Mr Pants PDF/EPUB å Hardcover

Mr Pants PDF/EPUB å Hardcover

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  1. Angie Angie says:

    Title Mr Pants Slacks Camera ActionPrimaryBriefly evaluate the use of text and images for each book Describe a possible application and audience for each book The images are similar to the Sunday comics There are several frames on a page and the characters speak through speech bubbles Students may need help figuring out how to zigzag through the panels and navigate the speech bubbles but once they get the hang of it the story reads easily When they are showing the movie there are black frames similar to a film strip around the panels to show it is the movie and not “live action” Mr Pants and his sisters Foot Foot and Grommy all cats are the main characters of the story Their “mom” is a human woman who sometimes gets in on their antics This is a fast paced entertaining story about Mr Pants wanting to enter a movie making contest and bargaining with his mom and sisters to help him It is arranged in chapters so it would be a good transition for students from picture books to chapter books I would use it for those readers that are ready to move to chapter books but might be intimidated by all of the text Then you could celebrate them for completing a chapter book and suggest they move on to one with textShare positive attributes OR cautionsconcerns for educators to be aware of for each book This is another great story of sibling rivalry and teamwork In one of the other submitted movies a character resembling Mr Pants gets blown up but the cartoony nature of the illustrations and text make it non traumatic I do know however that some schools ban all violence

  2. Matthew Winner Matthew Winner says:

    And speaking of random and crazy the best book ever this week for me is one that I can't stop thinking about It's called Mr Pants Slacks Camera Action This is book #2 of the Mr Pants series and it's written by Scott McCormick Pictures are by R H Lazzell And it comes out from Dial Books for Young Readers And I'm gonna tell you up from that this might not be a book that you as an adult like because it is written so clearly for children The illustrations look I'm sure how else to say this respectfully but they look sort of amateurish They look wittled down enough that a kid could copy this book and make a semblance of a seuel to Mr Pants that would fit in the same universe And yet there's a lot of sophistication to this story and it is certainly about three cats trying to coexist in a house with a mom who is very aware that these cats talk and who talks back to them But Mr Pants our protagonist is trying to shoot a movie and is kind of forcing his family around to do different things It's ridiculous He enters a film show You will laugh out loud Your kids are going to want to read this over and over and over and over And that is why I'm calling Mr Pants Slacks Camera Action the best book ever this week Way to goThis review appears on an episode of the “Best Book Ever this week” segment of the Let’s Get Busy podcast Check out the original post here

  3. Robin Robin says:

    Corny kids graphic novel series with dull art and text Pick up Suish Baby Mouse or Lunch Lady instead

  4. Kristine Kristine says:

    This was such a hilarious book I never read any of the books in this series before so I didn't know what to expect But it's basically about a human mom raising children who are talking cats One cat Mr Pants is really funny and the one who is always up to something In this book he wants to create a movie for a contest so he tries to con his brother and sister in to doing his chores for him The entire book was so good I look forward to checking out the other books in this series I think kids would really love this series

  5. Pinky Pinky says:

    Another great Mr Pants book Four stars just for starting the discussion of what a sore winner is Funny story arcs about being on camera fame and how to behave with grace

  6. Molly Ritterbeck Molly Ritterbeck says:

    Hard to read and follow I read to do something with my daughter and even though she loved it it was too much for my old self LOL

  7. Galion Public Library Teens Galion Public Library Teens says:

    Review by CN Like Mr Pants makes a movie to win money He has to do a lot of things but view spoilerloses hide spoiler

  8. Pashmina Pashmina says:

    Read the first book awhile ago and my sister checked out this one from the library A uick read appealing to younger children though the first at least in my opinion was better

  9. Jada D. Jada D. says:

    This book I would actually give a 35 stars

  10. Parisa Parisa says:


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Mr Pants ❮Download❯ ➹ Mr Pants ➾ Author Scott McCormick – Mr Pants is a hilarious comic book style chapter book series perfect for fans of Bad Kitty and Fly GuyMr Pants only has a few hours to make a movie with his sisters if they’re going to win the filmm Mr Pants is a hilarious comic book style chapter book series perfect for fans of Bad Kitty and Fly GuyMr Pants only has a few hours to make a movie with his sisters if they’re going to win the filmmaking contest and get a trip to Hawaii Why do dumb things like chores and tea parties always get in the way With a little creative thinking and a big dose of goofball personality the cats get their debut film done just in the nick of time And don't forget about Mr Pants It's Go Time.

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Mr Pants
  • Scott McCormick
  • English
  • 27 October 2014
  • 9780803740099

About the Author: Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick is the fourth most popular author of graphic novels for children in his house He also makes a really great bolognese Oh And one time he hit a grand slam in softball that elicited a hearty nice one from his teammates That was a good day.