Kindle Edition ↠ Morgans Choice PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ↠ Morgans Choice PDF/EPUB å

Morgans Choice (Morgan Selwood, #1) [Reading] ➸ Morgans Choice (Morgan Selwood, #1) By Greta van der Rol – Somewhere out in space humanity’s past is about to catch up with its futureWhen Morgan Selwood’s spaceship is stranded in unknown space she is relieved to be rescued by humanoid aliens But her unu Somewhere out in space humanity’s past is about to catch up with its futureWhen Morgan Selwood’s spaceship is stranded in unknown space she is relieved to be rescued by humanoid aliens But her unusual appearance and her extraordinary technical abilities mean that everybody wants a piece of herWho’s it to be Autocratic Admiral Ravindra who press gangs her to help against a shadowy threat from the stars or the freedom fighters who think she’s a legend reincarnated returned to help them throw off the yoke of oppressionMorgan doesn’t much care which it is until the uprising and the atrocities start While civil war rages across the planet the shadowy threat from the stars emerges as an implacable killer bent on destroying all intelligent life Morgan will need every bit of her superhuman bio engineered intelligence to save the man she has come to love and his people from annihilation And spare a little to save herselfThis book is a science fiction romance It contains coarse language and sex scenes.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 289 pages
  • Morgans Choice (Morgan Selwood, #1)
  • Greta van der Rol
  • English
  • 09 March 2014

About the Author: Greta van der Rol

Greta van der Rol loves writing science fiction with a large dollop of good old healthy romance She lives not far from the coast in ueensland Australia and enjoys photography and cooking when she isn't bent over the computer She has a degree in history and a background in building information systems both of which go a long way toward helping her in her writing endeavours.

10 thoughts on “Morgans Choice (Morgan Selwood, #1)

  1. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    Oh my goooood could this move any fucking slower? Twenty two chapters in and we're still only in the development stages I also can't stand the idea that this girl falls for the guy that beat herNope Nope Nope Don't even bother trying to read this crap unless you're interested in boring yourself to sleep

  2. Frida Fantastic (book blogger) Frida Fantastic (book blogger) says:

    Cross posted from Adarna SFCyborg meets alien admiral; space opera meets romance This results in an awesome premise with twice the pulp as if the half naked guy in front of a spaceship didn’t already spell that out for you There are space battles insurgent separatist movements to throw off the yoke of a caste system and sexual tensions of the you’re hot but you’re kinda the enemy variety Morgan’s Choice has the makings of an action packed space opera adventure with all kinds of actionThe prose is slick and easy to get into and the story wastes no time in piling up the conflict Morgan finds herself being used for the military and political factions of an alien world because her Supertech abilities make her a powerful weapon She can compromise security systems fly enemy spaceships and pretty much hack everything But it’s difficult for her to figure out which side she should be on especially when things heat up with the AdmiralThe repulsion attraction dynamics between the two are well done and manages to avoid major unfortunate implications which is important given that Morgan’s a prisoner and the Admiral comes from a super patriarchal society Van der Rol writes Morgan well as a resourceful heroine doing her best in an unpredictable environment I really enjoyed the first half of this book and would give it a solid 4 starsUnfortunately I don’t think that the final portion is as strong The antagonists are underdeveloped the chase seuences feel lacklustre and the world building around the Supertechs could be clearer Why could Supertechs only reproduce with other Supertechs? What are the limitations on a Supertech? Morgan’s special abilities are treated like magic without a cohesive rule system I didn’t have a problem with it early in the book but as the story went on without these abilities being explained and the Rule of Cool lost its effect my suspension of disbelief drifted awayMy final criticism is that the romance becomes dreary in the absence of richer character development One of the most interesting tensions is Morgan’s romantic feelings for the Admiral versus her dislike of his arrogance and being a product of a very repressive and patriarchal culture This gets resolved but not in a way I found impressive because it relies on a formula romance resolution which trivializes the conflict I think romance readers who want a tidy ending would be satisfied but I was looking for something If you’re looking for a space operaromance adventure Morgan’s Choice serves up some fast paced pulp but don’t expect much elseNote a free review copy was provided by the author

  3. Ron Ron says:

    A fun space opera A little pornographic for my taste not to mention the usual political correctnessI like first contact stories but this was all too easy When is sex with an alien not sex with an alien? A simple DNA analysis could have answered all their who's related to whom uestionsStill a good read

  4. Carolyn F. Carolyn F. says:

    So many choices for Morgan right from the beginning To accept being captured by first one ship then another To leave or stay To cooperate or rebel To love or hold back because of the potential for hurt I have no idea why Morgan and Ravindra fell in love though Actually that's not true The author alludes to the fact that during their evening meals together they would talk about themselves and their lives I guess it was then They had sex once and then he called her a tart to her meant whore to him meant sexy She felt something until then and left before her could hurt her Then she was captured so he wasn't sure what he felt was true and she was sure that he would either hate her or not care about her when they met again Enjoyed the book

