First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 PDF/EPUB ☆

First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 PDF/EPUB ☆

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  1. Alisa Alisa says:

    I love anthologies collections of short stories and this was a great one It is 6 short stories about first kisses no surprise there It was very cleanThere were Christian references in some maybe all? of the stories but nothing preachyI don't think I have read other books by any of these authors but I would love to read of their books

  2. Kim Kim says:

    First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 is the first collection of novellas from some of my favorite authors Each story has a theme around first kisses which is incredibly sweet and sometimes hilarious I was surprised that they sueezed in 6 different stories in one bookThe Rambler’s Bride by Linda GoodnightJericho North gets the surprise of his life when he is greeted with a kiss from his brother’s widow Esther who he believes has a sordid past Jericho’s uest is to claim what is rightfully his from his brother’s will but he didn’t know about his nephew Esther is desperately trying to make life in Kansas work but she will not sell the land that her husband would want to leave his son Is Jericho the answer to her problems?I enjoyed this story that starts with a bang Right away I was drawn into the lives of Jericho and Esther Esther is a strong woman and she was not willing to be pushed around Jericho is conflicted about what to do with his rising feelings for Esther and his nephew; his struggles are sincere I thoroughly enjoyed this storyLovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet TronstadSet in the 1950′s Penny a widow needs a job to support all her children She meets a truck driver Buddy who helps her find a job and take care of her family While Buddy can’t help falling in love with the sweet woman he can’t ever imagine Penny returning his feelings Can these two find love at the Heartbreak Cafe?This story was one of the sweetest ones I’ve read in a long time The tone is so down to earth and homey I feel like I need to live in a small town and experience all the uirks and hospitalities that occur The story is a very light hearted read that will put a smile on your faceHer Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra CloptonMeet Cliff Masterson the famous bull rider who is ready to settle down Showing up at his brother’s place early he rescues Maddie Rose one of his brother’s partners Although she is hurt Maddie Rose can take care of herself Even if there’s something drawing her to Cliff she will not be hurt by that cowboy Will Mule Hollow’s matchmakers have their work cut out for them?I love the fun banter between Cliff and Maddie Maddie is feisty and determined Reading about Mule Hollow made me want to read from Debra Clopton I didn’t want the story to endDeadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyTess Miller is a bodyguard who is on vacation in her uncle’s isolated cabin when a wounded stranger collapses at her door Shane Burkhart is grateful to this guardian angel but Tess is hesitant to trust him She’s not sure if he’s a victim or a criminal Who would want to kill Shane? Can Tess figure out what’s going on before someone else gets hurt? Can she shove aside her feelings of attraction for Shane and do her job?As a huge fan of Margaret Daley I was excited to jump into this short mystery thriller of a story I was fully committed to the characters and their struggles For such a short story the pacing was great and the story didn’t suffer too much I only wish there was to the story I love Daley’s strong women who stand up for justice I encourage everyone to pick up some of her other books – they’re that goodNecessary Proof by Camy TangAfter becoming a Christian in prison Alex Villa started working to help stop all the gang activity happening in Sonoma but now he’s been framed for the death of a cop Can his old friend Jane Lawton use her skills as a computer expert to prove his innocence without getting both of them killed in the process? Can Jane let go of her mistrust in men and trust the man she initially rejected?Camy Tang is another of my favorite authors of all time and yes it’s because I’m biased She always writes about Asian American heroines which I absolutely identify with She has a great voice that is sometimes humorous and yet authentic She is true to what she knows and the pacing of this story was exactly what I wanted This mystery thriller is full of action and suspense but nothing too dark Fans of romance suspense will definitely enjoy this oneKissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsHaley Carston used to be the shy girl who followed around Katie Michaels her senior year of high school but she has returned to Redbud Trails OK to spend time with and care for her aunt dying of cancer She runs into the first boy who ever kissed her Maddox Michaels Katie’s older brother and can’t decide if her teenage crush would ever have feelings for her Maddox feels he is barely holding everything together; what could he even offer the beautiful Haley?Although I didn’t experience all the Haley did growing up I identified with getting over her shyness On the outside she looks almost perfect but on the inside she still struggles with insecurities and daddy issues the way that most of us do Maddox is a cowboy who struggles with the “provider” hat that was placed on his head after his dad drunk himself to death The constant pressure is overwhelming at times for him The religious thread in this story was almost non existent which was a little disappointing to me but others might appreciate the author’s subtlyAll in all I rated the novella 355 because the stories are too rushed for my taste but it can’t really be helped I would definitely recommend the book to those who love reading fun and heartwarming storiesI received this book for free from NetGalley but was not reuired to give a positive review

