Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories PDF/EPUB ´ Lady

Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories PDF/EPUB ´ Lady

Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories By Anton Chekhov ✓ – This collection contains the following eleven storiesGrief AgafyaMisfortune A Boring Story From an Old Man's NotebookThe GrasshopperWard No 6Ariadne The House with an AtticIonychThe DarlingThe Lady wi This collection contains the following eleven storiesGrief AgafyaMisfortune Lapdog and ePUB ✓ A Boring Story From an Old Man's NotebookThe GrasshopperWard No Ariadne The House with an AtticIonychThe DarlingThe Lady Lady with Kindle - with the LapdogAnton Pavlovich Chekhov may be likened to his contemporaries the pointilliste painters Piece by piece episode by episode character by character he constructs in prose with Lapdog and MOBI í a survey of the human condition As David Magarshack writes in his introduction on reading these stories 'one gets the impression of holding life itself like a fluttering bird in one's cupped hands'.

10 thoughts on “Lady with Lapdog and Other Stories

  1. Sara Sara says:

    I did not read the entire collection only the title storyA rather droll little story of an illicit love affair and the ease with which a person can find his life changed

  2. Karina Karina says:

    review only contains Lady with Lapdog review from the web 19 pages short I'm not into romance stories but I like Chekhov's writing Although I enjoyed this story of 2 miserable ppl in miserable marriages that find eachother and fall in love I don't like the cheating and sneaking around factor Overall short good reading time

  3. Callum Bennett Callum Bennett says:

    Loved this especially a boring story the grasshopper and ward 6

  4. Camille McCarthy Camille McCarthy says:

    This book was between a 3 and a 4 star rating for me Some of the stories were really engaging while with others I didn't really understand the point of the story A Very Boring Story was indeed very boring and very long and I didn't at all get the point of it maybe I missed something In the second half of the book though there were some stories I really enjoyed Ariadne the Darling Ward 6 and the House with the Attic

  5. Kwan-Ann Kwan-Ann says:

    some stories were interesting than others i get that this book is a product of its time but sometimes the misogyny just bored me we got it after the first few stories you can stop the tired narrative of the hysterical woman thank you 'a boring story' was an interesting look at the perspective of an academic vs his theatrical step sister ariadne was like a watered down anna karenina reversed you can DEFINITELY see how some modern tropes manic pixie girl fitzgerald's flapper girls are basically present in nearly all of literature nowhere is safe from them

  6. Jo Jo says:

    Ok I can now see why Chekhov is the favorite of so many literature professors He creates a rich picture of Russia in the nineteenth century; the poverty the summer trips to Yalta the often unpronounceable names that have multiple variations He creates some fascinating characters most of whom are thoroughly distasteful in one way or another apparently holding a very low opinion of Doctors and to a large degree women In the introduction to this edition David Magarshack writes that in contrast to Tolstoy Chekhov was attempting to create a favorable impression of women but I can’t say the spoilt Ariadne the simple Agafya the pretentious Turkins the personality less Olga of ‘The Darling’ and the selfish Olga of ‘The Grasshopper’ are positive or even likable but then on reflection there are few characters in his stories who areThe professor of ‘The Boring Story’ is if not likeable at least empathetic as are the couple in ‘Lady with a lapdog’ a final story which leaves a melancholy feeling upon closing the book However whether Chekhov is being cynical or merely realistic as to the human condition and this is for greater minds than mine to deduce it doesn’t take away from the fact of his wonderful writing simple and straightforward and so readable What was most noteworthy for me was the way in which he ended his stories I’m used to short stories ending abruptly and unresolved but Chekhov takes this to a whole new level Perhaps it was because of the length of some of them like ‘The Boring Story’ and ‘Ward 6’ in that you became invested after so many pages or perhaps because of the tragic aspect of so many of them but on occasion they almost seem to lose momentum the word limit is reached so ok he dies the end I’m not sure if this is a criticism or of a stylistic device that takes getting used to or maybe I just need to read short stories either way it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a great collection beginning with comedy and light immorality to discussion of the great themes of life and philosophical debates affairs artists mental patients and the whole schema of life

