Tailor Made Tailor Made #1 PDF Ï Tailor Made PDF

Tailor Made Tailor Made #1 PDF Ï Tailor Made PDF

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  1. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    agreeable good funthe hits god bless big lumbering ruggedly virginal boys who blush like sansa stark myles has a real sense of sexy details like the whisper of silk on otherwise naked skin low angst high promise HEA fun art references really funny theater major joke did i mention the ruggedly virginal lad? i did didn't i dreamy sigh he's a designer which struck me as passing unlikely but fucked if i care poor thing was sweetly overmatched from page five DAT COVERthe nitsview spoilerthe the biggest irritation for me was a truly distracting alternating POV structure many readers enjoy that sort of thing but i find it introduces too many opportunities for the narrative to go wrong in this case it wasn't as bad as i've seen in the past but still very distractingbesides that it was mostly little things like andrew and the reader finding out the conseuences of the poopoo final project before felix which was a missed opportunity for dramatic withholdingor a gross half page seuence about preparation which introduced an unpleasant dissonance to what was a sexy entertaining sceneor felix doing up the whole brazen slut affect too cartoonishly which was a shame—sluts make the world go round and i'd have preferred if this one didn't sound like a bepetticoated whore in a saloonsimilarly saul and the principal were completely en caricature at the end which was jarring and annoying given the context of a romantic finish after a Medium Misunderstandingteensy stuff like that no big deal except for story nerds like me hide spoiler

  2. *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time says:

    Picked this one up when it was on saleand when I saw that book 2 was coming out soon I really enjoyed this one It was a fun read I really liked both Felix and Andy baby haNice steam Low angst Some LOL momentsNo complaints from me recommended read

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    Though Felix annoyed me in the beginning and Andrew had a stick up his ass I loved how these characters took their time growing on me and each other Felix McAvoy is an art student who has eyes for his instructor yet finds himself drawn to the blushing inexperienced Andrew Wheeler a fashion design student whose help he needs to complete his final art project I’m thrilled to know there is a seuel because I’m dying to explore Felix’s and Andrew’s kinks that were alluded to This was a light warm funny and sexy story that is perfect for beating the winter chill

  4. Vanessa North Vanessa North says:

    I am smitten with this bookUnicorn and rainbow smittenWith a pegasus rutting around in there because mine is a sparkly yet earthy love

  5. Gigi Gigi says:

    Bravo bravo This was an lovely fun feel good book about opposites attracting with an art collage backdrop Loved it Recommended

  6. Josephine Myles Josephine Myles says:

    Author’s Note about the second edition out on February 10th 2014Tailor Made is a story close to my heart in many ways Not only is it set in Bath—a city I love dearly—but Felix and Andrew are both creative in ways I’ve explored over the years When I was a teenager I was obsessed with art and portraiture like Felix but I made the mistake of choosing a college preoccupied with conceptual art At the time the Young British Artists were making headlines all over the world and while I dutifully went about trying to give the tutors the sort of thing they were after ephemeral artworks and paintings of roadkill as I remember I resented the fact that no one was attempting to hone my drawing and painting skills After a year I was thoroughly disillusioned and I abandoned my art education choosing to focus on crafts rather than fine artOver the years I’ve experimented with many different crafts both as work and hobbies but the one that’s given me most enduring pleasure is dressmaking I loved sewing as a child but gave it up at some point in my teens because it just wasn’t cool enough for a wannabe artist I wish I hadn’t been such a snob because I missed out on the chance to study it in depth at college but I’m now making up for lost time by pursuing dressmaking as a serious hobby Fortunately these days there are plenty of wonderful online courses and I’m making the most of themWriting two students following such different creative paths allowed me to draw on all my arts and crafts experiences and my own changing views of what sort of artistic endeavours are worthwhile I don’t mean to demean conceptual art—it’s not generally to my taste but I certainly do consider the creative efforts of Hirst Emin and the Chapman Brothers to be thought provoking art However I also see great value in amateur watercolours feltmaking and the messy handprint pictures my daughter used to bring home from school Anything can be beautiful when created with love and all humans have a deep seated need to express themselves creatively in some manner whether that be through interpretive dance cross stitch or Tibetan throat singing Those who say one form of creativity is superior to others aren’t seeing the big picture and should go and spend some time working in an art class with learning disabled students one of the most rewarding jobs I ever didI wrote Tailor Made during one hot summer three years ago before I’d had my first novel published At the time I had no idea whether I’d be able to make a success of a writing career but I was determined to give it the best shot I could Amber uill Press accepted the manuscript for their “Hot College Daze” line and it came out as an ebook in January 2012 I wasn’t thrilled about the generic cover it was given and I’m sure sales suffered as a result but the response from readers and reviewers was excellentI always planned to write a seuel in which Felix would explore his cross dressing kink but as my career took off I always seemed to be writing to a deadline for Samhain and there just wasn’t the time to devote to Andrew and Felix I shelved my plan despite having a great outline for the plot and several key scenes in mind and decided that I’d think about it again when the contract with AP was coming to a closeNow two years on Tailor Made has come out of that original contract and finally has a cover to do it justice thanks to the talented Lou Harper I’ve also had the chance to go back through the original novella and give it another edit before self publishing I thought I might discover a messy plot and ghastly prose but while there were certainly lots of minor edits and word changes to be made I’m still really happy with the story as it is And I’m pleased to report I’m still eager to get going on that seuelCustom Fit will be published in the summer of 2014 I hope that if you’ve enjoyed Tailor Made you’ll want to come and join Felix and Andrew as the next stage of their relationship unfolds Felix tells me they’ll be sitting around eating curry in their underwear waiting for us all to join themHappy readingJo x