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    July 2 2014I just finished the first story The Rambler's Bride by Linda Goodnight I loved it Jericho's brother died a couple months ago and left him his property in Kansas Jericho comes to claim the land but instead falls in love with his brother's widow Esther This was such a sweet story and I can't wait to read the othersJuly 8 2014 I just read the second story Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad and loved it Penny Rose has been widowed for two months She married her deceased sister's husband because he had lung cancer and their six kids would be orphans once he died She goes to the cafe looking for work as a waitress and meets Buddy Hamilton who is a truck driver He soon falls in love with Penny and the kidsHer Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra CloptonMaddie Rose was left a partial owner to a ranch and gets injured trying to load a bull into a trailer Cliff Masterson comes along just in time to help her She doesn’t like needing help and feels that she needs to prove herself to the other owners of the ranch Cliff can’t understand why she won’t accept help This was a really cute story Deadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyTess Miller is alone at her cabin in Arizona when an injured man bursts inside and collapses Shane Burkhart had been shot in the leg and fell off a cliff Tess works for a security company and suspects someone is trying to kill him She agrees to be his bodyguard until they can find out who wants to hurt him I liked this one tooNecessary Proof by Camy TangAlex Villa is being framed for a cop’s murder He goes to Jane Lawton for help in clearing his name This was a good story I liked seeing characters from Deadly Intent again I didn’t realize the stories were connected until the end Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsHaley Carston is back in Redbud Trails after twelve years because her aunt has cancer She meets Olivia Michaels at the bank She is Maddox Michaels’ niece and the daughter of Haley’s best friend from high school Haley offers to help Olivia open a business This one made me cry but I still loved itI thought this was a great selection of short stories The second and last stories were my favorite but they were all very good I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for a review All opinions are my own

