a journey through a medieval like country getting to know each other and falling in love I really liked the way the story evolved both main characters are adorable I especially loved Goran and would have married him myself well apart from the fact that he chose Michael and I am already marriedTheir first wedding and the sacrifice that was made afterwards had me sobbing it was so beautiful and romantic and the HEA beautifulDefinitely recommended and strong 4 stars for meMy only complaint is that Goran was unfortunately not on the cover too badI mean that guy had the hair and the sword but this definitely isn't our hero first I even thought it was the godess Agatha so that was disappointing ;

  9. Ami Ami says:

    After finishing The Pillar which made me all emotional I must say that Pilgrimage was not as exciting and not exactly favorite of mine I agreed with my friend Katharina who said that the fantasy part was a bit immature The whole a man being plucked from his home to this alternative world to save the day was a good idea but I thought Mike's journey being just a pilgrimage felt mundane Oh I enjoyed his conversation with Goran the fierce and loyal Goran it was good but the whole journey part dragged this story down for me This was the case where I wanted sword fightings or some sort of huge task to complete Something action based It felt rather lackluster for a uest type of story a case why I thought Alice in Wonderland was just nice but not heart pumping excitingThe romance was uite lovely though and my sappy heart smiled widely for the ending

  10. Heller Heller says:

    35It took me a while to get into this read Mike is magically transported to an alternate world by a god and forced to impersonate his doppleganger in a cross country pilgrimage He meets Goran a barbarian swordsman who offers to be his bodyguard for the journey Mike tries to complete his uest without revealing his true origins to the man who is coming to mean to him than just protection in the odd world he finds himself lost in Once I got into this story I fell in love with the characters especially Goran who has a heartbreaking history I loved how things worked out at the end of the pilgrimage and the ending rocked Great read

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Pilgrimage [BOOKS] ✭ Pilgrimage Author Kim Fielding – Fiscal analyst Mike Carlson is good with spreadsheets and baseball stats He doesn’t believe in fate true love or fantasy But then a fertility goddess whisks him away to another world A promise has b Fiscal analyst Mike Carlson is good with spreadsheets and baseball stats He doesn’t believe in fate true love or fantasy But then a fertility goddess whisks him away to another world A promise has been broken and if Mike is ever to return to California—and his comfortable if lonely life—he must complete a Pilgrimage to the shrines of a death goddess A humiliating event convinces Mike to hire a guard to accompany him and hunky Goran is handy enough with a sword if a little too liberal with his ale A man with no home and no family Goran is deeper than he first appears As Mike learns about Goran his disbelief wavers and his goals become less clear Contending with feuding gods the challenges of the journey and his growing attraction to Goran Mike faces a puzzle far harder to solve than simple rows of numbers.