Amish Valentine Amish Hearts #4 Epub â Amish

Amish Valentine Amish Hearts #4 Epub â Amish

Amish Valentine Amish Hearts #4 ❮BOOKS❯ ✷ Amish Valentine Amish Hearts #4 ✭ Author Kristina Ludwig – Brand new Amish Teen Romance The stunning conclusion of the best selling Amish Hearts Series Sixteen year old Mercy has finally discovered true love—with Samuel the handsomest smartest Amish boy she Brand new Amish Teen Romance The Amish Hearts PDF È stunning conclusion of the best selling Amish Hearts Series Sixteen year old Mercy has finally discovered true love—with Samuel the handsomest smartest Amish boy she knows The only problem Samuel hasn't even looked her way since he caught her kissing an Englischer last fall And Amish Valentine Epub / worse yet he's courting another girl the sugary sweet Miriam To top it all off Mercy is having difficulty coping with life without her twin sister Rebekah who has just started college in the city Mercy visits Rebekah and tries to forget Samuel by mingling with cute Englischers but it's no use—she Valentine Amish Hearts PDF/EPUB Á just can't get over him Mercy figures out a way that Rebekah can help her to get Samuel back just in time for the Valentine's Day sled riding party Everything will be wunderbar—if only the girls can get Samuel to cooperate Will Mercy's plan work Will Samuel be her Amish Valentine this year Download here to find out.

10 thoughts on “Amish Valentine Amish Hearts #4

  1. Becky Corwin-Adams Becky Corwin-Adams says:

    After reading the first three books in the Amish Hearts series I couldn't wait to read this one I believe Amish Valentine is the best book of the series Every novella Ms Ludwig writes is better than the one before In the previous books Mercy was a party girl who loved to flirt with boys any boys Amish boys English boys it didn't matter Mercy's wild ways got her in trouble than once When her twin sister Rebekah left the Amish faith to attend college Mercy was on her own without her sister to keep her in lineMercy really wanted to win back the heart of Samuel the Amish boy who had seen her kissing an English boy It seems as if Mercy is a changed person at the beginning of this latest book Has Mercy really changed her worldly ways enough to win Samuel back? Read this well written novella to find out I highly recommend the Amish Hearts series to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction I can't wait to read Ms Ludwig's next novella

  2. Hayley Guertin Hayley Guertin says:

    Amish Valentine was a great ending to an amazing series I love how everything just fell into place Kristina did an amazing job at portraying the character that is Mercy It was an awesome seuel to the 3rd book which was the beginning of Mercy's story I think that Kristina really shows who Mercy is as a person in this book especially since she was portrayed so differently in the other books We got to see the real Mercy and how she's grown from the first book to the last The story was great and very entertaining It had me reading to the very end This whole series was a delight and a nice fast paced read Kristina did an awesome job with this series and I can't wait to read the spinoff series Amish in College I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars

  3. Christy Christy says:

    Nice Valentine Read Perfect timing that I should read this brief story on Valentines Day huh? I enjoyed reading about Samuel Hannah Rebecca Mercy and others; I almost feel like I've met them I look forward to reading books in this series andor by this authorwriter The characters are so life like Well done Ms Ludwig

  4. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    This is the fourth book in the Amish Hearts Series and unlike the first two that I’ve read I read them like I get them the story is told from Mercy’s perspective Her twin sister is in pre veterinary medicine at Pitt and a delegation from the nearby Amish community comes to pay her a visit and go to a fraternity party As previously mentioned the first two books were from the viewpoint of Rebekah who is the moderate and level member of the twin duo seems to be succeeding in the world outside the Ordnung I find myself constantly worrying about Mercy With her light hearted impulsive and flighty ways I see danger for her around every corner Gone are the days I reveled in the sight of a good girl going bad and I now root for the team of purity This says a lot about me but even about the book If you can feel for the characters it has to be a sign of a job well done This story is divided into small bite size chapters making it the perfect take away literary meal You can easily consume it anytime of the day or night as a mere five minutes of reading will see you to the next chapter I would go out and buy or pick up and read anything written by Kristina Ludwig No greater complement could I bestow on a writer

  5. Chandra Chandra says:

    GENRE Inspirational romance; Modern day romance; Amish romanceSETTING Modern day Amish and EnglischerMAIN FEMALE CHARACTER MERCY; Amish thinks very HIGHLY of herself Obsessed muchMAIN MALE CHARACTER SAMUEL; committed and dedicated to the Amish way of lifeSYNOPSIS In spite of her past mistake she will not let him go without a fight Her time is spent day in and day out trying to get him back into her lifeWHAT I LIKE Compassion while sledding; Amish lifestyle comes alive in the CURRENT centuryWHAT I DID NOT LIKE Mercy is a bore because of her schemingI give this book 2 stars because I love Amish romances but this was the pits A self centered Amish girl talking about how great she is for a down to earth Amish boy First tense has no room for gloating on one's self

  6. Mary Havlovic Mary Havlovic says:

    Mercy enjoys flirting with boys and enjoys all the attention they give her What Mercy really wants is to be able to win Samuel's heart back after he saw her kissing an English boy Has Mercy really learned her lesson and has she changed in her ways like she has told Samuel? This is a uick easy read Novella I have not read the previous 3 and will need to go back and read them so I can fill in the details on Mercy

  7. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This series can be a little hard to follow if you do not read the books in order Otherwise I really like to story It is about two Amish sisters during their Rumspringa and the paths that they follow the decisions they make and then uestioning the decisions

  8. Nancy Luebke Nancy Luebke says:

    Another good clean read noting the Amish ways versus English I like that the main character finally made up her mind about what she would do And now about her twin's character Will be looking for of her work

  9. Anne Anne says:

    Read this book in one sitting Proof it is worth reading I hope the author continues this series past the 3rd set

  10. Lynda Lynda says:

    Flimsy Barely rates 2 stars Cannot recommend

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