  4. Cas H. Cas H. says:

    This is an excellent collection of stories Wonderful authors I loved this book The reason why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 was because I was not too interested in the second to last story in this book Necessary Proof I loved the falling in love I loved the thought of happily ever after and the way each other conveyed their stories in very different ways I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    As soon as I saw who was on the roster for First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 published by Aspendawn the book sailed to the top of my reading list Linda Goodnight Janet Tronstad Debra Clopton Margaret Daley Camy Tang and Lacy Williams All of these authors have already been published with Harleuin's Love Inspired line Debra Clopton and Margaret Daley are usually a guarantee to me of a great readThe book is a collection of six novellasshort stories which are tied together by first kisses which occur uite early for some and for others at the end of the story1 The Rambler's Bride by Linda GoodnightThis is a western historical set in the 1800's Jericho North has come to see Esther North his brother's widow a woman who Jericho considers to be a harlot because Silas his brother met her at the local saloon Theodore Perkins Esther's cousin in law and mayor of the nearest town wants Esther to sell the farm to him supposedly so that he can magnanimously offer her a better price than what the coming railroad would give to her However neither Esther nor Theodore know that Jericho is the actual owner since Silas willed the farm to Jericho Jericho is determined to kick Esther off his land but he discovers uite uickly that he's attracted to his brother's widow and that she isn't what he thought she was He also finds out that there was a lot that had happened to Silas that his brother had not informed Jericho about This story was six chapters long but I thought that it was uite a complete story There are a number of revelations that are revealed to the reader as Jericho discovers them By the end I was rooting for the protagonists This is the first historical that I've read by Linda Goodnight; most of her work that I've read before has been contemporary romances I give this a thumbs up2 Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad If you love Ms Tronstad's Dry Creek series we revisit a nearby town Webster's Crossing in 1958 Buddy Hamilton is an ex serviceman who is working as a flatbed trucker He often stops by the Heartbreak Cafe for a meal when he passes through town There he meets Penny Rose a widow with six children to care for Penny is desperate to find a job to support her family She had been renting some farmland nearby but was unable to continue to work the land due to a lack of finances She left with her family to find work elsewhere but returned to Webster's Crossing after a fruitless search for a job Buddy and other kind souls at Webster's Crossing band together to help the family out As Buddy spends time with Penny and the children he discovers how a young girl like Penny ended up with six children to support He plots to find a way to restore to Penny the life that she had sacrificed in order to care for her family not realizing that he might be the prince that she and children are looking forI'm not really a big fan of the Dry Creek Series I've read a few books from the series in the past but never really got into them as an avid follower I did enjoy this novella though I found myself laughing upon reading the moment when Buddy first laid eyes on the children piled in Penny's car after hearing that she was a widow This one is worth a read3 Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra CloptonThis is a contemporary story set in Mule Hollow my favourite fictional Texan town The couple involved are Cliff Masterson and Maddie Rose no relation to Penny Rose from the Dry Creek story above unless this was a deliberate collaboration that Janet Tronstad and Debra Clopton made like their previously released Small Town Brides which is composed of two novellas about two female cousins who met their matches in Dry Creek and Mule Hollow respectively Cliff is a bull rider who is looking to retire from the circuit He wants to buy his own ranch so that he can raise rodeo stock Maddie co owns a ranch with four other men one of whom is Cliff's twin brother Rafe This connection results in Maddie's and Cliff's initial meeting as he rescues her from being stomped on by an ornery bull The sparks fly between Maddie and Cliff but Maddie is afraid of getting close to Cliff because of her past She is also fiercely independent acting in this way to overcome her feelings of insecurity and inadeuacy Cliff has some issues to deal with too having come to realize that his bull riding career may have been his own way of dealing with his own past but he knows a good thing when he sees it and that is a future with Maddie Maddie shares things that she has never shared before about her past with Cliff and is falling in love with himAlthough Cliff is looking for property so that he can retire bull riding his sponsors rope him back into the circuit Maddie is fearful that he will abandon her Will this couple make it?I think that this story is sigh worthy but I'm biased; I love Mule Hollow and its characters App Stanley Sam Hailey Bell Sutton and of course the Mule Hollow Matchmaking Posse composed of Esther Mae Norma Sue and Adela show up in the novella And boy The ladies of the Posse were bad this time round However how Cliff responded was very sweet In fact I liked how he conducted himself throughout the whole story Yes Maddie he's a keeper And Ms Cloptonif you ever read this I would love love love to read about Rafe's story There's enough of a hint that he has had some disappointment in love and I would love for that cowboy to have his own happy ending In fact I would also love to read Ty's Chase's and Dalton's stories too4 Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley Tess Miller a bodyguard who specializes in protecting children is on vacation at her uncle's isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains She is trying to unwind from her last assignment when an injured man without any identification shows up at the cabin bleeding from a gunshot wound Shane Burkhart claims to be the owner of a high tech company but has no idea why he had been shot; was it an accidental shooting by a hunter or is there someone trying to kill him? Will Shane survive his injuries? Is he really who he says he is? If the shooting was not accidental who is trying to kill him and why? What will Tess do about the attraction that she feels towards this stranger who is injured in her uncle's cabin?I thought that this suspense story was uite well written For the most part the reader discovers details about who Shane is and the threat against his life as Tess learns about them Unlike some stories I had no idea who the bad guys were until they were revealed For a while there I was even uncertain about the male protagonist The story unfolded well and as I mentioned before I usually find that Margaret Daley delivers a satisfying read5 Necessary Proof by Camy TangAlex Villa a police informant and Jane Lawton an ITsoftware specialist are on the run from a Filipino gang that wants to recover the laptop that Alex had swiped after tailing a gang member to one of their drug labs Alex had previously given information to the police about another drug lab belonging to the gang which led to an officer being ambushed and killed by gang members when the police tried to raid it Alex needs Jane's expertise to retrieve any data that could prove his innocence and show that the gang is trying to frame him The pair barely keep one step ahead of their pursuers and are chased all over Sonoma However being on the lam forces Jane to face issues that have been plaguing her for the past year in which she has grown to be distrustful of men after being wounded and betrayed by most of the males in her life All of this has also resulted in an estranged relationship with God Alex who had been previously interested in Jane finds himself increasingly attracted to her again but cannot act on this attraction until he can resolve the dangerous situation that he has brought upon Jane and himselfThis story was a bit frantic than the previous one because the pursuit takes place for most of the story I'm not a technologically inclined person but the descriptions of what Jane needed to do with the computer in order to help Alex were good enough for me to follow and not get lost Finally this was the story in this collection that I thought had the most incorporation of faith in God into the storyline I enjoyed reading it 6 Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsAt the time of this review this particular short story is also available at Smashwords In fact that is where I first read this before I received a copy of First KissesMaddox Michaels was the man who Haley Carston had hoped would fall in love with her and want to marry before Maddox's sister and Haley's best friend Katie died Then he was full of confidence about his life and future with the possibility of being noticed by professional scouts for the NFL Now Maddox is a different man; he is barely keeping his family together having assumed the responsibility for caring for his orphaned niece Olivia and for a younger brother Justin who was injured in a bull riding accident He has long shouldered the position of being the man of the family as both his parents have passed on Maddox is also trying to keep the family farm financially afloat traveling for a few days at a time doing additional work to earn extra income Haley and Maddox are reunited when Haley returns to Redbud Trails to care for her Aunt Matilda who is dying of cancer Haley runs into Olivia a precocious 11 year old who wants to start up a gourmet ice cream business but reuires start up money that Maddox can barely spare When Haley offers to help fund Olivia's business because she is determined to give her best friend's daughter a chance to realize her dreams Maddox reluctantly agrees to Haley's scheme The time Maddox spends with Haley he realizes that he's falling for her but he wrestles with fears that he has nothing to offer her when his own life is a mess Meanwhile Haley is also falling for Maddox but can't figure out how to overcome his reservations about starting a relationship and his increasingly distant attitude I liked this story Out of all the stories in this collection I found this one to be the most plausible believable and possible that could happen in real life It is one that I could relate to also because it is set in a contemporary time and didn't reuire me to imagine being in another era or for me to imagine being involved in a situation where my life would be endangered through espionage or criminal activity The only uibble that I have is that I wouldn't classify this story as a Christian inspirational; I'd probably group it under the sweet and clean categories Even though there is mention about church and people from church I didn't see much mention about God or about drawing strength from a relationship with HimHowever as I mentioned before I enjoyed this story This is the first work that I've read by Lacy Williams I'd be interested in reading of her work in the futureIn shortThis is a nice collection of short stories that includes the historical suspense and contemporary genres Each story is a fairly light read I believe that this is a great sampler for the authors included in this book if one hasn't read any of their work beforeDisclaimer I was provided with a free e copy of First Kisses from Net Galley in exchange for a review All opinions stated in this review are mine This review is also posted on my blog athttpwhatiscbreadingblogspotca

