Kindle Edition ↠ Irresistible Force Epub å

Kindle Edition ↠ Irresistible Force Epub å

Irresistible Force [Read] ➵ Irresistible Force By D.D. Ayres – When adrenaline runs high so does the force of desireFor Shay Appleton it’s love at first sight when a gorgeous stray dog is brought into the animal shelter where she works She just knows he’ll ma When adrenaline runs high so does the force of desireFor Shay Appleton it’s love at first sight when a gorgeous stray dog is brought into the animal shelter where she works She just knows he’ll make a terrific watch dog—and with an abusive ex who won’t let go she needs all the protection she can get But Shay never suspected that her new pet is actually a trained police K named Bogart—until Bogart’s even gorgeous human partner shows up on her doorstepOfficer James Cannon is one tall strong alpha male who’s convinced that Shay stole his dog But once he gets closer to the suspect he realizes that this stubborn independent woman not only needs a guard dog she needs James as well It seems that someone from her past is stalking her and threatening her life When danger meets desire will James risk his career and his best friendto protect the woman who’s stolen his heart.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • Irresistible Force
  • D.D. Ayres
  • 03 January 2014

About the Author: D.D. Ayres

D D Ayres is the author of the K Rescue series which includes Primal Force and Force of Attraction She loves men in uniforms and dogs making the K Rescue series with St Martin's Press a dream come true She currently lives in Texas where she's at work on her next novel.

10 thoughts on “Irresistible Force

  1. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    James a K 9 officer is searching for his stolen partner Bogart It has been a month and he has finally narrowed in on his location He witnesses the prime suspect playing fetch with his partner in front of a cabin He hardly pays attention to the man in the woods dressed in camp and carrying a riffle oh really ? When he confronts the prime suspect a skittish woman with serious denial issues She will not admit that the dog she adopted a month ago is his dog no matter how much the dog listens to him Somehow James gets dragged into her mess of a life after a one night stand and thrown out of the house after glow drives him in my opinion insaneI didn’t like the story I loved the dog I semi enjoyed the twisted humans reeking havoc is some very unconventional ways minus the sick cat toss OMg I did not like the main character Shay She ruined this story for meShay the victim Honestly what is up with this chick ? She has a traumatic past a sealed juvenile record a wacko ex and no ability to speak up I get it she has had some things happen but I don’t get her silence She seems to have this unwavering need to stick her head in the sand and click her heels to make things go away Things like harassing calls sexual harassment rape keyed car stalking shadows lurking and a dead cat Her handling of the cat I was cheering for the neighbor to club her upside the head and knock some sense into her Then there is the wam bam I want sex now flash get the heck out method of mating Whiplash girl I thought she was three shades of crazy with her that’s my dog to her sticking her head in the sand after her past ?? There was one other massively stupid thing in the many she did she walks off with Mr Crazy into a room secluded from everyone just as dumb as a girl could be dee dee dum dee Yes I hated this character she played the victim card put others in danger with her idiocy treated people like trash and Grrrr enough I hope to never meet her againJames the wonder cop and his partner Bogart Bogart was the true main character of the story He was all teeth and tail he didn’t put up with wishy washy treatment James he seemed to like being treated like a throw out man he came back over and overI can not continue this series It was not what I like to read at all After a couple days of thinking This story is sticking like gum on my shoe I'm getting uestions and head shaking Like what the cat thrown under the tire had to do with the story ? It was disgusting and what was the purpose of it happening ? Did I miss something it seemed to be this almost random weird horrible thing without explanation or the bad guy going mwahahahha

  2. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    Originally posted on The Book NymphoI'm not sure who I liked James or his K 9 partner Bogart No matter as they both kept me in the story A bit of background It starts right off at full speed when Officer James Cannon tracks his stolen partner near an isolated cabin in the woods of North Carolina Bogart's with Shay Appleton and the showdown between the three isn't pretty Once they figure out each other's situation James gets Bogart back but not before he realizes that Shay seemed to need him for than companionship His instincts have him checking on her before returning home and it was just in time What works what doesn't The suspense level is high as there are two ex's behaving VERY badly James is truly an alpha male and tries to help Shay but she's a woman who's prefers to handle herself While admirable it got in the way of the romance as she crosses the line into unreasonable I enjoyed the story and the excitement but had a tough time understanding or getting Shay When the romance was working it worked well When it wasn't it leapt off the cliff The K 9Bogart? The real hero One of the major highlights was learning a lot about K 9 training and the importance of the relationship with the dog's handlerpartner This dog was special and literally saves the day It's worth reading this story just for this aspect which was why I selected the series The bottom lineI loved the excitement of the story along with the K 9 component Though the romance was a challenge because of Shay's erratic sometimes bizarre behavior I liked her I definitely plan to continue the series 35 starsI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Victoria Victoria says:

    Irresistible Force is the first book in the romantic suspense K 9 Rescue series by DD Ayres and is told through the dual POV of both characters There was a novella 05 released before this book Necessary Force but I didn’t read it and don’t feel like I missed out on anything Both stories can be considered stand alone books The second book in the series Force of Attraction is expected to be released in the Spring of 2015A misunderstanding is what brings the two main characters in this story together James thinks his K 9 partner Bogart has been dognapped Shay thinks she’s rescued a dog that was going to be put down What starts as a mis understanding turns into something uite different when James realizes that Shay may need his help even when she doesn’t want itI loved the premise of Irresistible Force As a dog lover the idea of a K 9 dog bringing together his sexy handler and a damsel in distress totally worked for me The writing was good and I really liked several aspects of the story I thought James was a likable capable hero I enjoyed reading about how the dogs and officers are trained and the close relationship needed between the handlers and their canine partners While I love a great damsel in distress story at times it just felt like there was too much going on with this story Shay had a mysterious past that was freuently alluded to There was a stalker abusive ex boyfriend There was a possible jilted stalker ex girlfriend She was followed there were phone calls her car was messed with etc It was a little overkill for me Overall the story would have benefited from focus on the relationshipromance between James and Shay and a little less interference or distraction from all the bad things going on It was just too much When things were finally explained I was ready to skim over the break down of who was responsible for what and just see how everything was resolved I still liked the story but I didn't love it I think this series has potential and I’m leaving the door open for the author and series to develop I would read a second book just to see how the next K9 inspires love 35 DOG LOVING STARS Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review

