What the Neighbors Know PDF Ü What the Epub /

What the Neighbors Know PDF Ü What the Epub /

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    We are the publisher so all of our authors get five stars from us ExcerptsGOINGS AND STAYINGSWe could not pack the ghost and bring her with us;the not fully departed attach to houses—notto people It was not to us that she returned butto her room the air in it that she had not yetfinished breathing the body she had left rockingin the chair lit by a known moon This is whywhen my grandmother lifted the uilt slidinto the bed my mother had taken as her ownshe said not a word did not even glance ather daughter This is why when my mother turnedon the lamp and called Mama no one was therewho could answer back And so my mother roseand sat all night in the bright and humming kitchenwaiting for us to wake and make her feel real againto hear this story that made a lie of that heaven storyI’d taken as true My mother lived beside her ownmother for another ten years before we boxed thatold life and drove away—the garden behind us heavywith blue hydrangeas one window gleaming with latesun to mark a room that was not yet tenantlessIMPERATIVESRepot the plant on the kitchen sill It has outgrownthe soil you gave it and its roots hurt Note howthe longer runners have forgotten which way to goand strain now for the tap or the dishwater Snapthem out of their misery Save what you canWipe the dust from surfaces Unstack so youcan move without topple or dodge Scour what’sstale with wind that smells of juniper and snowOpen windows even to zero and claim its stingHang words out to see if they freeze or thawDon’t wait for April for it will have other plans—pipers in uncurling leaves lilacs to ache you wet earthto tease you from the house Call a sweep to scrapethe creosote from your chimney bricks and sendthe starlings in search of new nests Light a fireImagine the dream someone else is having Wonderwhy his lids barely flicker but his legs flail and whyin the morning the blankets are on your side Stoptaking into your own lungs all of the moonlight thatsplits the dark Leave some See what he does with it

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What the Neighbors Know ❮Download❯ ➹ What the Neighbors Know ➾ Author Melanie McCabe – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk In WHAT THE NEIGHBORS KNOW Melanie McCabe traces the disintegration of a marriage and the loss of a house lived in for decades The poems explore not only the end of a relationship but also the deep an In What the Neighbors Know Melanie McCabe traces the disintegration of a marriage and the loss of a house lived in for decades The poems explore not only the end of a relationship but also the deep and personal attachment that people form with the home they live in Here also are poems about a childhood home and of days spent as a young mother in the house that must now be sold Throughout this profoundly honest collection are love poems—written not What the Epub / only to a husband but to a parent a child and even to a beloved house itself In the title poem McCabe alludes to the limited view the fragmented and incomplete stories our neighbors form as they bear witness to only a part of our lives—and never to the complete truth Here the reader glimpses that truth sees beyond the blinds the closed curtains to find a woman living a life that many will recognize as their own.

  • Paperback
  • 74 pages
  • What the Neighbors Know
  • Melanie McCabe
  • English
  • 15 July 2015
  • 9781938853463

About the Author: Melanie McCabe

Melanie McCabe is the author of His Other Life Searching For My Father His First Wife and Tennessee Williams published fall of by the University of New Orleans Press She is also the author of two poetry collections History of the Body David Robert Books and What The Neighbors Know FutureCycle Press Her essays and poems have appeared in Shenandoah The Georgia Review.