Las aventuras de un violonchelo PDF ↠ Las aventuras

Las aventuras de un violonchelo PDF ↠ Las aventuras

Las aventuras de un violonchelo ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Las aventuras de un violonchelo By Carlos Prieto ⚣ – This is a biography of a celebrated Stradivarius cello and an overview of cello music and musicians by world famous concert cellist Carlos Prieto This work recounts the adventurous life of his beloved This is a biography of de un Epub µ a celebrated Stradivarius cello and an overview of cello music and musicians by world famous concert cellist Carlos Prieto This work recounts the adventurous life of his beloved 'Cello Prieto ' tracing its history through each of its previous owners from Stradivari in to the author himself.

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Las aventuras de un violonchelo
  • Carlos Prieto
  • English
  • 15 August 2016
  • 9780292713222

About the Author: Carlos Prieto

Carlos Prieto Mexican born and de un Epub µ MIT educated is one of the most respected cellists in the world regularly premiering works composed especially for him by Latin American North American and European composers He has received enthusiastic public acclaim and won excellent reviews for his performances throughout the United States Europe Russia China India and Latin America The New York Times.

10 thoughts on “Las aventuras de un violonchelo

  1. Leonardo Leonardo says:

    Las aventuras de un violonchelo es un libro encantador mezcla de crónica de viajes e historia del instrumento y su repertorio Si fuera necesario juzgar el carácter de Carlos Prieto por el libro mismo sin haber jamás escuchado ninguna de sus grabaciones o asistido a ninguna de sus presentaciones sería difícil no considerarlo como todo un caballero de antaño y un hombre sumamente culto y sensible El libro en sí está conformado por una historia de la laudería y la fabricación de violoncehlos seguida por la historia del Piatti el violonchelo Stradivarius ue ha acompañado a Carlos Prieto en todas sus presentaciones desde finales de la década de 1970 A continuación el autor hace un recuento amplio de sus presentaciones más importantes además de sus encuentros con otros músicos y compositores Esto último le permite hacer un recuento de las composiciones contemporáneas para violonchelo particularmente en el ámbito iberoamericano las cuales se ha dedicado a fomentar con gran pasión El libro concluye con un breve recuento de las principales composiciones para violonchelo y los violonchelistas más destacados de los últimos siglos Éste es un libro para enamorarse de un instrumento magnífico

  2. Emily Emily says:

    It had interesting parts but got into too much detail about his concert schedules

  3. Kala Kala says:

    I loved this book and you don't have to be a cello enthusiast to enjoy reading it Some parts are a bit slow but the good stuff makes up for it Prieto has a personable writing style and obvious emotional attachment to his cello that is infectious He structures the story well his path to cello stardom is unusual and offers life lessons to people of all ages He draws the reader in early with the tension behind How did HE end up with a Strad cello??? The book is kind of a smorgasbord of music trivia commentary including and engaging if informal overview of the great composers from the past to the present much better than the historical overview in The Cambridge Companion to the Cello Lastly he is also of an age where his own life story is begins to offer a window into an era gone by Sr Prieto will be on your dream dinner party list after you read this Buy the book and pass it on

  4. Mauricio Mauricio says:

    El libro se divide en 3 partes La historia del Violonchelo Platti Anotaciones de Carlos Prieto de sus giras y conciertos La historia de la musica para violoncheloEs un libro ue gustará a amantes de la música clásica En partes se vuelve repetitivo al prácticamente limitarse a listar ciudades conciertos oruestas compositores directores y celebridades mientras ue otras son bastante interesantes sobre todo al poder comparar la situación de China y Rusia en visitas en épocas separadas por cambios importantesEl CD ue acompaña al disco es una buena muestra de la música de este instrumento

  5. Terri Kempton Terri Kempton says:

    I'm a passionate cellist and was hoping this would be a Red Violin for our instrument It wasn't While detailed and informative it was as technical as a textbook; dry and boring Most of the book details the professional career of the narrator not the cello itself I skimmed through all the latter chapters which is rare for me I think folks who are happily nerdy about instruments might really like it

  6. Alison Alison says:

    Brilliant Includes CD of performances of essential cello repertoire Lame The protagonist cello is hundreds of years old has been around the world played by masters the story should have been compelling at least to a cello fan But the narration was so boring I couldn't finish the book VERY rare for me

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Interesting take on history with respect to one cello's march through it An informative yet far from dry take on the history of cello making in the first part with a biography of a cello in the second Cool

  8. Joy Bedillion Joy Bedillion says:

    Some great anecdotes but mostly just a catalogue of works the author commissioned and then a detailed concert schedulepretty boring except for short chapter on the actual cello

  9. Maria Vera Maria Vera says:

    Interesting information about music fun anecdots I found somethings not so interesting

  10. April Raine April Raine says:

    Some fantastic moments but much of the book is the adventures and career of a cellist rather then the adventures of a cello Enjoyable regardless

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