  6. Lokdyer Lokdyer says:

    There are six stories in this one book all by wonderful authors You find cowboys truck drivers mystery suspense and romance Each story is separate from the others Even if some of the stories don’t sound like what you usually read I think you’ll enjoy all of them I know I didThe Rambler’s Bride by Linda GoodnightDon’t miss reading this one Linda Goodnight has written another great story Jericho North comes to the homestead seeking revenge on his sister in law Esther He thinks of her as “the harlot who had killed his brother” He knows she worked in a saloon and he is sure she somehow tricked his brother into marrying her Boy is he in for some surprises First he intervenes between Esther and her cousin’s powerful husband Theodore “Theo” Perkins who owns the saloon in town To stop trouble between the two men Esther throws herself into Jericho’s arms and kisses him What a shock that kiss is for both of them Then he finds out he is the uncle of a precious little boy named Samuel—not doubt about it he is his brother’s son With time spent together Jericho has to revise his opinion about Esther She isn’t what he thought her to be She is a kind caring loving person who loves her son and her land Soon they grow close and work together to out smart Theo who is trying to force Esther to sell her land to him See how it all works out and they get their happily ever after endingLovebirds at the Heartbreak Café by Janet TronstadThis modern day story is not what I usually read but I have to say I enjoyed it from beginning to end The story is set in 1958 in a small town—“not much than a dozen old clapboard houses a two story general store in need of paint a gas station with one pump a wide swath of tumbleweeds and the Heartbreak Cafe and Hotel” the hotel being a rusty trailer parked behind the café Meet the main characters truck drive Buddy Hamilton and Penny Rose and her six children But then there’s Fred the café owner; Granny who owns the general store and her granddaughter Irene; Lizzie who runs the gas station but also cuts hair gives perms and fixes truck engines when not busy; “Shades” also a truck driver; plus a lot of other wonderful truck drivers and townspeople Watch romance blossom between Buddy and Penny while they deal with life’s problems—Buddy dealing with feelings from his past and now wanting to buy a ranch; Penny needing to work and care for her children Buddy has an idea to help Penny and her family so with the help of other truck drivers and people from around town they put the plan into action See how their faith and hard work lead to success See how Buddy and Penny get the happily ever after ending they’ve both dreamed aboutHer Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra CloptonMule Hollow is a great place to visit and every story about it is fun to read This one is no exception You’ll love Maddie Rose and Cliff Masterson although there are also other great characters in the story Maddie is one of five owners of the New Horizon ranch Cliff is a professional bull rider coming to visit his twin brother Rafe and looking to buy a ranch in the Mule Hollow area The story starts with Maddie trying to load an ornery bull named Buford into a trailer but that job ends with Maddie in the dirt ready to be trampled by Buford You can imagine what would have happened if Cliff hadn’t arrived just then to save the day There is instant chemistry between them when Cliff helps Maddie up off the ground but sparks fly almost immediately He criticizes and she automatically bristles That seems to be the pattern whenever they’re together Maddie is afraid to open her heart to Cliff because she’s had too many people leave her in the past She’s sure he’ll leave to go back to the rodeo circuit Cliff knows Maddie has some kind of issues so he goes slowly to win her heart and needless to say his efforts meet with success I enjoyed this story and I’m sure you will tooDeadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyMargaret Daley has written another great suspense story Tess Miller is a professional bodyguard but she’s staying at her uncle’s cabin in the Arizona mountains for a well earned vacation Imagine her surprise when a man falls through her front door with a bullet hole in his leg and a head wound Is he a criminal on the run from the law or an innocent hiker? Tess has all she can handle trying to save the man’s life and can’t worry too much about who is watching the cabin When the man regains consciousness Tess finds out his name is Shane Burkhart and his injuries were not an accident They both realize someone wants him dead But who? After returning to Phoenix Tess reluctantly agrees to be Shane’s bodyguard until after a merger he’s working on I was surprised at who was involved in the murder plot and amazed at how Tess and Shane managed to survive their kidnapping You won’t want to miss the action suspense and romance in this story You find it allNecessary Proof by Camy TangCan you imagine being framed for something you didn’t do? Well that’s what happens to Alex Villa Alex spent time in prison due to some bad choices he had made but through that nightmare he discovered Jesus He is now a Christian and working as a confidential informant for the Sonoma Police Department Because of his efforts to get rid of meth labs in the area he’s been set up by a Filipino gang called the Tumibays Alex manages to steal a laptop from the gang’s accountant but needs help to retrieve its data so he goes to Jane Lawton a computer expert and friend Now Jane and her family as well as Alex and his family are in danger After being followed by the bad guys of course they want the laptop back and Alex and Jane dead and narrowly escaping from them at Jane’s office they devise a bold daring plan to outsmart the three men after them I was shocked at the plan I’ll bet you will be too butyou know it had to work out right I’ll let you discover how that happened Alex clears his name with the police and Jane moves into a new career Of course there will be a happily ever after for themKissed By a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsDo you remember your first kiss? Well Haley Carston does even 12 years after Maddox Michaels her best friend Katie’s older brother kissed her at her senior prom Haley has been gone twelve years but is back in Redbud Trails Oklahoma to take care of her dying aunt Matilda That’s the only reason she has returned In coming back Haley meets Maddox again and past feelings resurface but Maddox is too busy working and worrying about his life to think there’s hope for something than friendship between them He has so many responsibilities working long hours just to keep from losing the family farm; taking care of his brother Justin whose bull riding career has ended from being stomped by a bull; being the guardian of his 11 year old niece Olivia Katie’s daughter Once Haley and Olivia meet—Olivia wants to start a business selling gourmet ice cream—Haley becomes a freuent visitor to the farm and gets involved with the whole family What a difference she makes in all their lives It takes some time but Haley and Maddox realize how much they love each other and whatever problems might be ahead they can work them out together This was a great story Don’t miss itI received a free advance copy of this book to read and post an honest review which I have done I would recommend this book to everyone

