The Midnight Rose Epub ✓ The Midnight eBook ô

The Midnight Rose Epub ✓ The Midnight eBook ô

The Midnight Rose ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ The Midnight Rose By Lucinda Riley ➣ – INDIA DarjeelingÈ il centesimo compleanno di Anahita Chavan Nonostante la sua famiglia si stia riunendo per festeggiarla lei è avvolta da una nuvola di tristezza Non c’è giorno che non pensi a su INDIA DarjeelingÈ il centesimo compleanno di Anahita Chavan Nonostante la sua famiglia si stia riunendo per festeggiarla lei è avvolta da una nuvola di tristezza Non c’è giorno che non pensi a suo figlio che tutti credono morto da bambino Ma il suo istinto sottile le dice che non è così Anahita sa in ualche modo che è ancora vivo Per uesto consegna al nipote Ari un manoscritto dove ha annotato la storia della sua The Midnight eBook ô vita nella speranza che il giovane possa scoprire uanto è davvero accadutoINGHILTERRA DartmoorLa bella e famosa attrice americana Rebecca Bradley si trova ad Astbury Hall l’antico castello scelto come set del suo nuovo film Lord Astbury schivo proprietario del maniero si mostra fin troppo gentile nei suoi confronti e insiste sulla somiglianza tra Rebecca e sua nonnaSarà il viaggio di Ari in Inghilterra e l’incontro con Rebecca a gettare nuova luce sul periodo inglese di Anahita durante la Prima guerra mondiale e sull’a tormentato tra lei e Donald erede di Astbury Hall Un viaggio alla scoperta delle proprie radici che gli darà modo di comprendere molto di sé e di svelare i segreti rimasti sepolti per intere generazioni.

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  1. Cora Tea Party Princess Cora Tea Party Princess says:

    5 Words Beautiful breath taking haunting magical heart breakingThis bookJust This bookIt's been one hell of a ride reading this The Midnight Rose is the type of book you read slowly and devote time to It makes you think The writing is so beautiful the story so magnificently crafted that it takes your breath awayI have to confess that I didn't like the beginning of this book The first 100 pages or so are so so different from the rest of the book And I hated Ari But by the end he'd developed and grown and changed so muchBut then the two stories started weaving together and things got very interestingAnahita Poor Anahita This is her story than anyone else's and I don't think I'll ever forget the story As much as Rebecca was my favourite character for the first half of this book Anahita is the one who really takes the spotlightThis is a deep book thoughtfully written and incredibly well researched By turns it made my heart soar and then brought tears to my eyes I don't think I can put into words just how amazingly beautiful this book is Read it Read it and weepThe ending was one hell of a shocker an excellent twist And those last pages made me cry What a ride What a wonderful haunting experience it was to read this book Huge thanks to Shaz at Shaz's Book Blog for giving me the opportunity to read The Midnight Rose and for introducing me to Lucinda Riley

  2. Aditi Aditi says:

    “The you leave out the you highlight what you leave in” Henry GreenLucinda Riley the New York Times bestselling author has penned an enchanting tale of love loss and royal family secrets in her book The Midnight Rose This is the story of a girl named Anahita spanning across many generations and with the help of another protagonist Rebecca the readers get to revisit the life of Anahita and her royalty and her family secretsSynopsis In the heyday of the British Raj eleven year old Anahita from a noble but impoverished family forms a lifelong friendship with the headstrong Princess Indira the privileged daughter of Indian royalty As the princess's official companion Anahita accompanies her friend to England just before the outbreak of World War I There she meets young Donald Astbury—reluctant heir to the magnificent remote Astbury Estate—and his scheming motherNinety years later Rebecca Bradley a young American film star has the world at her feet But when her turbulent relationship with her eually famous boyfriend takes an unexpected turn she's relieved that her latest role playing a 1920s debutante will take her away from the glare of publicity to a distant corner of the English countryside Shortly after filming begins at the now crumbling Astbury Hall Ari Malik Anahita's great grandson arrives unexpectedly on a uest for his family's past What he and Rebecca discover begins to unravel the dark secrets that haunt the Astbury dynasty Ari the great grand son of Anahita received the papers containing the life story of her great grand mother that leads him to the Astbury Hall in England to find Anahita's lost son Moh At the same time Rebecca an American actress visits the Astbury Hall in England for a film shooting where she befriends the current Lord Astbury Fate brings both these characters together where together they try to find Anahita's lost son Moh thereby unraveling some great and hidden Astbury family secrets Will they be able to find Moh?I've been uite a huge fan of this best selling author Riley's exuisite writing style and elouent words along with a free flowing and addictive narrative make the book one hell of a page turner The book is so enslaving that the story lingers in the minds of the readers long after it's appalling climax From the very first half of the book the story delves deeper into the historical aspects of both the countries India during British Raj and England both in present and in the past The layering of the story line is uite intricately especially both the stories one of Rebecca and the other of Anahita are in perfect tune with one another Thus when the readers shift from one timeline to another while reading they can easily set back into each of the timelines with ease From the cultural in differences to the fashion statement to the linguistic gap to the political strata social prejudices etc are all very thoroughly portrayed in the story line Each and every scene from the book is so vividly described that it feels like the scenes are playing out before the yes of the readersThe author not only transports her readers back in time but also takes them to see various eye catching destinations that are not only strikingly featured but also evocatively described The characters of the book plays out to be the most strongest aspect in the story which are extremely well developed layered both with flaws and skills Anahita's painful and heartbreaking story has lot of power to move the readers whereas Rebecca's story helps the readers to contemplate with the past The supporting cast is also developed with lots of flair and charm that can leave a lost lasting impression in the minds of the readers In short the book is rich in history and the backdrop is vibrantly painted that supports an eually poignant story of two womenVerdict This is a must read book for historical fiction readers Courtesy Thanks to the author Lucinda Riley for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book