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I wasn't crazy about this collection of short stories but the caveat I must add is that 1 I don't really like short stories and 2 the only other Russian fiction I have read was Anna Karenina 20 years ago So I am probably not the best judge The first two stories in the collection Grief and Agafya almost made me add this book to my did not finish pile They were too short too pointless and not too subtle They were everything I dislike about short fiction However the 'longer' short stories that make up the rest of the book Misfortune A Boring Story The Grasshopper Ward 6 Ariadne The House with an Attic Ionych The Darling and Lady with Lapdog were for the most part much better They were long enough to actually understand the characters a little and there were plots sort ofBecause that is my main complaint with these stories They are 'plot light' since Chekhov is mostly using them as vehicles for his views on science women the tedium of life and the state of modern Russia I can take all of that in small doses and if there are other things going on but in a few of these there really isn't The two stories that I think move a bit beyond just philosophy are Ward 6 and Lady with Lapdog and for there alone I am glad I read the collection This is a book that I might want to re read at some point maybe after having read Russian authors It was certainly well written and at times thought provoking

  8. Zach Zach says:

    Unreal I'd like to review the individual stories fully but for now am too lazy slash don't have the time Here's what I can muster for now Grief Agafya Misfortune are about relationships and infidelity in a way and contain clearly misogynistic undertones Nonetheless they are remarkable in that they display Chekhov's superb ability to capture people's lives in such few words A Boring Story is the first truly amazing story in the collection and the first in which Chekhov begins to truly expound on some of his philosophical ideas; he has much to say about politics and education and social status and what not all of which arguably resonates even truer today than in Chekhov's time Likewise Ward 6 intelligently scathing elouently descriptive provocative Adriadne also relates to sexual relationships and infidelity and contemplates the poignancy and emotional strain of never being able to be with the one you love Of course in a way every story in the collection develops this theme The hero in The House with an Attic also has a cool rant further expounding on Chekhov's socio political opinions The Darling is about a pitiful woman who can never have an opinion of her own Ionych and Lady with Lapdog are further examples of Chekhov's I'm tired so you can figure these ones out for yourself

  9. Pubudu Yasira Pubudu Yasira says:

    There is no better evidence than the lady with the lapdog to call chekhov the greatest short story teller of all time this is short story telling at its best In this story chekhov tells us a story of a man with multiple adulterous relationships and a woman with whom he starts his latest affair Gurov thinks that this one will be as same as his previous ones with noting bout the physical acts and forgetting them afterwards But to his dismay he falls for this woman and for the first time in his life when his hair is gray he starts to love another woman At that moment we see a huge transformation in Ggurov The man who despised women called them the weaker sex now realize how pure and fragile this creature of his love is He wants to be honest and dignified but relaize that they can not as they have to hide and device the world around us He can not believe that a love this pure needs to be hidden from the world I especially like the ending Once u finished reading you look weather u missed a page cos you feel the story ended rather abruptly In fact writer let his readers to decide the fate of the loves for them selves Short story telling at its best

  10. Mark Lisac Mark Lisac says:

    Tightly told stories in which people live out the fates marked for them on the opening page Except for the sharply distilled title story I liked the two near novellas best — A Boring Story and Ward 6 Other reviewers have commented on misogyny in these stories; it's true that none of the women in the nearly 300 pages of the collection come off well but then the men are hardly admirable themselves although they often wear a false mantle of victimhood at the hands of the womenAlice Munro developed a much recirculated reputation as Canada's Chekhov I'm inclined to see Chekhov as a precursor His stories are full of nuance rather than subtlety They are also uite straightforward and linear; Munro's stories often have me turning back two or three pages to figure out how she got from one place to another without perceptible movement Mavis Gallant's stories are at least as well written as Chekhov's and intense Chekhov sometimes seems to have written polished versions of field notes on his observations of humanity

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