  4. Rachel- Goodbye Borders Rachel- Goodbye Borders says:

    Yeah NopeShay adopts a dog from the shelter James's police dog has been stolen He finds his dog and believes Shay is the one who stole him Shay has a stalker James steps in and of course saves the dayThis didn't work for me I didn't like Shay I thought she was TSTL She was told to ignore the calls and delete the messages unread Um no Not if you want to build up evidence If someone's harassing you you DON'T DELETE SHIT Yes to ignoring and not responding but to delete messages? No She was an idiot to have left the CITY for an off season CABIN IN THE WOODS Let me thinkyes you are an idiot I also didn't like James When he confronted Shay I didn't like or appreciate how he acted He abused his power He didn't introduce himself right away Jackass She was just one of those dumb THINGS men sometimes succumb to when they were following their dicks Yeah I get your ex was a shallow bitch but to call her a thing?I was just annoyed and I hate read this fucker to the end and I rarely do that it usually goes to the DNF pile I would like to say I ended up liking both Shay and James Nope From not pressing charges to your rapiststalker to sexual thoughtsinnuendos at inappropriate moments this didn't work for me At all Then there was the cat And the wrong type of dog on the cover BogartPrince was not a German Shepherd

  5. Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ says:

    This book had all the makings of a great romantic suspense Hot cover sexy man in uniform and interesting blurb with a stolen police dog Unfortunately I couldn't warm to the heroine She was a victim as a child but she was still playing the victim card as an adult One minute she is all over the hero and the next she is giving him a split lip I also found her inability to stick up for herself annoying to the extreme Fortunately I liked the suspense plot so that kept me reading until the end This was my first book by DDA and I found the dialogue a little unnatural and segues within a scene a bit clumsy I wondered if it was self published but I see it isn't I don't think this series is for me; while I didn't hate it I won't be recommending it to friends

  6. Molly Molly says:

    This was not my cup of tea too moody wordy and all in all lacking any sense of romance The main characters were not cliched for the most part nor were they underdeveloped or unlikable but the plot had some big holes and some irritating tropes mainly the jealous obsessive unreasonable all bad exes I don't know if I would have finished it if it wasn't for a challenge given from Ezi I'll try something else from this author down the road but I'll carefully read the reviews beforehand

  7. MoodyJess MoodyJess says:

    The older I get the of an a I am with regards to my rating scale I don't know peeps this wasn't very good It was ALL over the place ALL OVER THE PLACE I did not connect to the story or the characters in any way and even skimmed from 60 75% Hunkered down for the last 10% as the book ended at 85% not at 100% and felt blah Nothing I will give credit where credit is due Ayres did write a book after all but I don't think the follow through on any one theme assault cheating death threats abuse of all kinds the policeI could go on was very well developed because there was too much focus on too many themes to really tie everything together It bored me and I lost interest Not to say I wont give another book in the series a go but Irresistible Force book 1 just didn't gel with me 2 Stars because I liked Bogart the Police Dog Woof Woof

  8. Tanja ~ T& Tanja ~ T& says:

    Is a dog really man’s best friend or can he be persuaded? Such a cute idea for a book A K 9 officer has his dog stolen and finds him in the arms of a woman who saved him from being euthanized Only now both have an attachment to PrinceBogart Adorable right? I just wished it flowed better I was at 25% and we were still on day one Yes there is some “insta infatuation” going on but that didn’t bother me so much I was confused by Shay; one minute she was this fierce independent woman and the nextnot so much I just couldn’t connect with her I really wanted to though I liked her but there was just something missingI do feel this to be a good summer book as it’s easy to pick up and walk away from for a bit Yes that’s meant as a compliment

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    Irresistible Force is the first full length novel in the K 9 Rescue series It is a well written and professionally edited romancesuspense novelThe plot was good original and fast paced Both the Hero James and the heroine Shay are dealing with unpleasant ex's that are plotting against themThe character James and his dog are well developed and reading about their work and training as a police K 9 team was interesting James was a well rounded likable character and he was believable The dog was fun and loveableWhere this book lost me was with the heroine Shay has been a victim of domestic violence and bullying but that doesn't explain her bizarre behavior She goes from seductive to abusive in a snap One time she actually physically attacks James and splits his lip All they were doing is sitting on the couch talking When she morphed from victim of domestic abuse to perpetrator of domestic abuse I was done with herEven though Irresistible Force is part of a series it reads well as a stand alone It ends with a HFN There is an attempted rape scene that could be disturbing to some readersARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley

  10. Ian Ian says:

    There was a particular scene which resulted in the untimely demise of a cat We can all be thankful that the author didn't do her research on that because no cat I've ever met would fall for it or put up with it Setting that aside Irresistible Force is a halfway decent Romantic Suspense It's a debut so a little rough around the edges but overall entertaining and engaging Its main weakness is there was just too much going on It was kind of like Spiderman 3 in that senseway too many bad guys

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