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Ebook ¾ Haven Epub å

Haven [Reading] ➿ Haven Author Stevie Kopas – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The end of the world is not glamorous The survivors of The Breadwinner have barely escaped the clutches of the undead and are headed into the unknown continuing their never ending search for solace in The end of the world is not glamorous The survivors of The Breadwinner have barely escaped the clutches of the undead and are headed into the unknown continuing their never ending search for solace in the post apocalyptic landscape they were suddenly thrust into The city of Haven once a paradise for the living but now crawling with the flesh hungry creatures they try so hard to elude could be their only chance Resume your post apocalyptic survival adventure with Veronica Samson and Ben as they struggle with hope and loss and as they battle the futility of existence Take on a new experience as you find yourself once at the beginning thrown into the depths of the end of the world with new survivors Join Michelle and Lulu ordinary women faced with extraordinary obstacles on their devastating journey and the pursuit of sanctuary in a world collapsed Haven continues the story of The Breadwinner with the addition of new territory new characters and new complications The second book in The Breadwinner Trilogy will leave you stunned and bloodthirsty for the conclusion of the series Who you once were still does not determine who you will become in the face of catastrophe especially in Haven.

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  1. Shana Festa Shana Festa says:

    The Breadwinner was good But Haven the second installment of The Breadwinner Trilogy was excellent Haven begins with the remaining survivors from the previous book blindly making their way by boat in hopes of finding a safe haven Samson Veronica Ben Juliet and brothers Andrew and Clyde wake in the morning to find they're much closer to land than they realized As the Emerald City towers come into view a single figure stands waving from the 24th floor balcony Gary a former resident of the towers now lives alone in the ritzy towers with the eaters There is something about Gary that never uite earns this reader's trust and his actions feel like he always has an ulterior motive Is Gary the goofy Englishman he portrays or is there something sinister hiding behind the facade?Haven introduces a second group of characters and follows their experience from the morning of the outbreak Michelle her roommate Lulu and Lulu's cousin Zack uickly discover they are out of their league and become sitting ducks as they watch the chaos from their apartment window Michelle is the clear leader of the group and hatches a plan to head to the mall where she and Lulu work as hairdressers where they find others who survived the ordealVeronica's group follows Gary's plan of going to the mall to convince the others to join forces and as with any good zombie book that plan goes sideways and people are lost Kopas has penned Michelle as the perfect antagonist The drastic contrast between her and Veronica's personalities creates a well rounded arc uite often zombie tales boast raging marauders but readers don't usually get to see and feel what spurned their actions Haven allows readers to watch as a normal woman is driven to madness in the new world This new reality points Michelle down a dark path to commit acts that earn her the title of sociopath Not only must survivors contend with flesh eating zombies but the festering descension among their own ranks they didn't see comingStevie Kopas' talented writing shines bright in her second release Her ability to give readers the full view of multiple characters and dynamic story lines without drowning in long narratives makes Haven a fast and easy read The standout winner in Haven is it's character progression The plot is woven tightly within each character and morphs fluidly throughout the book as personalities change and the group's interactions become strained The plot twists and character development kept the pace exciting and made it easy to keep my interest piued to continue readingHaven ends with such a bang that readers will scream for I know this because I kept trying to urge my eReader to move beyond the last page What's to come in book 3 is strongly foreshadowed and this reader can't wait to see how it all pans out Will anyone survive the H ell about to reign down on them? Haven has earned every bit of this five star rating and then some

  2. Frank Errington Frank Errington says:

    Review copyBook two in The Breadwinner Trilogy is an entertaining seuel to The Breadwinner released a month ago by Permuted PressIn Haven the rag tag group of survivors get off the boat and take up residence in The Emerald City a resort located in the fictional town of Haven FloridaAfter clearing out the undead and making their new home defensible they plan a supply run to a Haven shopping center to hopefully provide for their needs for the foreseeable futureOf course there are the usual run ins with the recently deceased and writer Stevie Kopas finds new ways to deal with the problemShe nodded watching as Andrew took a slow moving eater out with his golf club The hideous thing's jaw went flying off following the upswing Samson cracked it over the head with his shotgun bringing it to its knees Putrid black blood poured from the eater's face where its jaw had just vacated painting the once perfect white sand the color of death Juliette flinched as Andrew brought the golf club down one time for good measureThe writing is suitably gory and visceral at timesShe straddled his body and raised the garden light with both arms Zach's eyes shot open and locked with hers once but they were not the same eyes she had looked into moments before His half eaten face and neck made her stomach turn but she swallowed her bile He growled demonically and his torso suirmed under her as she plunged the metal garden stake straight through the middle of his forehead No sound or movement came from Zach No sound or movement would ever come from ZachI liked the story in Haven than the one in book 1 of The Breadwinner Trilogy It had all the elements of your standard zombie fare but this one was about the relationships and by the story's end there's a greater threat to the group from within that there is from withoutHaven is available now from Permuted Press in a variety of ebook formats and in print from com Book 3 in The Breadwinner Trilogy All Good Things will be released on May 12th 2015Recommended especially if your going through zombie withdrawal with The Walking Dead currently being on hiatus

