Netherfield Park Quarantined PDF ✓ Netherfield Park

Netherfield Park Quarantined PDF ✓ Netherfield Park

Netherfield Park Quarantined ➵ [Read] ➯ Netherfield Park Quarantined By Melanie Schertz ✤ – A Pride and Prejudice what if story Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy when he comes to visit his friend at Netherfield Park There they come to know each other learning about one another much A Pride and Prejudice what if story Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy when he comes to visit his friend at Netherfield Park There they come to know each other learning about one another much sooner than expected Netherfield Park PDF or A sudden outbreak of scarlet fever comes to the neighborhood and Netherfield is turned into a makeshift hospital Who will survive the epidemic and who will have their lives changed forever.

10 thoughts on “Netherfield Park Quarantined

  1. Talia Talia says:

    I read this with Ashes of Longborn by the same author These books are a kind of a guilty pleasure They are crazy from start to finish with poorly done over the top characters If you ever watched and liked the soap opera Passions Timmy you will probably like these Re read this one and loved it I raised my rating from 3 to 4 stars Now that I am familiar with the lack of polish expected from this author I can be forgiving because her storylines are so much fun to read She has become one of my favorites Not many JAFF authors are willing to kill half or of our beloved characters This author has no ualms doing it and I am thankful Re read again on a disaster at Netherfield themed book day I raised it to 5 stars now It gets better and better with each reading Too much fun

  2. Gail Frisby Gail Frisby says:

    Loved itThis is a great book Love it when the villains get their just rewards Mr Collins was his worst Lady Catherine positively eviland Wickham unbelievably menacing Great for a second read

  3. Madenna U Madenna U says:

    Mr Bingely volunteers Netherfield Park to house the townspeople who have caught scarlet fever are brought and uarantined As someone who is always helping the local apothecary Elizabeth is coordinating the care for the sick Fitzwilliam Darcy has fallen in love with her and reveals this on accident in front of her father who has been arrived with the sickness A marriage ceremony and settlement happens within a short period to keep her safe from her mother who plans to pair her with her cousinThe marriage itself and the people fighting it are the bulk of the story There are powerful people who wish the Darcy's marriage to be invalid This brings tragedy and the Bennet family closer together

  4. Suzan Lauder Suzan Lauder says:

    Definitely not boring like some JAFF can be This author spins a tale well although she changes gears several times and throws everything but the kitchen sink into one book The title story is sweet and ends at 40% The angst starts after that with several new story arcs introducedThe reader will have to put up with a little suspension of disbelief which apparently is a signature style issue for this author In this book it's not a strong detraction from a rip roaring tale Interestingly enough there's another very popular author who has the same tendency I'm not keen on it and can just barely tolerate a barely believable situation or poorly supported trope if the balance of the writing is good And overall Melanie Schertz is a good writerThe difference with the other very popular author is the polish by using professionals to tidy up the book In this particular book there were a few Regency mistakes as well as word usage mistakes The biggest annoyance was the formatting Section changes were virtually on top of each other as were chapter changes Freuently dialogue changes were in the same paragraph leaving the reader confused as to who said that and causing a re read The author would do well by adding about 100 line breaks in this book never mind the formatting most independent author publishers take on A cleaned up second edition would probably be in order for higher star ratingsDisclaimer I am a JAFF writer and this review may be perceived to be a conflict of interest though it is written honestly with a mind to help both reader and author

  5. Katherine Katherine says:

    What a ridiculous notion that Darcy would want to marry Elizabeth after one meeting without any scruples about her inferiority in society or pride in himself Even ridiculous is Darcy marrying Elizabeth while uarantined in Netherfield at the insistence of Mr Bennet over fear that Mrs Bennet would force Elizabeth to marry Collins if he passed away Events moved too uickly to be realistic and suddenly there is death kidnapping murder with the aim to annul their marriage All seemed ridiculous Could have had some potential if the events weren't rushed and some events not as exaggerated

  6. Marsha Marsha says:

    Love conuers allI would recommend this if your looking for a romance in which will involve with dealings of many people This was a story that included little twist in the plot Loved it

  7. Erika Erika says:

    SweetI have read many of Ms Schertz's books and I do find the idea behind this story very interesting but I wouldn't say it was my favorite I was having trouble with Lord Matlock's character he seemed spineless to me and than willing to follow anyone else's beliefs about Darcy I did like how there was little impediment to ED actually marrying though a little much with how many people were attempting to dissolve the marriage But I'm not a professional critic or have a degree in literature I read and review at face value for my own pure entertainment so that is why I gave this a 45 star I think any JAFFer will enjoy this if you just read it for entertainment

  8. Sue Sue says:

    I am actually stuck between a 3 and a 4 I did love the premise of this book It was different I agree with other reviews I've read that people get killed off here and there It is a bit shocking I was terribly sad about how a couple people died and they were characters I liked too It did move rather rapidly and there was a lot of action I enjoyed the relationship between Darcy and elizabeth It was a bit unlikely but aw well I like when married couples endeavor to get thru rough times and make the most of challenging situations I felt it here Could have been about the uarantine That part didn't last long but I guess a title has to come from some event

  9. Molly Mulligan Molly Mulligan says:

    Misleading titleThe title is rather misleading as the uarantine is really only the first uarter if that of the book A cute story but not terribly engaging so I'm glad it was a uick read even then i had to push to finish the book about halfway through Formatting in the ebook could be better since some of the paragraphs seem to be mashed together and the chapters all blend together without distinct breaks

  10. Susan Susan says:

    A Pride and Prejudice variation whereby Elizabeth and Darcy come to an understanding very uickly and then while at Netherfield an epidemic of scarlet fever breaks out Lives are changed because of this

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