  7. Ann Ann says:

    I really liked this story the first time I read it in May of 2013 and on the reread I loved it even How much do I love when a character has to tell his dick “down boy” repeatedly? Felix is uite the party boy and on the surface he is cocky an overconfident He wears those descriptors adorably though Only Felix could flirt to within an inch of his life swagger out of a room and then trip over his shoelaces Nothing stops him from what he wants though and what he wants is his tutor Saul Felix is in his last year of art college and putting together his final presentation The school’s focus has moved away from the traditional studies of painting and drawing and has really encouraged the students to push the boundaries of conceptual art instead On the surface Felix seems to be the golden boy of the art department He’s got no fear and no shame when it comes to his art installments but they have turned into pranks than actual art and he is becoming disillusioned with the whole notion of the London art scene he is supposed to move on to He’s been crushing on Saul the bitter and condescending tutor for a long time and he needs help to pull off his final project with the hope that Saul will be so impressed he’ll finally fall for Felix’s charms Or at least fall into his bedFelix needs a suit made for him and fashion student Andrew Wheeler is recommended to him Felix has big plans to seduce Andrew into creating the suit for him and works himself into full party boy mode before approaching Andrew in his studio Problem is Andrew is nothing like what he planned on meeting and the big broad stoic and very shy Andrew presents a bit of a challenge He doesn’t seem to be entirely impressed by Felix on the surface but Felix isn’t one to be dissuaded easily and puts his skills and assets to work “Felix has been informed by just about every bloke he’d ever been with that he had an amazing arse and as far as he could tell by craning around to look in mirrors and peering at friends’ video clips on their phones they weren’t exaggerating”Andrew initially turns Felix down flat but when Andrew’s model for his final project has to abandon him he realizes that Felix could do him a uid pro uo favor in return by acting as his model in exchange for the suit What starts as an uncomfortable arrangement for Andrew and an amusing arrangement for Felix uickly grows into something Felix realizes how much fun it is to flirt with and surprise Andrew not just to get him to put out but because he loves to see him smile Andrew has been saving himself for Mr Right and while at first the shameless innuendos presented by Felix threw him off balance he uickly grew fond and flattered by the flirtation “Andrew couldn’t help smiling at Felix’s persistence It wasn’t like the bloke was being creepy and grabby or anything – it was like a good natured flirtatious optimism”Felix has to go present his portfolio to Saul and has a couple of surprises handed to him One he’s informed that the new head of the school wants to see of an emphasis on drawing and painting so Felix better get some added to his portfolio stat Secondly he doesn’t feel the anxious excitement he always had prior when he was around Saul He’s not sure what to chalk that up to just yet but the need to come up with some drawings prompts Felix to spend time with Andrew He’s decided to sketch Andrew while he works and the two of them fall into a routine and begin to spend a lot time togetherOf course spending time together means SPENDING TIME TOGETHER and Felix’s guidance of Andrew into the wonderful world of sexytimes is both hot as all hell and damn sweet at the same time Andrew had always fantasized that he would be the top and Mr Right would be someone sweet virginal and shy “He never let himself imagine that Mr Right could in fact be a foul mouthed farmboy turned artist That Mr Right could have been around the block a few times and wasn’t ashamed to admit it That Mr Right could have tousled dark hair satin smooth skin and a voice that melted against him like syrup warm and sweet”I loved watching these two with the set plans they have in their minds be thrown off course by one another Neither man would have imagined themselves with the other but the unexpected revelations and tenderness they showed for each other was just perfect The fact that Felix had uite a bit experience worked out perfectly for Andrew Andrew was able to dive into a few kinks that an inexperienced partner may not have been able to pick up on where Felix figured them out even before Andrew did and the result made for an incredibly steamy encounter Of course there was a “misunderstanding” and some communication issues that created some necessary angst but not so much that it drew out drama for the sake of drama or took away from the sweetness of their new relationship Instead it cleared up any lingering uestions or confusion in a concise and efficient wayFelix and Andrew fed off each other’s new confidences as real partners should and in the end Felix was able to make a reuest of Andrew as well Which leads me to one of my favorite parts of this new version of the story the Author’s Note at the end; the history of the author’s relationship with art education Bath the first incarnation of Tailor Made and the news that a seuel Custom Fit will be released this summer I can’t wait to see what Andrew creates for Felix to wear in the next installment