  3. BookLoversLife BookLoversLife says:

    While I loved book 1 of this I found this one to be so much better because we have character development which I loved This is told from 2 different groups group one being the group we know and love from book 1 and group two being a new set of characters that have secured a shopping mall and are trying to survive any way they can At the end of Breadwinner we left Veronica Samson Ben Andrew Clyde and Juliet on a boat and this one starts where the gang wake up one morning to see they are near a holiday village called The Emerald City This used to be a place for the wealthy to go When they come within view it's to get a glimpse of life on a balcony They don't know what to make of it but decide to wait and see Next thing they hear a ski jet coming and a man pulls up beside them Enter the ever happy Gary He tells them his tale and the gang decide to go to the towers since their supplies are low It seems to be a safe enough haven for them for a while They have to venture out though to see if there are any other survivors and get a bit of ammunition Meanwhile we get to meet Michelle Lulu and her cousin Zack whom Michelle spent the night with When she wakes up it's to chaos and the realisation that the Undead walk the earth Michellee decides that in order to survive they need to leave their apartment and find somewhere safe They decide that the mall where they work could be the safest place and take the trek not everyone makes it though When they reach the mall they meet up with Katherine Desmond and Francis 2 doctors and mall security Together they all get the mall into relative safety Now I'm not going to get into the plot any because I will inadvertently spoil something but suffice it to say that there is death a plenty so let's get down to my thoughts As I said already this has so much character development than book 1 did We get to really see of who the characters are and what they are like Most of them are normal humans intent on surviving but needless to say there is always the one This character was malicious self absorbed and an all round horrible person This character causes so much heartache that I can only hope there is things in the future for this character I don't want to spoil it by saying who ; It's been a while since I hated a character so much but heshe is so well written that it's hard not to I'm presuming that it was the author's intention for the readers to hate himher The plot of this one is fast paced and intense I found myself on the edge of my seat a lot than book 1 and I was gripping the arm rest during certain scenes We also have a lot of weepy scenes True to the authors style she isn't afraid to kill off characters and some of them broke my heart In all this was an amazing second book With so much happening in the story it was so hard to stop listening to it I just had to see what happened next There are plenty of twists and moments that will leave you gasping and this ends in the mother of all cliff hangers I was left reeling Book 3 can't come uick enough Scott Birney did a great job though I found his female voices to become annoying over time I think that since this is heavy on the female side of things that maybe a female narrator would of worked better Now don't get me wrong the narrator was really good at the other voices just not the female ones Also I thought he could of made the pacing a little faster in places especially in the tense parts just to add that little extra sense of urgency I received this in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own

  4. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    Downrated my rating to 2 stars It was a good book but Michelle and her insert lots of bad words here attitude just sickened me and pissed me off The last part especially was just disgusting |Immediately after reading the first book in this series I went to read the next one I just had HAD to know what happened to our group I do have to say that I wasn't all too happy with how uick they ditched the shipboat Really they did all that effort for it all that pain to get it working and then they just abandon it the first time they run across someone Of course everything is better than a boat though I just wish the boat part was a bit longer and fun We meet with a new character Gary and I have to say that to this day I still don't like him At all Or maybe it is not dislike but that it is distrust He is just too much he didn't do anything He endangered most of them with what he did and what he demanded We also meet a few new characters and boy I disliked Michelle from the start The way she treated the man in her bed but also how she reacted when things went haywire I know that different people do different things during the apocalypse some go catatonic others go violent or psychotic and yet others just find strength in them It is really interesting but that didn't lessen my very big dislike for Michelle Especially later in the story and all she did there I won't spoil anything but all those moments together? I just hope that someone finds out I just hope that someone is fast enough to save them all Not from the zombies but from this girl I did like the other new characters we meet Lulu took a bit to get used to but she was uite a nice girl I wasn't sure about Francis but he did seem like a good guy The POV switches again got annoying at times Is it really necessary to just switch all the time? One paragraph would be about x and then we would move to y Arghhhh At first I was also a bit annoyed with the fact we were in the midst of something exciting and we would move to a new teamnew group of survivors But then I started liking it and I just adored how just like in the first book it all connected in the end How everything had its purpose The world building is great I could imagine everything our team did From the building they were in the threats that happened to them to the travel to the mall to the mall itself It was absolutely brilliant and of course terrifying as well considering all the zombies The ending well I won't spoil much but I was definitely pissed off with it Also I wonder how no one NO ONE heard it if they were in the next room |But all in all with the exception of the ending Michelle and also the changing POV at random times I did really liked this bookReview first posted at

