Josies Thorn eBook å Kindle Edition

Josies Thorn eBook å Kindle Edition

Josies Thorn ❰Reading❯ ➸ Josies Thorn Author Lisa Vandiver – Josephina McCrea returns to her Utah family ranch after her parents are killed in a plane crash and her brother injured in a mountain climbing accident leaving him in a coma Upon arriving at the ranch Josephina McCrea returns to her Utah family ranch after her parents are killed in a plane crash and her brother injured in a mountain climbing accident leaving him in a coma Upon arriving at the ranch she is met with adversity in the form of sabotage possible financial distress and customers wanting to end their contracts because she is now in charge She finds an ally in Jacob Rainthorn her former teenage lover but as the mystery develops so does their passion for one another Can they find love together once again or will the secrets they each hold from the other cause even pain than they are able to handle Is Jacob Rainthorn to be her destined lover or forever a thorn in her heart Find out in this mystery romance that is filled with suspense drama danger and passion for the reader who loves all of these beautiful things wrapped up in one energetic and enticing novel.

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  1. Anne Welch Anne Welch says:

    Josephine seems to have her life together while living in New York and then family tragedy forces her to come back to her family ranch in Utah While there she has to confront her past which includes her once teenage love Jacob As she is dealing with the loss of her parents and her brother’s accident she realizes she has to work with Jacob to save the ranch and possibly their lives At times Jacob came across as your typical alpha male and a bit of a jerk but he than makes up for it I like the fact that Josephine is a strong woman and the sexual tension between her and Jacob was off the charts I was impressed at the way Lisa made the secondary characters Esther and Calvin as well as the sweet dog Bo an intricate part of the plot line This is the first book of Lisa’s that I had the pleasure of reading and I can’t wait to read Perhaps Josie’s brother Jackson may get his own story If you love romance suspense and mystery I recommend this book you won’t be disappointed

  2. Susanna Mahoney Susanna Mahoney says:

    A romance story with mystery mixed in as the past comes to meet the future; two torn lovers separated are forced to cross paths again Will they be able to get pass their regrets and help one another save her father’s lifeblood her brother inheritance; the family ranchOnce again this author has the knack of pulling together a memorable romantic complex situations and high charged hints of mystery secrets and human emotional perils tale Which entertain this reader as I turned each page to see what action would occur next? It is not lacking action drama or twists which keeps the story racing to the conclusion The human emotional toil of Josie Thorn and sexual impact is striking right at the center of human emotions hot and lusty as the cover The range of human emotions; laughing crying and fearing for the colorful characters and their pets too makes this reader’s heart race as they are confront with life and death events This author has a gift to bring life to her characters as a reader it was exciting to bond with the independent strong male and the feisty fiery female characters and the rest of the ranch hands Rallying for them as they journey together to solve the mystery forgive their past and head into their future As they face this dilemma; they become a target of a greed plot of having their ranch sabotage by friends or enemies threatening all their lives Included in the plot are highly sexual tension scenes and dark mysteries which are intertwined in between the scenes as the story unfolds all for a vendetta Will Josephina and Jacob regret their choices or find peace in the midst of the chaos That is the challenge of this tale It is a heartwarming exploration into what one will do for love and forgiveness

  3. Amy Tupper Amy Tupper says:

    Synopsis Josie's Thorn is a wild ride of novel about a young woman named Josephina who is forced under sad circumstances to return to the place she escaped her family's ranch in Utah While sorting out the messy business of running the ranch Josephina must deal with Jacob the boy she left behind Only now he is a man and she can’t hide from the truth as much as she hates it she still loves him But what about the ranch? Someone is sabotaging it and there are multiple people with motive Luckily Josephina has Jacob to help her put a stop to it and save the ranch in a dramatic conclusion Josie's thorn will pain her no Review This was a fast read The characters spring to life early in the book and the tension ratchets up uickly building between them The secondary characters of Esther and Charlie were just as real as the main characters The author does a great job of using the environment of the ranch and its problems to push the main characters Josephina and Jacob to their breaking point And the sexual tension was terrific with some steamy scenes These complex layers of tension propel both the plot and the romance forward with surprise twists and turns A very sweet story I enjoyed reading this book

  4. Renee Renee says:

    This book contains everything you could hope for a in good story It has mystery action a little humor and a lot of lovin' I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both Josephina and Jacob and watching them try to find their way back to each otherThere is the mystery of why Josephina left her home and family so suddenly as well as the mystery of all the incidents that are suddenly plaguing the family ranch and her brother's recent accident Jacob himself is a mystery; and she thought she knew him so well Josephina is a tough cookie but even she has some misgivings about keeping the family homesteadJacob is very intriguing dark and delicious and Josie tries her hardest to ignore him She is unsuccessful in that endeavor thank goodness Jacob keeps his true purpose for returning to the McCrea ranch to himself but he is determined to save the ranch for his best friend and Josephina's brother When he and Josie do get together the pages ignite with their passionI truly enjoyed this book with all of it's twists and turns It brought out all the emotions you would expect and I love when a book does that to me I look forward to reading of Lisa's work

  5. Ey Ey says:

    Due to a family tragedy Josie has to return to a place which meant nothing but tragedy in her life home Beyond the guilt and fear for the one remaining member of her family Josie now has to worry about the success of the ranch saving her own life and protecting the secret she has kept hiddenLisa did a great job pulling me into this story I love romance especially when there is mystery and suspense intertwined I enjoyed reading this book

  6. Pretty Pretty says:

    The story tell how people can lose years of happiness because of jumping to conclusions without taking time to learn the truth first Josephina eventually tell Jacob the truth about what she saw which lead to her leaving Jacob never get around to telling Josephina about what actually happened between him and Tina which left me wondering

  7. Helmy Kusuma Helmy Kusuma says:

    Years of repressed passion which yields in outbursts of lustFor enhanced experiences read by your spouse's side

  8. Glenda Findley Glenda Findley says:

    I don't normally read Romance However the synopsis and sub genre's along with previous reviews encouraged my purchase The mystery drama and suspense added to a great love story I thoroughly enjoyed Josie's Thorn grabbed me from the first paragraph I found great characterization conflict and storytelling The few areas of concerns with proofreading and continuity were surpassed by my enjoymentIf you are a romance reader this delightful and intriguing tale is a MUST read with its tastefully written passion I highly recommend this read for everyone that enjoys good fiction wrapped around realistic circumstances and diverse characters

  9. Ica Iova Ica Iova says:

    A freak accident and death forces Josephina to move back to Utah to settle her family's estate But once there she is faced with than just having to save the family business She also has to face her past and learn to trust the man who once broke her heart in order to save the family business The book is engrossing With believable characters a few twists and turns I found myself glued to my sofa when I had a thousand other things to do I hated to put it down before I finished itI recommend it to anyone who loves romance

  10. Holly Bargo Holly Bargo says:

    ArghArghWas this written by a teenager? Does the phrase arbitrary capitalization mean anything to you? Ugh This might be a good story but I could not make it past the second chapter Not recommended

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