  8. Vivian Vivian says:

    Adorable Funny and cheeky with all the ridiculousness that Felix manages to say and do In contrast to Andrew stoicism he's right over the top His art concepts are the pranks you'd expect from that overly indulged self importance that contemporary art reeks of and yet you laugh Romantic tale of the sweet and the slutty Big grinFavorite uote “Felix McAvoy—dedicated to making blow jobs a work of art” was scrawled under the phone number in a flamboyant hand

  9. Ele Ele says:

    Cute but not my favorite Jo MylesAlso Felix was gross becauseA Because you Felix carved a statue out of your own frozen urine last year then let it melt all over the gallery?”B I’ll be mixing mixing up some brown paint with sand and texturisers to replicate shit and I’m going to roll in it”C Felix dropped the piece of spunk smeared floral patterned viscose into the bin “What? They’ll just think it’s glue or something when it’s dried”Dude Who does this shit? GROSS

  10. Chris Chris says:

    Sweet and smutty mm romance about an unapologetically slutty art student who wants to get his advisor in bed But he's not expecting to find himself so drawn to the fashion student he tries to shanghai into helping him with his senior project

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Tailor Made Tailor Made #1 ❮Epub❯ ➜ Tailor Made Tailor Made #1 ➛ Author Josephine Myles – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When Mr Wrong measures up just right College tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks but for his final show he’s planning something even outrageous In a last ditch When Mr Wrong measures up just right College Tailor Made PDF É tart Felix McAvoy is used to causing a stir with his conceptual art pranks but for his final show he’s planning something even outrageous In a last ditch attempt to seduce his jaded tutor Felix plans to wear the canvas in a subversive display However if he’s going to do this right he’ll need a tailor made canvas suit Fortunately he knows just the tailor to Tailor Made Kindle - turn to for the favour—and Felix isn’t shy about offering favours of a very different kind in return First year fashion student Andrew Wheeler knows Felix by reputation only—and plans to keep things that way Andrew’s determined to save himself for the man of his dreams and Felix couldn’t be different from his ideal Mr Right There’s only one use Andrew will contemplate for Felix’s body a model for his end of year project Trouble Made Tailor Made MOBI ñ is it’s going to involve a lot of close contact with a nearly naked Felix and Andrew’s never had temptation uite so close at hand Author’s note Tailor Made was originally published as an ebook by Amber uill Press in January This second edition has had a fresh edit but the only changes are minor Those who purchased the original edition are not missing out on any new material.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 115 pages
  • Tailor Made Tailor Made #1
  • Josephine Myles
  • English
  • 05 May 2015

About the Author: Josephine Myles

English through and through Josephine Myles is addicted Tailor Made PDF É to tea and busy cultivating a reputation for eccentricity She writes gay erotica and romance but finds the erotica keeps cuddling up to the romance and the romance keeps corrupting the erotica She blames her rebellious muse but he never listens to her anyway no matter how much she threatens him with a big stick She's beginning to suspe.