Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl PDF ✓ Decay, Boy

Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl PDF ✓ Decay, Boy

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  1. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    Until an hour ago I hadn’t realized what a state of undead I’d fallen into Sure I fought daily to kill real Zombies; but somewhere along the way I’d become one myself Ever since the first episode of LOVE AND DECAY I have always wondered what Hendrix's thoughts of Reagan was To me he came off cold and insensitive when I read that scene of them actually meeting for the very first time But now I understand that wasn't it at all From the moment he lays eyes on her he is overcome by her beauty and her fierceness Reagan awakens something in him that has been dead for nearly two years We had already experienced loss than we ever should haveAnd I would never go through that again I would never give up those I loved to this world and the evil creatures that haunted it again Hendrix has always made his family priority one No one will come between them and tear their family apart any than what has already been done He will protect them at all cost You gotta give it to himthe guy is devoted and dedicated to taking care of them at such a young age Not many would do what he has done A lot would have jumped ship along time ago I can only imagine the stress he is under Incredible story and a perfect addition to the series I could definitely get used to of Hendrix's POV But really who wouldn't want Hendrix? Higginson thank you once again for proving what an amazing author you are and giving us all this uick insight into Hendrix's head I love him and I am thankful every time you publish one of these bad boys Much love

  2. Aleera Aleera says:

    On iTunes for free Rating 45 😍

  3. Becky Becky says:

    how is it possible that Rachel can write her characters so clearly? this pov was excellent

  4. Izzie d Izzie d says:

    This is an interesting seriesIt has humour so things don't get too heavy but at the same time they do loose people and there is violence and killingThe series is a long one and these main characters stories continue for 3 seasonsThere is also a spin off series that deals with the sister laterThere is little intimacy There is touching hugging and a few kisses but no sex until much later in the last seasonThe main 2 characters have love interests but due to the nature of the start of the virus and the constant threat there are no intimate scenes until the end of season 3Each season ends on a HFN with an enemy thread running through the whole seriesEach episode either ends as HFN with a goal set for the next or at times an immediate threat will run across several episodes At the time I read these the whole series was on KU so it was possible to read one after the other or complete in a box setIf you start reading and want to get to a HEA you will need to read the entire 3 seasonsThere is the immediate zombie threat which is constant but also the series deals with humanities reaction to survivalOften a bigger threat is the desire for power between the surviving groups and these at times use lack of resources and scientific experimentation to control the main threatsLater in the series there is a love triangle situation of sorts for the heroineIt's not exactly a love triangle but there is a dividing force between the main couple due to the interest from another manThere are no intimate details but there is a kissing scene with the other man but at the time the main couple are not togetherThe characters are all very different they have their flaws but they are college age so when they make mistakes and sometimes they are stupid ones I put it down to youth and although they have learnt survival through experience the threat is constant so it's not easy for them to be sensible all the timeThere is a good bit of banter between the group and a great deal of humourThere are some serious issues dealt with too and the main human enemy threat is pretty evil

  5. Deanna Deanna says:

    I loved the retelling of the very first episode from Hendrix's perspective We get to see everything that he is thinking All the pressure and responsibility he feels for his family All his worries for Reagan though they just met I honestly loved it so much I'm sure many of you are wondering if it is boring since it's the same story from Season 1 Episode 1 Well it isn't boring It is wonderful I loved it and I look forward to when we see another Hendrix POV in the future because I have no doubt we'll get of him again

  6. Christine Fortier Christine Fortier says:

    This is one of my favorite Apocalypse series Incredible writing and story line I am just eating this series up and so fast darn This is a story that is of Hendrix Parker's point of view I read it twice And I read the original book 1 twice It is so good I love the humor and the bad ass girls This is a fun read that will enlighten you on where Hendrix is coming from Read it

  7. Karla Karla says:

    Have to read this zombie series it's epic I ignored the call of Spain's sea and sand to read this brilliant series Kindle one click made me read the entire series while on holidays in Spain An epic adventure filled with lustlove blood kisses zombies action suspense intrigue fear and resilience

  8. Lenore Kosinski Lenore Kosinski says:

    MmmmmmHendrix It was really interesting to see inside his head bc he's so stoic and strange that I was wondering what all he was thinking And it didn't disappoint Loved how instantly intrigued he was by Reagan And how confused that made him Yup a delicious bonus to a great series

  9. Katy Katy says:

    Oh I love alternate POV's and this one was no exception

  10. Cora Cora says:

    How cool to give us a little something extraHendrix meeting Reagan Amazing to see how he saw her from the beginning Thank you Rachel

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Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl ❴Reading❵ ➿ Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl Author Rachel Higginson – The Zombie Apocalypse couldn’t be boring For the last two years Hendrix Parker’s life rotated in a constant routine of fighting Zombies finding a place to spend the night and keeping his family sa The Zombie Apocalypse couldn’t be Decay, Boy eBook ↠ boring For the last two years Hendrix Parker’s life rotated in a constant routine of fighting Zombies finding a place to spend the night and keeping his family safe While all those things were admirable pursuits they had begun to blur together in monotonous gray lines and a haze inducing fog He had let the world he lived in turn him into as much of a Zombie as the creatures he fought day in and day out Until his perfectly tedious world is thrown into upheaval with Love and eBook ✓ the arrival of two girls shopping for eyeliner Reagan Willow and Haley Gable tumble into the Parker’s lives with helpless charm and sarcastic cynicism and the boys can’t help but feel the strong need to protect them Especially Hendrix who can’t ignore the irresistible pull Reagan has on him She’s everything he never thought he would find and the shot of life that digs him out of the corpse like stupor he’s fallen into She might not feel the same way but that won’t deter Hendrix from pursuing her Maybe there’s nothing than and Decay, Boy Kindle Ï friendship between them but their futures are now entwined one way or the other Hendrix has enlisted his brothers and young sister into joining Reagan’s journey south because he refuses to let the most beautiful thing at the end of the world out of his life Just as long as they can escape the Zombie horde alive first Love and Decay Boy Meets Girl is the first episode in the Love and Decay Novella Series told from Hendrix’s point of View; and a Dystopian Romance about Zombies the end of the world and finding someone to share it with This story takes place over multiple episodes with a release date every two weeks Approximately words.