  5. Renee Renee says:

    This is book two in The Breadwinner Trilogy a fast paced zombie apocalypse series Haven is written in three parts Part one pick up from where The Breadwinner left off and tells us how that group of people get to the town of Haven where they meet up with another group of survivors Part two tells the story of that second group of survivors starting from the beginning of the outbreak to how they all came to be together in Haven Part three continues the story after the two groups meet each other I found this book similar to the first one It was just as fast paced and also had a mix of characters you liked and ones you hoped the zombies would eat I engaged with this book a bit than the first book probably because it had a character I really hated Stevie if you're reading this she'd better go down in the next book You know who I'm talking aboutI received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Luna Luna says:

    I have been waiting for the follow up to The Breadwinner since I finished reading it I bought Haven on the day it came out and finished it in one sitting If you are one of those people that thinks a series declines in uality as each book comes out then you will be proven wrong with Haven I was never disappointed and now I will be tortured until book 3 comes out This is a must read follow up and if you haven't read the first book you need to go read that and then read this one back to back for a non stop adventure into the zombie apocalypse Absolute satisfaction out of Haven The author has outdone herself

  7. Sharon Sheriff Sharon Sheriff says:

    Ok so the first thing to know going into book two of this amazing series is that NO ONE is safe The characters you have come to love in book one may not survive to the end of Haven EEEK I enjoyed the transformation of the characters It follows what I could imagine in a real world scenario There are no wholly good or bad people your morality shifts as the world around you changes You will find yourself loathing or loving characters only to see them evolve and change with the times as needed I am on pins and needles waiting for the final book

  8. Ash †Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† Ash †Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† says:

    I received this book in return for an honest reviewYa know I thought book one review was hard to write I take that back now THIS one is hard I'm honestly trying to figure out a way to put how awesomely amazing this book is into words without giving spoilersI devoured the heck out of this book Everything fell together perfectly At first it kinda threw me off because it started off right where book one left off then it back tracked to the start adding characters I couldn't help but to kinda goWait what?BUT I kept reading and ended up going oohhhh That's why Which of course lead toBecause I HAD to know what happened next If you thought the first book kept your attention this one will lock you in for sure Hella amazingThat ending though Omg view spoilerCan we just take a moment here and say hooooold the fuck up?I mean serrrrrriously Michelle is bat shit crazy out of her mind off her rocker But I still hate her with a firey freaking passion Come on She shot 3 people in cold blood stone faced Didn't bother her one bit Lets back track some She treats her bestie like crap so why she hangs out with Michelle I have no idea slept with the besties cousin forgot the poor guys name and proceeded to treat him like dog crap on the bottom of her shoe Now fast forward When Catherine let Ben and the others in I knew I KNEW Michelle would go crazy on em I was just waiting for her to explode like the bomb she is I thought Oh crap Just wait till she meets Juliette The shot really will hit the fan thenMust say I didn't expect her to hang on for as long as she did But I do have a feeling in book 3 she'll take it to the next level and end up letting the zombies in cuz lets face it she's a freaking psychoNow gifs for what I feel about the characters just because I can lolBenTill he slept with CatVeronicaBecause she is badass no matter how you look at itAndrewCould you be any further up your gf's butt?JulietteI think she could drive a nun to drink till she blacked out just to stop hearing her talkGaryThere is just something about him that I find skeezy maybe it's him sleeping with Michelle? No ideaMichelle GIF OVERLOADLuluShe didn't deserve that hide spoiler

