Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1 eBook  Brighton

Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1 eBook  Brighton

10 thoughts on “Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1

  1. Kristine M Kristine M says:

    Draws you into a world of deceit and crime Amazing characters A Savory read

  2. Lexie Miller Lexie Miller says:

    I received this book through Firstreads and I was pleasantly surprised to not only receive a signed copy but a very nice note from DB Shuster Upon opening the book my first thought was hmm this looks pretty small with about 100 pages It does no matter the length as I could not put the book down and read it all withing one sitting I think this is a great debut novel for DB Shuster and I cannot wait for the next bookepisode in the series to come out The book has a nice flow with different characters narrating different chapters Right away DB Shuster cuts to the chase introducing the characters and with some action and suspense to get your mind solving the mystery There seem to be uite a bit of twists going on with the Russian gang and family lies I cannot wait to find out to uncover who is behind setting Inna up and how the gangs will handle each other Great book and easy read to get you hooked and wanting

  3. Leticia Garcia Labate Leticia Garcia Labate says:

    This book is an EXCEPTIONAL purposely in caps read for ANY book club You don't have to like books about the mafia or gangsters to love this one It will capture every bit of your attention from the first page and maintain it fully engaged throughout The plot is unpredictable and suspenseful yet emotionally rewarding as love prevails in the midst of sheer chaos and retribution Our book club has read many NY Bestsellers and nationally acclaimed titles and I can comfortably state that Kings of Brighton Beach met and exceeded the expectations of all the members It proved to be a very wise choice We were fortunate to be joined by DB Shuster for the book discussion and eagerly awaits the release of Part

  4. Joe Reto Joe Reto says:

    Fabulous first epidode as the reader will be taken to the secretive meetings and plannings of the Russian underworld in Brighton Beach Shuster as the ability to make the reader feel like they are in the room with the criminals while the criminals are speaking to each other Each face to face meeting in the book only intensifies the suspense and make the reader want of the story Great read and I am looking forward to episode #2

  5. Elyse Salpeter Elyse Salpeter says:

    It’s always wonderful to find a well written new series to sink your teeth into I’m not normally into Russian Mafia novels but this book sucked me in from Page 1 The characters are well written and singularly uniue the plotline is intriguing and the book moves along at a great pace What a fantastic start to a new series You literally can see it playing out step by step on the big screen Well done

  6. Karin Karin says:

    I liked the writing and the story was interesting but was disappointed that there was no conclusion of any sort by the end of the first Episode Although I knew this was being written and released installments I still expected some part of the storyline to conclude even if many other things were left open for a future episode Maybe I'm confusing Episode with Series?

  7. evergreencrime evergreencrime says:

    35For a short book this was very interesting I also enjoyed how each character was explored through multiple POVs It did not seem overwhelming Unfortunately this is not a romance oriented book which is why I am iffy about starting the next book

  8. Kate Kate says:

    I was really confused by all of the characters By the end the storyline had me engaged b

  9. Noreen Sugrue Noreen Sugrue says:

    Great book Lots of fun Russian Don say hello to the Godfather Can't wait for the next installment Great read

  10. Angela Angela says:

    If you are looking for an affordable read that's a real page turner you can't go wrong with Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1 I stumbled upon this series by chance and I can't wait to read #2

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Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1 [Reading] ➹ Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1 By D.B. Shuster – KINGS OF BRIGHTON BEACH SERIES In Brighton Beach the largest Russian immigrant community in America criminals and spies live among hardworking immigrants The mafia rules with an invisible hand that re KINGS OF BRIGHTON BEACH SERIES Brighton Beach Kindle × In Brighton Beach the largest Russian immigrant community in America criminals and spies live among hardworking immigrants The mafia rules with an invisible hand that reaches from beyond the former Iron Curtain Ruthless men vie to reign as kings over their profitable Kings of PDF/EPUB or corners of Little Odessa and no one can be trusted Not even family PART GANGSTERS WITH GUNS At fourteen Vlad escaped his violent father and the criminal soup of Brighton Beach Now twenty years later he will reclaim his father's place in the Russian mafia if he of Brighton Beach PDF/EPUB ¼ can survive EPISODE Vlad plans to ingratiate himself with his father's former partner Artur learn the business and commit a hostile takeover But Vlad isn't the only one interested in claiming Artur's slice of Little Odessa Vlad's rivals have no code of honor and Artur's daughter Inna is discovered in her brother's own nightclub raped and drugged with a gun in her hand and a dead mobster sprawled on top of her The dead man's comrades want retribution blood for blood but Vlad is convinced Artur's mafia princess is innocent and that the real killer has ambitions to start a war in Brighton Beach.

  • Paperback
  • 114 pages
  • Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1
  • D.B. Shuster
  • 02 September 2016
  • 9781941132005