One Undead Step MOBI ´ One Undead PDF or Ebook

One Undead Step MOBI ´ One Undead PDF or Ebook

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  1. Gianfranco Mancini Gianfranco Mancini says:

    Someone would sound pretty crazy putting forth the idea that the United States government had faked the moon landing to avert some kind of zombie induced apocalypse Just twenty four hours earlier Mark himself would have thought this hypothetical person a complete lunatic He shook his head and laughedYou really think this is going to work?One year after George Romero scared the world with his Night of the Living Dead 1968 man landed on the Moon 50 years ago in the evening hours of July 20 1969 so I thought it was time to read this book purchased on my Kindle years ago and left forgotten One Undead Step is such a shining gem in the dark of neverending bad zombie booksWith an ongoing zombie outbreak United States government stages the Apollo 11 lunar landing in a military base to distract the populationThe strong George Romero vibe the well fleshed and solid cast of characters the non stop action packed pace the twists the fun the crazy cocktail of humor satire brutality and gore the doberman and zombie pow scenes the Dario Argento Lucio Fulci easter egg and the late 60s atmosphere with its societal shame attitudes about same sex relationships pregnancy out of marriage the pregnant girl running from her parents' fate is going to stay in my mind forever and Just loved everything of itAnd the grim ending was just perfect for meCherry on cake two shorts and unexpected zombie tales about pedophile priests and cops abusers gettin' what they deserveA well written intelligent and fresh take on the genre

  2. Shana Festa Shana Festa says:

    One year after Romero's ground breaking 'Night of the Living Dead' is released the disbelieving population comes face to face with their worst nightmare Sometimes the only way to keep a story from getting out is to give the public an even bigger story In order to keep a massive zombie outbreak from going viral you see what I did there right? the government manufactures the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing on a military base with the help of a lecherous B list movie director 1969 was a different time; a different culture McClennan took advantage of a great opportunity to call attention to some of the important backwards thinking of the era; same sex relationships domestic abuse and the stigma of unwed pregnancy There are a few references to rape but no details accompany those references as they are merely stated as fact but not recounted in any depth that would make a reader uncomfortable It was entertaining to see the homage to Ian's fellow horror authors Names like Tony Baker Mark Tufo HE Goodhue and Mark Matthews graced the pages as various characters McClellan's writing style is smooth; cleverly worded prose flows with the distinct easiness of a well seasoned and mature author The light comedy is funny and the horror is scary and intenseI knew from the synopsis that 'One Undead Step' was going to be a special read and it really was I loved everything about it The story was fresh characters were solid and the action was never ending McClellan paid attention to the small details reminding readers of the little things like glass milk bottles 'One Undead Step' Is a five star read I recommend this book to anyone looking for their next zombie read

  3. Michael Garza Michael Garza says:

    Don't read this bookunless you're looking for something uniue entertaining and hard to put downOne Undead Step is a fresh look at a tiring genre Mr McCellan has a uniue voice and storytelling style He always manages to interject humor in everything he does and his newest work is no different One Undead Step covers the late 60's pushing the idea that the United States government staged the lunar landing in an effort to distract the population from an ongoing zombie infestation Mr McCellan managed to capture an authentic feel for the era even as he wrapped it in the most bizarre scenario He has a style all his own that's very engaging for a reader and draws you into the characters It only took a few chapters for me to accept the odd retelling of history and enjoy the ride One Undead Step is fast paced and an easy read The characters are well thought out and well developed Zombie books come and go with most providing little than passing entertainment One Undead Step is a genuinely interesting tale that I would recommend to any fiction reader looking for their next read Five stars all the way

  4. Chris Philbrook Chris Philbrook says:

    As an author known primarily for my work in the 'zombie genre' I'm pretty fussy with the stuff that falls into my front yard to readIan McClellan killed it with One Undead Step It's terrificIt's set in the late 60's in the southwest in the midst of a terrible zombie outbreak To buy them time and distract the country from the dilemma unfolding the government decides to fake a moon landingIt sounds crazy is crazy and is fun as hell Great pure original Romero feel with solid dare I say tasteful levels of gore and a large cast of believable charactersTo be fair and open I found a couple of typos the Kindle file I read had two formatting glitches and Ian name drops other authors in the field throughout the book and those were the only complaints I can think if If I could give the book 475 stars I guess I would but let's not be that fussyHere's the biggest compliment I can give this book It feels like it's taking place in the 60s in the Romero era zombie style outbreak world and reads cleanly as such It's a great period piece visit for the zombie genre and I highly recommend itGreat job Ian Lots of fun

  5. Ms. Nikki Ms. Nikki says:

    Ian's One Undead Step flows as fluidly as the blood spilled by the victims of his voracious zombiesWith characters that vibrate off the page with life and energy a pace that lets you savor each moment until it's time to haul ass and humor to boot; Ian has without a doubt created a refreshingly creative tale for you to consumeI can easily recommend this to fans of this genre and others as wellI was given a copy in exchange for my honest opinionVisit wwwHorrorAfterDarkcom for reviews