  3. Diane Lynn Diane Lynn says:

    I really enjoyed this book and would have given it five stars if it hadn't been for a few bizarre events in the present day story The present day story also dragged in parts On the other hand the story set in the past was well researched and held my attention I love it when an author includes a bibliography This book could have easily ended up on my favorites shelf Five stars for the past three for the present euals four overall

  4. Anna Anna says:

    On Anahita's 100th birthday her family gather in the Indian mountains to celebrate Taking her eldest great grandson Ari to one side she gives him a pile of papers It's her life story she says written down in case her long lost son can ever be found; Anahita Anni was told that little Moh died when he was two but she's never accepted this and knows her now 80 year old son is out there somewhere Reading her papers Ari travels to Astbury Hall in England where Anni spent some time during the Great War and begins to retrace her stepsAlso visiting Astbury Hall is American actress Rebecca Shooting a film set in the 1920s she becomes friendly with the current Lord Astbury Seeing her dressed in period costume he's stunned to find her the image of his American grandmother brought over with a handsome dowry to save the crumbling Astbury Hall after the war Armed with Anni's papers and the Astbury family diaries Ari and Rebecca work together to uncover the truth about what became of MohAnni's story was vibrant and rich in historical detail with an ending that was both shocking and poignant Unfortunately Rebecca's story was weak taking up far too many pages whilst achieving nothing full of superfluous characters and simpering conversations A decent edit could have solved a lot of this but nothing could have saved the latter stages of her tale which descended into complete farce The best dual timelines get the balance right between past and present; the past story will always be the stronger of the two with the present day story complementing it rather than fighting it as Rebecca did here Anni deserved so much betterFour stars for Anni one or two for Rebecca

  5. Allison Allison says:

    The Midnight Rose was completely absorbing I love these gothic novels with rich atmosphere and dual timelines although I sometimes have to take tragedy and bleakness than I would like along with them I've read one novel by Lucinda Riley before and loved how her story included exotic locations as well as England But it was so sad that I couldn't bring myself to read another of her books for several years This time I was braced for tragedy at least in the earlier timeline and ended up cursing myself for still getting attached to the characters There's no doubt that Riley can suck you in and make you dread what's going to happen to them The haunting sadness of their story clung to me for several days after I finished readingThe thing that disappointed me about this one is the modern timeline I was really hoping it would make up for the tragedy of the past It did offer a bit of redemption but it was not nearly as satisfying as it could have been The romance was underdeveloped and materialized almost out of nowhere I didn't have the chance to become invested enough in it That dissatisfaction also lingered with me for several days making me waver between 3 and 4 stars on my ratingStill the haunting nature of both books I've now read by Riley tells me that I will be back for in the future Like a moth to a flame

