Blood Red Roses ePUB ☆ Blood Red MOBI :å

Blood Red Roses ePUB ☆ Blood Red MOBI :å

Blood Red Roses ❮Reading❯ ➺ Blood Red Roses Author Katherine Deauxville – IN A LAND DIVIDED BY TREACHERY AND ENDLESS WARRING THEY SHARED A PASSION THAT KNEW NO BOUNDSWhen King William's knight Fulk de Jobourg is sent to reclaim the lands of a hanged traitor he is also comma IN A LAND DIVIDED BY TREACHERY AND ENDLESS WARRING THEY SHARED A PASSION THAT KNEW NO BOUNDSWhen King William's knight Fulk Blood Red MOBI :å de Jobourg is sent to reclaim the lands of a hanged traitor he is also commanded to take the man's unwilling daughter as his wife Bound and gagged the furious Lady Alwyn is wedded to this dark eyed massive man who spends but one night in her bed before galloping off to fight the king's battles once Left behind to tend to the Castle Morlaix Alwyn cannot bring to mind the face of the husband she barely knows But her body remembers the feel of his hot touchand the urgent passion he ignited within her When Fulk returns Alwyn fights his efforts to take control of her family's estate But she cannot resist what he brings to her at nighta sensual pleasure that binds her to him forever against her will.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Blood Red Roses
  • Katherine Deauxville
  • English
  • 09 November 2016
  • 9780312925710

9 thoughts on “Blood Red Roses

  1. Sim era6 Sim era6 says:

    it didn't work for me because there wasn't any love between Fulk and Alwyn On top of it all If this wasn't bad enough the writing style of the book was a messBut i am very glad i read the book because Blood Red Roses was very well researched Ah beware she breastfeeds two puppies Four times a daysome scenesHe hit his wife a blow on the side of her head with his open hand Even so it was enough to send her reeling If he hadn't had her by the armshe would have fallen He could see she was beyond reason Holding her by the back of the dress he hit her another smack on the side of her head The wild howling stopped She spun away and fell to the floor She lay there stunned the gown like spilled blood around her dark hairhiding her face The Welshman had a thick mat of hair that extended like black fur down the inside of his thighs Taking the soft pouch of the genitals in his hand Fulk cut into the sac with just the tip of his knife The hunter drew in his breath with a hiss He thrashed in their grip trying to escape As the knife prodded deeper the Welshman screamed his feetkicking wildly He arched his back wrenching his arms from de Bais And our cheating heroineHe put his finger over her lips It was the first time he had touched her No there is no need to speak of it All I need from your mouth is this He drew her to him and covered her lips with hisIt was a soft kiss at first Then he deepened it with the touch of his tongue in her mouthShe was swept with an intense feeling that was like nothing she had known before She followed it hungry for him; straining for his mouth the bulk of her swelling belly between themThe wonder of Master Ian's kiss faded almost as soon as it began The heavy reminder of the babe and all that was real pressed against them and held them apartHe backed away his mouth wet his eyes dark

  2. Rebecka Rebecka says:

    I think the main problem of this book is that it tries to be two things at once historical novel and romance novel and fails at both For a rather slim volume it's very heavy on the political background plot the intrigues and fighting and whatnot This makes it a bit tiring to read because there are just too many names and titles and too little background info it's or less just thrown at you and too few encounters with said characters Also in order to actually care about any of this and about who wins over whom you have to be at least somewhat emotionally invested in the main characters Here's this book's second failure both main characters are uite unlikable Even worse the supposed chemistry between them is just rushed in at the end to make for a romance book instead of a wtf is this book Both Fulk and what's her name could have been murdered at any point in the book for all I cared There's also a side story with a mason that's pretty pointless?And jealousy and fake scheming that's there only to make the MCs hate each other for as long as possible?Nothing really felt genuine in how any of them behaved here It's just a whole lot of jumping to really weird conclusions doing weirdly stupid things and not speaking up when doing so would solve things in 2 minutes Just argh So disappointing Don't even get me started on the ridiculous sex scenes and the great love saga this is supposed to morph into in the last 5 pages

