Paperback ✓ ディーふらぐ 3 MOBI å

Paperback ✓ ディーふらぐ 3 MOBI å

ディーふらぐ 3 ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ ディーふらぐ 3 Author Tomoya Haruno – WINNER AND LOSERSJust as Kenji is getting used to being in the Game Development Club he discovers that there's a member of the club he's never even met Shio Hachi is a rich pretty boy who gets whateve WINNER AND LOSERSJust as Kenji is getting used to being in the Game Development Club he discovers that there's a member of the club he's never even met Shio Hachi is a rich pretty boy who gets whatever he wants—and he wants Roka Hachi immediately pegs Kenji as a rival for Roka's love and challenges him to a game But Roka's not going to just sit around and watch especially when her most prized possession is up for grabs as the prize What starts out as a simple challenge soon becomes a full blown tournament Will Kenji survive and make it to the final round.

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    𝕓𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝟛𝟠 𝕠𝕗 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟡

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    Covers Chapters 15 28See full review Katie's CornerSorry look for pictures on my blog From volume 7 comes new reviewImagine being a delinuent Not just any delinuent but the leader of the infamous gang however everyone forgets your name even though the gang has your name Have you imagines? Now ima Yes that’s not the end; you have to imagine another bunch of stuff Now imagine that first day as a sopho at high school Have you? Imagine that you as a gang leader wanted to concur the whole school and somehow ended with the game creation club Nothing would have gone wrong but well here’s the thing no matter what I ask you to imagine our imagination won’t read what has happened to our main character – Kazama Kenji on that fateful dayThis manga excels in many things but the comedy is undoubtfully the best it can offer its readers There is also an anime which is around 12 13 episodes and is a copy of first 4 5 volumes of manga The manga is still ongoing and it doesn’t lose its charm at all You still laugh until your stomach hurts on the jokes the characters crack or just because the situations are funny The anime aired in 2014 and I do not know why but it did not make as much of a boom as it should have Maybe in the season were other most anticipated animes which overshadowed it However I do remember that the first impression on forums was “What the hell have the producer and the screenwriters been smoking when making it?” if you watch it and I highly recommend you to do you will have the same first impression but after 2 episodes you will be thankful of those same people that they created this hilarious comedyAfter reading the first chapter or watching the first episode you get that the only sane person is the delinuent how twisted can that be? Well that’s the truth The game creation club is a place which is best described with these words “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” You do remember the origin of these words correct? If you do not remember this was an inscription on the gates of hell in Dante’s Inferno or for the Mortal Instruments fans this was written over the entrance to the city of bones city where the silent brothers lived Okay I strayed off the topic The members of the game creation club are weird you will like them for all that weirdness well that’s after you get accustomed to people pouring water from bottles and saying they are water element or another punching you with a dirty hand saying it was an earth punch because before she was building a sand castle Yes yes you’ll have the biggest share of weirdoes of cute weirdoes thereAre you ready to become a member of the game creation club? Are you up to the world of weirdness? Well I hope you are because both the manga and the anime will bring you immense satisfaction You will enjoy every page of the every chapter And I can ensure that you will find yourself shouting remarks just like Kazama does all along the way Even if you do not want to start reading the manga yet you should at least watch the anime and get an amazing portion of humor into your life Enjoy it to its fullest and have fun of your life while reading If you are already a fan or just starting do not forget to share your thoughts They mean a lot to me and I want to hear what others are thinking about it Have fun either reading or watching

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