  6. Urthwild Darkness Beckons Urthwild Darkness Beckons says:

    I read this and liked it end of review okay just a bit It makes no odds to this reader that the novel starts with the premise that the 1969 moon landings were faked This reader is fairly clear on the definition of fiction the fact that the writer has to make a plea asking readers to stretch their imaginations is uite sad and reflects badly on those of us who cannot watch a film or television series or even read a book of fiction without wagging a finger What happened to celebrating artistic licence? It must be a real downer to be you you are that guy Imagine you’re at the movies very American or the pictures as we say in my part of England; Every audience member watching the screen is holding their breath the soundtrack is pumping something high octane famous star A is chasing famous star B down an alley across a busy street over a bridge across another busy street B manages to dodge one car and vaults over the hood of a second just as A gets off the bridge runs into the street and then bam is knocked cold by the third car a shiny new Cadillac You jump up in your seat screeching ‘That would never happen cos General Motors did not introduce the Cadillac CTS until 2002 and this film is set in like 2001′Ged outtahereYou are that guyA survived cause he is famous The American government and apparently the Russians are bringing opium to the masses in the form of a well timed hoax Get the public concentrating on puffing up their chests with national pride and they won’t see the danger in their midsts cleverI loved this multi viewpoint character driven what if scenario We even get a zombie’s and a dog’s eye view of the situation uniue There is a lot going on besides the usual zombie fare of chase chomp chomp Don’t get me wrong we still get the chase and chomp but these characters are well imagined and realistically written Any sympathy you might have for one side character at the beginning swiftly turns on its head when you realise he really got what he deserved We meet a few of the sidelined and usually insignificant characters McClellan shows us how important these side characters are because in reality they are us They are written in much in the same way fans of Stephen King will be familiar with The ordinary Joann’s the Randy’s to name just twoMcClellan aptly pays homage to the master as Romero’s iconic 1968 Night of the Living Dead even gets referenced by several characters The one film above all else that has influenced every zombie book graphic novel film and television series since its releaseIt is not a particularly long book but it feels much longer simply because of the wealth of action no pointless descriptions tight dialogue no scene is wastedA well written enjoyable and intelligent tale I will be keeping a close eye on Mr McClellan in the future I read this and liked it end of reviewReceived from the author in exchange for an honest review Urthwild

  7. Sunshine Somerville Sunshine Somerville says:

    Once again this author has created a story with several characters that feel completely real Getting attached to anyone in a zombie tale is not the smartest move but at least my favorites made it pretty far The use of female characters was a bit frustrating and I’d like to see depth to these characters in future writings but overall the drunk tough overly dramatic yes a teen girl would find a way to be overdramatic even in an already dramatic zombie attack desperate to survive characters work well to flesh out the story and keep it character driven rather than just a plot with zombie attack after zombie attack The humor in the writing is I think my favorite thing about this story There are some little inside jokes with character names but there are also obvious references like “Take the guns Leave the cannoli” Seeing inside the “EAT” minds of the zombies is a nice touch too And the dog’s perspective – somehow a dog’s sadness will choke me up than anything I expected a lot from the faked moon landing part of the story but it’s enough to know that that’s going on in the background and it sets up the cover story that you know is going to be used all along Worth a read if you’re looking for a clever suspenseful gory zombie story with a historical twist

  8. Ian McClellan Ian McClellan says:

    One Undead Step is one of the most creative books I've ever read and I can't recommend it highly enough If you're a zombie fan a horror fan or a humor fan then you absolutely have to read this book Zombie Guide MagazineMcClellan's industrious attention to the particulars is what makes this read SO dead on righteous inviting Killer ReviewsBasically it was the perfect book Readers' Favorite I loved everything about it The story was fresh characters were solid and the action was never ending The Bookie Monster

  9. Rebecca Parker Rebecca Parker says:

    I was gifted this book in a contest and WOW am I glad I was I was taken in from the first chapter You really get to know and like the characters I was happily surprised at how well the fake moon landing was played as I was not sure I would be able to buy into that I was actually sad when the book ended as I wanted it to continue on Well worth buying and reading Wonderfully done

  10. WendyB WendyB says:

    well that was interestingStarted out slowly got a bit interesting if predictable in the middle and I don't know what to make of the ending

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One Undead Step ❰Epub❯ ➞ One Undead Step Author Ian McClellan – Many people know that the 1969 moon landing was faked but are unaware of the actual circumstances Find out how the US faked the moon landing to avert the zombie apocalypse as the lives of a disgraced Many people know that the moon landing was faked but are unaware of the actual circumstances Find out how the US faked the moon landing to avert the zombie apocalypse as the lives of a disgraced B movie director a bar owner some drunks an Army Ranger unit a bunch of gangsters an affluent but very dysfunctional family and a few cops come together in One Undead StepOne year after Romero shocked the world with Night of the Living Dead a small city is rocked One Undead PDF or by grisly killings the gory details of which are only known through whispered rumors The government presence that makes the populace all the nervous is unable to contain the impending threat that grows out of control on a hot humid night in Mid July As the city’s residents fight for their lives the Military rushes to make a film about two men landing a small spacecraft on the moon Will their plan work Find out as an evil man finds redemption some soldiers choose between their mission and duty a young couple finds forbidden love an older couple reignites their passion and a bartender gets stiffed for lots of drinks inOne Undead Step.

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