Wrapped in the Flag of Israel PDF ☆ in the Flag

Wrapped in the Flag of Israel PDF ☆ in the Flag

Wrapped in the Flag of Israel [PDF / Epub] ★ Wrapped in the Flag of Israel ✪ Smadar Lavie – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Lavie's work marks the first English language ethnography on single motherhood outside North America As well it is the first ethnography to explore the complex interplay between gender race and bureau Lavie's work marks the Flag PDF/EPUB æ the first English language ethnography on single motherhood outside North America As well it is the first ethnography to explore the complex interplay between gender race and bureaucracy Wrapped in eBook ô in the Middle East a must read Suad Joseph University of California Davis Lavie's compelling account defies conventional labels for ethnography by combining elements of autoethnography memoir testimonio cultural critiue extended case in the Flag PDF/EPUB ì study Bakhtinian contrapunct and the reflexive essay style of critical race feminists Faye V Harrison University of FloridaLavie's analysis of the fusion of bureaucratic and religious power is without eual in the classics of political anthropology Martha Mundy London School of EconomicsThis a powerful indeed an exceptional book on the fate of Mizrahi single mothers in today's Israel without the romanticism and idealism within which Israeli middle class Jews love to bedeck themselves and present themselves Don Handelman The Hebrew UniversityWhat is the relationship between social protest movements in the State of Israel violence in Gaza and the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran Why did the mass social protests in the State of Israel of summer ultimately fail This book discusses social protest movements from the Single Mothers' March led by Mizrahi Vicky Knafo to the Tahrir is Here Israeli mass protests of summer Euating bureaucratic entanglements with pain what arguably can be seen as torture the author explores the conundrum of loving and staying loyal to a state that repeatedly inflicts pain on its non European Jewish women citizens through its bureaucratic system The book presents a model of bureaucracy as divine cosmology and posits that Israeli State bureaucracy is based on a theological essence that fuses the categories of religion gender and race into the foundation of citizenshipSMADAR LAVIE is a visiting professor at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies UC Berkeley and at the Institute for Social Science in the st Century University College Cork Lavie spent nine years as tenured Professor of Anthropology at UC Davis She authored The Poetics of Military Occupation receiving the Honorable Mention for the Victor Turner Award for Ethnographic Writing and co edited Displacement Diaspora and Geographies of Identity Lavie won the American Studies Association's Gloria Anzaldua Prize and the Heart at East Honor Plaue for service on behalf of Mizrahi communities in the State of Israel.

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    In an interview she gave to Jadaliyya promoting her book Wrapped in the Flag of Israel Smadar Lavie summarises the sanctity of the state on its bureaucratic apparatus short circuits the agency of single Mizrahi mothers such as herself and its capacities to resist oppression This oppression includes a lack of state benefits that make survival for single mothers possible uncertainty about their delivery and racial discrimination in their establishment Up until this moment Lavie seems to have a valid and straightforward point about the racism and patriarchy inherent in the construction of the ethnocratic Israeli state and how this naturally results in outrageous discrimination  in her case in the delivery of financial support to single mothers from non white non European backgroundsThis essential point doesn't reuire so much wrapping in academic language but one is happy to go along for the ride for various reasons the book is short and written highly accessibly with personal anecdotes and academic language that is actually uite transparent; it marshalls a great number of leftist Jewish Israeli sources that might not ordinarily be known to typical readers of Palestine area studies who might favour Palestinian sources; the book also provides invaluable glimpses into the Israeli perspective through its language and forms of expression tweezers are used in metaphorically describing the search for Mizrahi archival sources; big mama and sista” archetypes are other examples which are often deconstructed and decoded for the english reading audience with supplementary information on etymologies and contexualised with their recent origins or evolutions in usageDespite all these commendable reasons for engaging with this book something isn't right While it isn't immediately apparent this awkward feeling seems to grow as one progresses through the book What is it? I had to go back to Lavie's Jadaliyya interview to get it Here she is again talking about the impossibility of single Mizrahi mother agency when facing the Israeli state“And why is the agency immanent in identity politics impossible to enact? Well when I welfare mom stood in front of the bureaucrat I couldn’t state that I existed at the intersection of my identities as former UC professor single mother repatriated citizen from hip Berkeley Mizrahi identified with an Ashkenazi father anti Zionist and semi observant Jew A Mizrahi welfare mama was all I was allowed to be” in the book and also in her promotional interviews Lavie declares herself to be anti Zionist and a supporter of the one state solution Yet one gets the feeling that there is something particularly Zionist and particularly Israeli about Lavie's brand of anti Zionism In the ‘autoethnographic' uote above Lavie seems to reveal the animus behind her research rooted less in outrage that the Zionist discriminatory regime exists and in outrage that her membership in categories normally favoured by that discriminatory regime is not acknowledged Why oh why did she not inherit her father’s blonde hair and green eyes? Hence 'particularly Zionist' because Lavie does not begin with an acknowledgement of the universal She begins with the exclusive Her sense of Zionism’s endless ethno religious hierarchies seems to end with her at its bottom There is no sense that it continues past Mizrahi Jewish Israelis down through to Eritrean Jews African asylum seekers and the various invented layers of Palestinians Lavie mentions in the book the failure of her attempts at Palestinian Mizrahi coalitions but does not explore why they failed except to allude fatalistically to the inevitability of their failure page 31 One could speculate that that failure might have had less to do with Palestinian positions against normalisation and to do with a lack of acknowledgment of Zionist privilege The book lacks emphasis on contextualisation and commonalities between Mizrahi single mothers and other groups especially Palestinian groups that suffer at different levels within Zionism's elaborate hierarchies One is left with the feeling that Lavie has found her tribe among single Jewish Israeli Mizarhi mothers and that systematic injustice ends with that towards themSimilarly here is Lavie explaining her support for the one state solution Instead of stressing Israel’s racist system of rule over Palestinians and then moving up into Israel’s internal racism and the exploitation of Mizrahim to maintain that order she wants Palestinian one staters to stop talking about their own rights and instead start thinking about the preservation of relative Mizrahi settler privilege The Mizrahim she argues will never sign up en masse to the one state solution until its Palestinian architects start marketing the endurance of Mizrahi Jewish settlements in the West Bank in the proposed regime Hence 'particularly Israeli’ because Lavie's ultimate uestion is what's in it for me? am of course being overly harsh in order to communicate an otherwise rather nuanced point Yet the point remains

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