  7. Dawn Dawn says:

    A collection of 6 inspirational novellas from popular authors Linda Goodnight Janet Tronstad Debra Clopton Margaret Daley Camy Tang and Lacy WilliamsThe Rambler's Bride Linda Goodnight On the Kansas Prairie in the 1870's widow Esther North is determined to save her farm from her powerful cousin Jericho North wants revenge on his brother's widow Yet he soon finds his heart stolen by a baby girl and her mama Together this unlikely pair join forces to stop Esther's ruthless cousin and find love in the processLovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe Janet Tronstad A truck driver with a dream of a family meets waitress Penny who is the guardian of six children In danger of losing their crop Penny is determined to provide for the six children in her care She didn't plan on falling in love or for a trucking community to come to her aidHer Mule Hollow Cowboy Debra Clopton Maddie Rose is determined to prove herself to her partners and herself She didn't expect to be rescued by handsome bull rider Cliff Masterson Cliff came to Mule Hollow to be closer to his twin brother one of Maddie's partners He dreams of putting down roots The spunky cowgirl sparks feelings in him that he thought were buried Can these two overcome the obstacles to a happily ever after?Deadly Hunt Margaret Daley Bodyguard Tess Miller is looking forward to her vacation at her uncle's mountain cabin Her vacation is cut short suddenly when a wounded stranger arrives on her doorstep with a gunshot wound Shane Burkhart opens his eyes to see a beautiful guardian angel standing over him Yet inviting Tess into his world puts her life in danger as well Will the pair survive long enough to figure out how they feel?Necessary Proof Camy Tang When Alex Villa became a Christian in prison he was determined to change his life when he was released Once released he becomes an informant for the Sonoma PD regarding drugs and gangs When he discovers he is being set up in such a way that will ruin his reputation with the police and land him back in jail he seeks the assistance of computer expert Jane Lawtown Can she find what is needed on the laptop to prove his innocence before they both are silenced forever?Kissed by a Cowboy Lacy Williams Years ago Maddox Michaels took Haley Carston to her senior prom When she returns to Redbud Trails to care for her dying aunt Haley soon finds her path crossing with her high school crush Maddox Michaels as she becomes acuainted with his enterprising niece Olivia Trying to keep the walls around her heart up Haley finds herself falling once again for Maddox For his part he also tries to keep the walls up But the time that he spends in Haley's company the that he hopes that they can have something lasting Will these two get past their walls and see what their future holds?I really enjoyed each of these novellas A mix of historical and contemporary one was set in the 1950's I found myself wishing for story in most of the books I'd love to see a full length novel that revisits the characters in these books My overall rating will be determined by averaging each of my ratings for the novellasRambler's Bride I found this one to be a little hard to get into I thought that overall the characters were well developed I really liked Jericho This one just didn't stand out to me My rating for this novella is 3 starsLovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe This was one I struggled to get through I loved the way the trucking community came to Penny's aid Yet I found that the characters could have been fleshed out Still it was a sweet story My rating for this novella is 3 starsHer Mule Hollow Cowboy I've come to expect a giggle when I read a Debra Clopton book This was no exception I just wanted story My rating for this novella is 4 starsDeadly Hunt I really enjoyed the suspense in this novella I was kept engrossed through the entire story I did feel that Shane's character could have been a little developed But overall this was one of my favorites in this collection My rating for this one is 45 starsNecessary Proof I've never read anything by Camy Tang before and was excited to finally read something of hers I'm pretty certain I've got others of hers somewhere on my Kindle Anyway this one was completely unexpected in the way that it grabbed me in and kept me engrossed I loved both Jane and Alex My rating for this one is 5 starsKissed by a Cowboy This was by far my favorite of the collection I loved all of the characters and sighed happily at the end I really loved the enterprising Olivia and the way that she had a dream and ran with it Her uncle Maddox was sweet I wanted of this story as well My rating for this novella is 5 starsOverall rating 4 starsRecommended to fans of romance Love Inspired booksI received this book from Netgalley for the purpose of reviewing My thoughts and opinions are my own

