Birds of Alberta PDF Ë Birds of PDF \ Paperback

Birds of Alberta PDF Ë Birds of PDF \ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Birds of Alberta
  • Chris Fisher
  • English
  • 14 March 2014
  • 9781551051734

8 thoughts on “Birds of Alberta

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    This excellent book is especially helpful for birdwatchers in the province of Alberta Canada It is not sorted into alphabetical order as expected; but instead is sorted by similar closely related birds and color coded At the beginning of the book is a reference guide that shows pictures and names of different groups of birds; ie Diving Birds Heron Like Birds Waterfowl etc This is so helpful A bit of a Coles notes versionDid you know that there are over 400 different birds in Alberta? I realize that I have only seen a small percentage of these and strive to see many Especially helpful for me was the section that tells you where the bird sanctuaries Provincial Parks and best places to see different birds areAlthough there are no actual photographs the drawings of the birds are extremely lifelike and beautifully done There is so much great information packed into this book that can easily be carried in a person's backpack Even though this book was published in 1998 it is still a valuable gem

  2. Ash Hu Ash Hu says:

    I bought this book because of Dr John Acorn I had little interest in birds beyond their vague aesthetic value until I took a class with Dr John Acorn at the University of Alberta on North American Wildlife While the course focus is taxonomy life history and identification methods Acorn keeps students engaged and interested by way of his extensive and humorous storytelling abilities Our first couple weeks were focused on birds and between labs and lectures I found myself fascinated by and admiring of the numerous species that I've seen every day As a Canadian I often feel bored or disenchanted by boreal wildlife as it's not as colourful and fun as the birds you would find in the tropics I spent a summer of field work in South Africa which held my introduction to bird diversity education That comparative wherein North American birds I viewed as homogenous and boring was ultimately destroyed in this class after familiarizing myself with a handful of orders and familiesI ended up purchasing this book so that I could get my prof to sign it but also because I am enjoying learning about birds I like being able to go back to old wildlife photography I've done and be able to learn something about that bird's range lifehistory etc I also use it when recreationally walking hiking on the prowl to find some new birdsPROS each bird has about a full page dedicated to information about them so if I want to learn about a particular bird or group I have all of that information in one convenient space lovely illustrations in size style etc range locations and common sightings like provincial national parks Reminds me at the sheer wealth of experiences in birding and Alberta as a biodiverse space that the authors collectively share Handy checklist at the back to track your progressCONS Outdated This book was originally published in 1996 and my copy was a reprint in 2019 Publishers ought to allow for new editions because information has changed Many birds' known ranges have shifted The common names of some birds have changed with a wide consensus Organization of the book has birds in various common clades As a bird enthusiast with a biological sciences background and values knowledge of taxonomy I would have liked to see a explicit usage of latin names taxonomic orders and families This can also really help with identification purposes For any keen Albertan Canadian bird enthusiasts this book is a must have Whether you keep it on your desk to update your checklist for a post hike debrief or a casual skim this book can teach you something everytime And all of the beautiful bird illustrations just make you want to smile

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    The go to bird book for Alberta The best size for carrying in an adventure bag but still informative

  4. Debbie Debbie says:

    My go to book for all my bird uestions

  5. MEGAN C MEGAN C says:


  6. Jennifer Quist Jennifer Quist says:

    We open this book about every day during the summer The drawings are excellent and it's written in a light friendly funny style

  7. Byrningbunny Byrningbunny says:

    Not enough detail The line drawings don't provide enough information for identification

  8. Emillyr Emillyr says:

    I loved to look through all the amazing birds in this book especially the swans

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Birds of Alberta❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Birds of Alberta Author Chris Fisher – This illustrated field guide helps readers identify understand and appreciate the birds of Alberta It contains full colour illustrations and detailed descriptions of 388 species with each account incl This illustrated field guide helps readers identify understand and appreciate the Birds of Alberta It Birds of PDF \ contains full colour illustrations and detailed descriptions of species with each account including information on Size Status Habitat Nesting Feeding Voice Similar species cross referenced Best sites for viewing Range maps showing seasonal occurrences of the bird and migration routes Colour coded header bars and a uick reference guide make finding information fast and easy Also includes a glossary of terms and a birder's checklist.