Book of the Dead MOBI ¼ Book of PDF/EPUB or

Book of the Dead MOBI ¼ Book of PDF/EPUB or

6 thoughts on “Book of the Dead

  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I really wanted to like this book The blurb on the back had me thinking this was going to be a really good Angel book Wesley Wyndham Pryce was always one of my favourite characters in the series and I was looking forward to having take the lead Unfortunately the best thing was the blurb overall this book was very poorly executed I actually have a feeling that this author has not actually watched the TV show or if so not a lot of it The characters were okay and had the correct inflictions but one of the main issues for this book for me was how it fit into the timeline of the show This book was all over the place The front of the book says Historian's note this book takes place in the fourth season of Angel When the book started it made references to how both Wesley and Angel felt bad after what had happened with Connor and Holtz and that they were gradually starting to work together and trust each other again Now this makes sense because that is Season 4 Darla had Connor in early season 3 and then Wesley stole him middle of season three with Justine leaving Wesley for dead after slitting his throat Then Connor returns with Holtz and the season 4 finale is left with Angel at the bottom of sea from Connor In the season 4 premiere Wesley rescues Angel which is the start of them trying to rebuild what they had and carries through the season But then later in the book Wesley takes Adrian to Caritas to be read by Lorne But Caritas was destroyed by Holtz in the middle of Season 3 by Season 4 Lorne is permanently living with the team at the Hyperion Hotel Also there was references made to Lilah and Wesley which indicated they weren't together namely that she had to use her goons to break into his apartment to get the book This should have been unnecessary by Season 4 they were sleeping together and Lilah could have gone to her apartment herself and stolen the book no muss no fuss and much stealthy and LilahThis for me was very irritating It was like whenever the author needed something to take place they just added it not taking into consideration whether or not it was correct within the timeline of the show or if it was realistic for the character This is bad researching for a tie in novel which is going to be read by people that actually do watch the showThe storyline was just not good it tried ineffectively to use some of Wesley's history as a watcher Again showing how erratic the references where it was it mentioned the destruction of the Watcher's library now this happened in final season 7 of Buffy which would have matched the timeline of Season 4By the time I hit the end of this book I was just glad it was over and I was really annoyed at how badly it was doneAvoid unless you want to get annoyed

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    Wesley is surprised when a former classmate Adrian O'Flahrety shows up for a rare book auction At the auction Wesley spots a find in a junk box the Red Compendium full of powerful spells He buys the box and settles in to read his new book when he is sucked into the pages He must survive the demon Bookwyrm long enough for the others to get him out

  3. Stephen Mcafee Stephen Mcafee says:

    I really enjoyed this it invoked the show so well for me it's the first of the Angel books I've read and if they all do as good a job as this does of portraying the characters it won't be the last

  4. Crusader Crusader says:

    This was my first TV series novelization I read and I was pleasantly surprised It made for a fun read and actually reads very much like a TV episode Don't expect complex plots or character development Good for a uick fun read

  5. Jamie Jamie says:

    I just liked the cover

  6. Gene Gene says:

    Good concept but the writing was a little uneven a couple of scenes just didn't flow right

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Book of the Dead ❰Ebook❯ ➤ Book of the Dead Author Ashley McConnell – Wes has been a compulsive reader since childhood It's an addiction like any other he craves books loves them can't live without them So when his former colleague Adrian O'Flaherty comes to town and in Wes has been a compulsive reader since childhood It's an addiction like any other he craves books loves them can't live without them So when his former colleague Adrian O'Flaherty comes to town and invites Wes along to a highly secret auction of rare occult books Wes can't say noWhat Wes doesn't know is that Adrian is looking for than dusty old tomes at the auction He's out for revenge Before the Watchers Council was destroyed Book of PDF/EPUB or a man named Rutherford Circe stole a number of rare books from the council's libraries and killed the librarian Adrian's father in the processAt the auction Wes buys a box of old books that holds one of the most famous books of magick ever collected The Red Compendium is known for totally absorbing it readers and Wes always a sucker for compelling literature couldn't put its down if he wanted to.

  • Paperback
  • 297 pages
  • Book of the Dead
  • Ashley McConnell
  • English
  • 21 December 2016
  • 9780689870842