  8. Michelle Morgan Michelle Morgan says:

    First Kisses A CollectionSix amazing books from six different authors They are all Christian fiction set from the 1800’s to present time Each book is a stand alone book with great settings story lines and characters All the books had family and faith Some of the authors were know to me and some I was unfamiliar with I really enjoyed each book I can not wait to check out books from these new authors I want to thank the authors Linda Goodnight Janet Tronstad Debra Clapton Margaret Daley Camy Tang Lacy Williams and publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewThe Rambler’s Bride by Linda GoodnightJericho North is on the uest to get revenge for the death of his brother He search’s out his brother widow who he thinks is at fault and finds Ester and infant son He soon realizes Ester North is not the harlot he thought her to be She is so much hardworking an upright citizen Christian and mother Ester is confused by Jericho he is kind compassionate but has a deep seated anger just beyond the surface Read this great story to see if they can overcome the things they thought the other was and find a life of love The author Linda Goodnight did a fantastic job of showing what can be found in life when the love and forgiveness of Christ is present I give this book five stars and would recommend it to anyone whom loves Christian historical fiction Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Café by Janet Tronstad In this amazing story a community comes together to help a struggling family Buddy is the local truck driver and is filled with compassion for the new waitress at the local café Penny is struggling to raise 6 children and finds herself homeless and out of work This story demonstrated the true spirit of a Christian I love how the community pulled together to help Penny and the kids How Penny herself was compassionate enough to give up everything to raise her six nieces and nephews I found Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Café to be an remarkable example of how we all should serve others The author Janet Tronstad did a great job the characters are faith filled and believable Five stars to you and the publisher for this Christian fiction I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to othersHer Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra ClaptonCliff a pro bull rider comes to Mule Hollow to visit his brother Rafe and do some soul searching He finds than he every imagined when he saves Maddie from Buford the bull Maddie has the walls to her heart up after being raised in foster care But Cliff is determined to bring down her walls and settle in Mule Hollow Debra Clapton did a wonderful job with this well written book If you enjoy Christian fiction with a little romance this is the book for you I enjoyed the spit fire personalities and the witty characters of Her Mule Hollow Cowboy I give this novel five stars and highly recommend it Deadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyTess Miller was surprised when a tall dark haired stranger crashed through her front door only to collapse at her feet with a gunshot wound Shane Burkhart has no idea why someone would be after him He is a single dad and CEO of DDI Tess was on much needed vacation from her body guard job but now is guard and nurse over Shane until she can get him out of her uncles remote cabin Margaret Daley did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life I love them and the story line I highly recommend this book for everyone who enjoys Christian fiction mystery and romance I give five stars to Deadly Hunt Necessary Proof by Camy TangAlex Villa is in a pickle he is being accused of a crime he did not commit but is determined to prove his innocence On the run from the bad guys he asks Jane Lawton for help with a computer Now both of their lives are in danger and the bad guys are around every corner Jane’s character developed a back bone and I have to admire her courage to stand up to other’s I loved the fast pace of this book Author Camy Tang did a great job of bringing these characters to life I highly recommend this book to those who love Christian fiction suspense and a little bit of romance Necessary Proof is worthy of five stars Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsAs a senior in high school Haley Carston received her first kiss from an older college guy Maddox Michael’s Years later she returns to Redbud Trails Oklahoma still remembering that kiss She only plans to stay long enough to help Aunt Matilda that is fighting cancer Things take an interesting turn when she meets Maddox’s young niece Livy at the bank It seems she rode her bike three and uarter miles in order to get a business loan Read this great book to see if Haley and Maddox can rekindle the flame from before This was a extraordinary book It was well written with believable characters and situations well worth 5 stars