  3. KC KC says:

    Unromantic and odd1 I'm not convinced the hero and heroine fell for each other This was a case of lust than love or even liking They didn't even speak to each other until the 30 32% mark on my Kindle That conversation happened after they married and slept together for the first time 2 Hero's jealousy and extreme distrust of heroine seemed contrived He believed his brother's insinuations about the heroine yet he knew his brother was untrustworthy Nor did he possess any real evidence to support his suspicions I never felt he carried any love underneath the jealousy nothing he said or did corroborated this In fact he hit the heroine so hard she fell or almost fell twice What a man rolls eyes3 Heroine expressed way tenderness towards the OM than she ever did for the hero emotionally cheating on him during their marriage4 Heroine's son wasn't able to breastfeed at one point so in order to keep her flow going she breastfed these view spoilerPuppies hide spoiler

  4. Kat Kat says:

    How excitingly repulsive this one looksFrom another reviewThe hero could not be redeemed He was horrible to the very end He is physically and mentally abusiverubs hands in anticipation

  5. L. (Maybe you can have too many books) L. (Maybe you can have too many books) says:

    What an odd grim story I don't feel right shelving it as a 'romance' because it just isn'tIt starts off following one of the oldest plots of HR where William the Conueror orders his warrior Fulks to marry a local lass Alwyn Fulks rides in one dark and snowy night marries his bride who is tied up and gagged the whole time rapes her a couple of times and then rides off for four months This leaves Alwyn alone now pregnant and finding herself attracted to another manIan is a mason who has been brought in to fix up the castle He has way better chemistry with Alwyn and I found myself invested in their relationship than anything to do with Fulks Fulks you FulksFulks comes home slaps Alwyn around a bit and they have sexFulks accuses Alwyn of carrying another man's child They have sexAlwyn runs away from home for awhile but then comes back They have sexFulks gets captured by the enemy and suddenly BOOM Alwyn decides she wants him backWhat I'm saying is these two people don't have much interaction except fighting with each other and having sex There is no romance There is no communication I don't think they even like each other Not to mention that neither lead character has much personality Fulks starts off as an A hole and ends as an A hole Alwyn is simply dull The only interesting person was Ian In fact I think I'll just rewrite the ending to satisfy myselfAlwyn fakes her death thus freeing herself from Fulks' grip She and Ian go on to travel around Europe to build churches and castles as Alwyn learns the mysteries of Freemasonry The End

  6. K K says:

    25 starsThe hero could not be redeemed He was horrible to the very end The heroine's very admirable given the time period and how she responded to all the adversity she faced It's pretty well written and researched but the politics and descriptions of mundane scenes bogged down the pacing in parts of the story This book should be read with the mind set of an historical fiction novel not as a romance The hero is physically and mentally abusive is untrusting of his wife throughout the entire book even when he had no evidence or reason to he makes threats to her denies their child almost to the very end calling him it many times calling her a slut and a bitch Her husband's affection for her at the end wasn't believable The closest admission of love from him came as an inuiry towards his wife do you want me to tell you I love you? She never answered the uestion therefore he didn't tell her he loved her Um yeah a romantic hero he is not This is no romantic masterpiece but it is what is uite possibly a realistic portrayal of a what many women endured during the brutal medieval era

  7. Lucysnow1851 Lucysnow1851 says:

    I read this book in high school It is probably the best historical romance I have ever read the historical details make you feel like you've used a time machine The relationship between Fulk de Jobourgh and Alwyn is a bit abusive which is accurate for the time period Women did not have any rights are were pretty much bartering pieces that made babies Despite this Alwyn throws her weight around and who cares about the conseuences? I really wish they would put this in a kindle edition my old paperback copy is pretty moldy Very steamy

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Even though it's been years since I last read this I think of it often The author stuck closely to the reality of life back then even though that time wasn't pretty Life was harsh and dirty and there were feuds going on constantly She weaves her tale into the period very skillfully Alwyn doesn't know her husband at all in fact by the end of the book I remember she still was learning about him They could have stood for some modern DNA tests to knock some sense into the man My problem was that I had a hard time following the story I wasn't sure who were the good guys and who were the bad Explanations came after the fact and I didn't follow the reasoning much of the time Regardless it was very vivid and I thought true to the period I admire the amount of research she must have done to make it so real

  9. Jessica Lauryn Jessica Lauryn says:

    A suspenseful fun read though I felt it took Fulk a long time to accept Gilbert as his son The Master Mason was a great character as well

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