  9. Kurt Schuett Kurt Schuett says:

    The second installment of The Breadwinner Trilogy Haven succinctly picks up where the first book leaves off Subseuently it doesn’t take author Stevie Kopas much time to do what she does best—allow bad things to happen to good people The story begins as the survivors from book one exit their rescue boat The Dockside for the Emerald City Resort in Haven Additionally it doesn’t take long for book one’s protagonist Samson Eckhart and his merry band brothers Andrew and Clyde Hansen; Andrew’s girlfriend Juliette; resident beau Ben; and Samson’s newly “adopted” teenage daughter Veronica to become taken in from Gary the Brit a Jack of all trades businessman holed up on the twenty fourth floor of one of the resort’s towers This particular book is segmented into three sections and author Stevie Kopas compliments part one of Haven by providing several meaningful flashbacks to Franklin Woods and the Dockside Bar Grill eliciting connections for all of her previous readers who are familiar with the first book in this series The BreadwinnerI found part one of Haven absolutely seamless as its pacing dialogue and action were all well articulated and organized Honestly it was one of the best expositions I’ve read in 2014 as its setting rang true to geographical location and time period coupled with believable characters and an interesting primary conflictAs the reader moves into the second phase of the book I personally feel like some of the conflicts and crises in the rising action occurred a little too uickly for my liking— time was needed to develop certain cause and effect relationships between tensions and characters Conseuently a little background information via flashback might have made a few of the new characters introduced per this section believable This by no means indicates Ms Kopas doesn’t bring her characters to life; on the contrary she has masterfully characterized the majority of both her primary and secondary characters to render uite a colorful cast of would be survivors And maybe some of this “needed” background information for a few of the new arrivals was withheld purposely being reserved for the third installment in this seriesThe second two thirds of this book introduced a strong female character named Michelle and the reader will be tugged and torn as whether or not to like her Readers of the first book will also recognize the similarly constructed apartment breakaway as Michelle and her roommate Lulu exit their apartment in much the same fashion that Andrew Clyde and Juliette did from their safe haven in book one Some may take this reconstruction the wrong way; it is by no means an example of rehashing what has already been done Instead it’s establishing a realistic pattern as people than not would endure similar fight and flight experiences in the face of a mass panic and urbanized exit strategyAre there a few overly sympathetic parts to this apocalyptic tale? Yes but the author does a nice job of offsetting those with several instances of comic relief which are sprinkled throughout As I alluded to earlier the prose in Haven is really solidly written Readers will not stumble over awkwardly worded sentences as Ms Kopas uses just the right mix of compound complex and compound complex sentence structure while even leaving a simple sentence in strategic places for stylistic effect I also feel like her characters’ dialogue rings true and it’s never stale For the zombie enthusiast brace yourself for less graphic violence but realistic scares Haven’s zombies are fast really fast and they engage in several examples of group think which makes them convincing than other zombie apocalypse stories out on the market I believe the aforementioned claim validates the realization that Ms Kopas is growing as a writer; her choice to infuse this segment with subtle acts of terror while compounding the primary conflict with secondary twists and turns will assuredly catch the reader off guard in a good wayThe end was superbly crafted as a combination of group morals individual values and chance circumstance collide The underlying theme that living humans are by far the most dangerous creatures in the animal kingdom resonates throughout the entire novel culminating itself in an explosive ending that will undoubtedly leave Breadwinner fans eager for the final book in the trilogy All Good Things

  10. Jim Dodge Jim Dodge says:

    The zombie apocalypse is still burning bright but Samson Veronica Ben Clyde Andrew and Juliette are burning out Stuck in a boat with limited supplies and no prospects for the future this gang of survivors has to find a safe place to hide from the hungry hordes of the undead Following the reflection from a mirror to another survivor British expatriate Gary they find themselves in The Emerald City luxury condos right on the beautiful beaches of Florida Of course not all of the characters will see the end of the book and other survivors will add themselves to this group but I won’t tell you about all that because it would ruin the book for you Rest assured there’s no shortage of gore or drama and there’s a ton of action to keep your eyes open and your heart racing Ms Kopas proves to have a great voice and than enough story telling skill to keep us riveted and drooling for another bite of this literary flesh Do you have what it takes to join Stevie on her journey to survive the end of the world where the biggest uestion isn’t where your next meal is coming from it’s “who can you trust?” That my friends is what makes this book so damned exciting In a world filled with zombie fiction The Breadwinner Trilogy stands out from the pack hungrily gnashing its broken teeth For once I urge you to let it dig right in –Jim Dodge Mass Movement Magazine

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