  9. Judy Judy says:

    The Rambler's Bride by Linda GoodnightJericho North has traveled over a hundred miles to reach his brother's homestead Each mile that passed he hated the woman who had tricked his brother into marriage and caused his death He was going for revenge Only it seems God has something else in mindEsther North is doing the best she can without a man around Dealing with her cousin's powerful husband and keeping up with the farm When the dark handsome stranger appears and helps her she starts to hope But will he stick around or just pass through? reviewFirst Kisses AnthologySix popular authors have pulled their talents together and wrote these six stories Each story stands alone not connected to the other authors Romances from the 1800's to the present day People who are hurt and scarred and don't think that love could be in their futures They are wrong of course It's a great mix of stories Two of the stories are suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat All six are page turners I hope that stories will come from these as there are some great secondary characters as wellThe Rambler's Bride by Linda GoodnightJericho North has traveled over a hundred miles to reach his brother's homestead Each mile that passed he hated the woman who had tricked his brother into marriage and caused his death He was going for revenge Only it seems God has something else in mindEsther North is doing the best she can without a man around Dealing with her cousin's powerful husband and keeping up with the farm When the dark handsome stranger appears and helps her she starts to hope But will he stick around or just pass through?Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet TronstadBuddy Hamilton was a simple truck driver who wanted a piece of land and a home to call his own Nothing Growing up in foster homes convinced him he'd never be a family man wouldn't know how Then he met Penny Rose and her brood At first they scared him and then intrigued him Especially the way the young woman lived out her faith so strongly that he was learning about God through her actionsHer Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton ParksMaddie Rose was determined to work as hard as her male partners on the ranch that was willed to them all She finally had a place to belong Putting her past behind her and deciding if she couldn't have her dream at least she had thisCliff Masterson thought he was living the dream being on the bull riding circuit Now that his dad died he stopped to realize maybe he'd been running all these years When he went to stay with his brother Rafe and look for land in Mule Hollow he never expected to find someone that could fill the empty hole in him even if she was a stubborn spit fire of a womanDeadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyTess Miller is a bodyguard and she cherishes her time at her uncle's cabin twice a year Time alone This trip isn't going uite as she planned when a man who's been shot makes it to her cabin's door And she's his only help since they are a long walk from anywhereShane Burkhart was just enjoying some time in the mountains hiking and photographing Next thing he knows he wakes up in a cabin being tended by a woman He's been shot Worse yetit might not have been an accidentNecessary Proof by Camy TangAlex Villa had spent time in prison he has since become a Christian and changed his ways but someone is setting him up He is determined to clear his name and to continue fighting against the drug dealers in SonomaJane Lawton has felt alone this past year She's tired of being used now Alex appears at her door and needs her computer skills And as she always does for anyone she helps him Who knew what danger it would bring to her doorstep? And also how much healing would come from itKissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsHaley Carston had been moved from one place to the next Then her aunt invited her to stay and finish high school She was finally home and had friends And gave her heart away for the first time Until it all fell apart Her aunt's health has brought her back to townMaddox Michaels has the world on his shoulders and has since he was a teen and his dad drank himself to death Now he's trying to keep the farm afloat raise his niece and deal with his depressed brother How can he make room for Haley in this mess that's his life?Received as ARC for reviewhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