  5. S. Burke S. Burke says:

    What a fabulous read I enjoyed this work from word one and held my breath often in the journey through the pagesThe pacing is relentless yet peppered with a wry humour and an authors certain knowledge that the characters are hers to command and command she does As a reader I was under no illusion that I wouldn’t react to the characterizations You can’t help but like and care about the outcome of their situationsThis plot is well thought out nothing jars the reader from the outset of the novel you are caught up in the survival of the central characterMorgan SelwoodSo let me introduce her; Morgan Selwood; you won’t forget her after you are introduced; she is a character that gets into the psyche and raises than a smile and your blood pressure Tough smart resilient and in control of herselfas good a way as any to begin describing “Supertech” Morgan SelwoodA ‘Supertech’? So what is a Supertech?A Supertech is bio engineered from birth a living breathing complex and at times downright cantankerous woman with a supercomputer embedded in her brainMake no mistakes though Morgan is all female and then some added to that she possesses an incredibly high I and attitude to spareHer eyes are artificial so she can link wirelessly with a computer; her eyes see so much than a mere human can possibly seeMost people can’t make direct eye contact with her she simply will not back off or look away her silvery mercurial eyes can take the ability to speak away especially in the male of any speciesShe is one feisty woman outspoken and not a team player if less than honorable intentions are afoot she will ensure that someone pays the price for any lack of integritySo what happens when she is in a craft that is running out of air? The Curlew her ship has one month leftone month before guaranteed death for both Morgan and her co worker JonesTheir distress signal is heard and a rescue seems to have occurred but by whom? The ship is taken in tow by a craft that neither Morgan Selwood nor her co pilot Jones can be certain won’t end in death of a different kindAn attack from another craft and they are boardedrescued but from what? And by whom?The aliens appear to be almost human With the exception of their catlike eyes and customs that relegate the male of the species in total control of the females Not a happy situation for the feisty outspoken ‘supertech’ her skills do not include pandering to the whims of male ego’sThe ego of one particular male needs no strokingAdmiral Ravindra a man of courage integrity and powera man that makes a white dress uniform look like it was designed with only him in mindSo what happens when Morgan’s unstoppable force meets Ravindra’s Immoveable object? Chemistrywith a capital ‘C’Author Greta Van der Rol writes beautifully and the scenes between Ravindra and the lovely Morgan are handled with a touch both erotic and extremely sensualMorgan discovers herself caring for this dominant man Caring than she believed possibleTheir relationship has much to weather Can he trust her? What chance do they have when she appears to have betrayed his people? What lured her into believing that what she was doing was right?I have no wish to spoil this story for the reader It is fast paced and well written The history of the human race and beliefs that date back thousands of years are interconnected with those of the Admiral Tavindra’s race the MirkaThe race known as Bunyada are their enemiesbut are they terroristsor freedom fighters?And what of the alien ship? Who or what is Artemis? Will Morgan Selwood and Admiral Ravindra be able to defeat an intelligence created to destroy ‘primitive cultures’Author Greta van der Rol has a deft touch combining a well drawn science fiction plotline with romance and action with enough of the romance to than satisfy those that enjoy it yet not compromising the integrity of the science fiction settingWell written fast paced and intriguing I have no hesitation in recommending this to all those that enjoy a provocative and enjoyable read

  6. Lisa Hinsley Lisa Hinsley says:

    This is space opera at its best Set in a galaxy far far away Morgan a Supertech which in itself is an excellent concept is lost and unable to find a way home with only a single surviving shipmate to keep her company Rescued from a one of the dominant species in the area and a uestionable future at their hands Morgan finds herself imprisoned on a ship with another species and under the watchful eye of Admiral Ravindra – a stuck up humanoid alien born into the ruling class There are fight scenes conspiracies ancient alien history to delve into and a romance that takes two characters by surprise There is an entirely new culture to find out about with customs and ideals that Morgan finds difficult to adjust to The author created such an in depth world I was sad to end the book I thoroughly enjoyed Morgan’s Choice and will be looking out for her future novels

  7. L Bongiorno L Bongiorno says:

    35 stars I liked it I really did I just sometimes felt like a I was reading a story than involved with the story I do think this is realistic of how new aliens would be treated it just isn't as exciting When they were first rescued we got a lot of coverage on her sleazy male counterpart and nothing really on our heroine how can I connect?? I also felt like our heroine jumped from being slapped silly and told not to wear to a dinner to love a little too uickly We are told they had a lot of good conversations at their following dinners and fell in love but we didn't experience it

  8. Teresa Teresa says:

    Since I was unable to finish this book I have to give it a 1 star I got halfway through the book but I could never like the hero He smacked the heroine in the face towards the beginning of the book and never acknowledges or apologizes for it It's just left alone and all of a sudden the heroine is falling in love with the hero I thought maybe the author could somehow redeem the hero but I figure giving her half the book to do this in was enough of my time waiting and hoping it would get better It didn't

  9. Maria K. Maria K. says:

    Having grown up with Francis Carsak's The vermin of the lion I can completely appreciate a work of science fiction combining adventure romance politics history and a few other things thrown in for good measure Morgan's Choice has all of that and is bound to appeal to the sci fi fans who like genre hopping between hard core space fiction cyber punk and Foundation style political intrigue Absolutely brilliant

  10. CT CT says:

    Morgan's Choice is an excellent blend of sci fi and romance Fantastic world building that's easy to followand charismatic characters who are absolutely fascinating Even if you're not a sci fi fan do try this book it's well worth the read with wonderful plot twists and anending that will leave you wanting to read from this great authorI'm off to read the Iron Admiral Ms van deer Rol's new sci firomance

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