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    First Kisses Inspy Kisses volume 1By Linda Goodnight Janet Tronstad Debra Clopton Margaret Daley Camy Tang and Lacy WilliamsSix authors have joined together to write First Kisses and I want to say they have all done a great jobThe Rambler's Bride by Linda GoodnightI loved this one and I think Linda Goodnight did an awesome job she takes you back to 1800's in KansanEsther North is a widow who will do about anything even kiss a stranger to save her land from her cousin's husband and the railroad Esther's husband died a couple of years back and she is trying to save her land Her cousin's husband is giving her a hard time and wants her land He is there one day and mishandling Esther Just about this time Jericho North comes riding onto the homestead that this buzzy Esther is living on He wants to send her packing as uick as he can and he has in his pocket just the thing that will do it He goes on in and both Hester and her cousin's husbands surprised to see him Will Jericho get than he bargained for? I enjoyed this book and I know you will tooLovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad Janet Tronstad writes a good one here Her story is a sweet romance in a 1950's Retro Cafe and a truck driver name Buddy Buddy has a lot of problems on his own without adding a beautiful young lady name Penny to them He is trying to buy some land and was in the Cafe the day Penny comes in looking for a job Wanting a job is not all of Penny's problems but she needs one really badThis is a very good story and you might find that the whole town has them falling in love Penny and Buddy have their problems and don't need anyHer Mule Hollow cowboy by Debra CloptonMaddie Rose and some of the other cowboys had a ranch willed to them after the owner died Now Maddie thinks she has to prove that she is just as good as the rest of the cowboys Well she has some trouble one day getting a bull into the trailer About the time she was already on the ground she looked up and sees Cliff Masterson a stranger helping her Now Cliff probably saved her life but he thought she was dead by the time he got to her Cliff is home to try and find some land to settle on and raise bulls so he can leave the rodeo circuit Will stubborn Maddie let Cliff help her? She thinks that he is a handsome cowboy Why did the other cowboys let Maddie try and get the bull into the trailer by herself? I loved this story about Maddie and CliffDeadly Hunt by Margaret DaleyI really loved this suspense and action story by Margaret Daley You are in for a ride so hold on tightTess Miller works for a security company as a body guard in Texas She is on Vacation at her uncle's cabin She hears a racket at the doorThere should not be anyone around the chin She get her shot gun and opens the door As she opens the door a man falls inside Who is this man and is he a killer? She just knows that she must not let him die She has no idea who he is Tess and the wounded man is in for a ride Tess only knows that someone is trying to kill him and she has to try and protect him Will Tess be able to save him from the ones trying to kill him?Necessary Proof by Camy TangAlex Villa was in prison and while he was there he became a Christian Someone is trying to frame him he is being set up for the death of a cop He goes to a computer expert Jane Lawton to get her to help him find the evidence he needed to prove he is innocence Now he is also putting Jane's life on the line too Can they find what they need to help Alex?Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy WilliamsI loved this book and you will you will just fall in love with the characters Haley Carston's aunt has been with her through dark times after Paul walked out on Haley Now it was times for Haley to help her aunt that had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer Haley goes to Redbud Trails Oklahoma back to the town where she grew up and left Maddox Michael was a football player in high school and now was stuck in Redbud Trail and he was trying to save a family farm his brother and be a father to his niece OliviaOlivia's mom died when she was a baby Haley and Katie grew up together and everyone knew Haley as Katie's tag along Olivia and Haley gets to be good friends and they go into business together Now this business is something that is really cool I hoopoe you will love this story as much as i Did I gave this book a 5 star because all the stories was an awesome read I was given a copy of this book by the authors for my honest review which I have given

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First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 ✤ [Download] ➼ First Kisses Inspy Kisses Collection #1 By Linda Goodnight ➶ – A new anthology from some of your favorite inspirational authors Enjoy this collection of love stories with a theme of FIRST KISSES The First Kisses collection includes The Rambler’s Bride by Linda A new anthology from some of your favorite Inspy Kisses PDF/EPUB é inspirational authors First Kisses PDF or Enjoy this collection of love stories with a theme of FIRST Kisses Inspy Kisses ePUB ´ KISSES The First Kisses collection includes The Rambler’s Bride by Linda Goodnight In ’s Kansas Widow Esther North will do most anything to save her land from her powerful cousin and the coming railroad even kiss a stranger The kissing cowboy Jericho North is bent on revenge from his brother’s widow and the will hidden in his pocket is all he needs to make it happen But he hadn’t reckoned on a babyand neither he nor Esther had reckoned on love Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly Bestselling Author Janet Tronstad pens a brand new Retro Café Sweet Romance starring a ’s truck driver Buddy and a waitress Penny who both have enough trouble without everyone in Webster’s Crossing thinking they are falling in love Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton Rescuing a beautiful cowgirl from being trampled has professional bull rider Cliff Masterson dreaming of romance home hearth and that first kissbut Maddie Rose has had enough people in her life leave and she’s not willing to risk her heart on a rambling cowboy—Sparks fly when these two are near Can the Matchmakin’ Posse of Mule Hollow help this couple find their happily ever after Deadly Hunt by Margaret Daley All bodyguard Tess Miller wants is a vacation But when a wounded stranger stumbles into her isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains Tess becomes his lifeline When Shane Burkhart opens his eyes all he can focus on is his guardian angel leaning over him And in the days to come he will need a guardian angel while being hunted by someone who wants him dead Necessary Proof by Camy Tang Alex Villa became a Christian in prison and because of his efforts to help stop a gang producing meth in Sonoma he has been set up for the death of a cop Can computer expert Jane Lawton find the evidence that will prove his innocence before the gang eliminates them both Kissed by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams Former shy girl Haley Carston is back in Redbud Trails Oklahoma to care for her dying aunt She didn’t count on cowboy Maddox Michaels her high school crush and the man who might just bring her dreams of marriage and family back to life.