  6. Joanne D& Joanne D& says:

    Be prepared to pick up this book and be transported not just to another time and place but another continent as wellLucinda Riley is a skilful writer when it comes to the dual narrative she does it so well that it seems that the two stories set some hundred years apart in this novel bear no relation to each other But of course they do as they the story weaves from 1911 to the present and evokes many emotions through the characters and shows class tradition love and war in many formsIn the present day we meet Rebecca Bradley an American film actress who has the world at her feet and has the world press there to watching her every move She flies to London to take part in a period drama film and ends up at Astbury Hall Dartmoor Devon playing a young girl in the 1920s It is a far cry from the life she leads and she uses the fact that she can escape into a past life through her character to actually escape from the person she is or is at least becoming The press cannot reach her there and neither can her famous actor boyfriend Rebecca has time to breathe freely Halfway round the world Ari Malik is struggling to come to terms with his life he has neglected his personal life for the sake of his business and career However it is not fulfilling and when the death of his great grandmother leaves him a uest he now has the means to escape and discover something about her past and his future Ari is unsure why him of all her descendants was chosen Perhaps the journey to Astbury Hall will answer everything?It is Ari's great grandmother who we get to know in the past narrative to this story in fact it is her who tells it to us Anahita Chaval is nobility in terms of Indian culture but the death of her father means that she is some what impoverished We are transported to the heyday of the British Raj Riley has brought to the page and let it jump out and envelope us; the smells the sounds the sights and the warmth of India where we can glimpse a life of Indian RoyaltyIt is into royalty that Anahita becomes a companion to Princess Indira a rather spoilt brat of a girl who sulks until she gets her own way However Anahita somehow seems to be the calming influence and they forge a lifelong friendship that takes them through their days in India and also to England when they are both sent to school Anahita thrives at school whilst Indira knows her destiny and just treats it all as some social whirl When they are despatched to Astbury Hall one summer because war is looming they find their lives change very muchAstbury Hall is the tie that binds the present day with the past it is where Ari Anahita and Rebecca are all drawn to It does not give up its secrets easily and it is fiercely protected by Mrs Trevathan the housekeeper who only attends to the present day Lord AstburyAri learns the truth about this house and Anahita's role in it with patience and insightRebecca learns that ghosts can perhaps never be laid to rest and that they manifest themselves in some startling waysAnahita learns to love deeply and honestly without regard for social class status money and colour of skinAs readers we finally learn how all of this comes together how each part of the story fits with the other parts There were times when I could predict what was going to happen but they were few and far between which is why I had to keep on reading I was saddened that the book had to end at some point as I wanted but it was right it did endLucinda Riley has left a legacy with this book Her passion is in this book it did not feel like a formulaic novel with a dual narrative Riley has given us the colours of India rich bright and vibrant to the classic English house and countryside The difference between cultures just not in the present day; the american actress versus the fading English aristocracy but in the past where; the poor Indian girl versus the rich moneyed American girl The characters get right under your skin you care about them you want to see happiness but you also want justice Good must overcome prejudice and ultimately over evil actions toThis is an absorbing read and with nearly 700 pages to get through you will be drawn in An excellent read

  7. TL TL says:

    Side note One version of this book says 496 pages while my UK copy is 671 pages “Physical comfort materialism if you like is the enemy of any serious spirituality I think When we're warm and well fed our souls can be empty and we still make it through the day And as I've discovered recently it is the greatest poverty of all” “My father always said that to push a rock an inch in a lifetime was the same as throwing a hundred pebbles into the sea every day Big change comes slowly but it will come” What a story We start off in the present day with Anahita love that name as she prepares to meet her extended family I am a hundred years old today Not only have I managed to survive a century but I've also seen in a new millenniumAs dawn breaks and the sun begins to rise over Mount Kanchenjunga beyond my window I lie on my pillows and smile to myself at the utter ridiculousness of the thought If I were a piece of furniture an elegant chair for example I would be labeled an antiue I would be polished restored and proudly put on show as a thing of beauty Sadly that isn't the case with my human frame which has not mellowed like a fine piece of mahogany over its lifetime Instead my body has deteriorated into a sagging hessian sack containing a collection of bones The story continues after view spoilerAnahita dies after she has 'felt' her son's death she feels it is her time to go She leaves her written legacy in her great grandson Ari's possession hide spoiler

  8. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    If you want to read about India in the time of the Raj England during World War I prejudice terrible mothers and doomed love affairs with its echoes into the present Lucinda Riley’s The Midnight Rose might be the book for you It is an enjoyable read to be sure but not what I expected Two parallel stories are told simultaneously In the past we read the tale of young Indian Anahita Chevran as she travels between her homeland and England where she is trapped at the beginning of World War I In present day actress Rebecca Bradley is filming a 1920’s period drama set in the same Astbury Hall in Dartmoor where Anahita lived part of her time in England Let me shortly explain my disappointment To tell two story lines concomitantly is not always easily well done Anahita and Donald story seemed solid although I could not like Donald and Anahita’s behavior were not always easy to understand Rebecca and Ari’s story on the other hand was weaker and less developed; the characters flatter The power of a dual time line novel depends on the past and the present being eually believable That did not fully happen with Midnight Rose A pity the story had potential However I kept reading because of the strength of Anahita story wanting to learn how her life story ultimately endedConsidering all the limitations pointed up above still a reasonable good read 253 stars

  9. Jeanette Lewis Jeanette Lewis says:

    A delightful book for the new year and holiday season This read is what I have experienced in the past from this author imaginative and with a storyline that flows beautifully It's 1911 the reader is taken to exotic India a country that the British were besotted with India was a country where an ordinary Englishman could live like a king The richness of Indian Royalty was to be envied even without batting an eyelid to the extreme poverty and the plight of those born low caste The reader is introduced to Anahita Anni who even though is of high caste blood finds herself through misfortune living as a companion to the Maharani’s youngest daughter Indira at Cooch Behar Indira is a spoilt child and is wilful but with Anni’s calm nature and inherited insights difficult situations are overcome The Maharani treats Anni as one of her own children and sends her off with Indira to school in the UK At the death of Anni at 101 years old a great grandson Ari is in possession of her life’s story and on plane to the UK where he hopes to find the answers and truth to Anni’s young adult life while living with an English family English aristocracy at Astbury Hall 2011 Rebecca Bradley an American movie star is on location at Astbury Hall here Ari makes her acuaintance and through her hopes to meet Lord Astbury who is a recluse To add to the mix both Rebecca and Ari have difficult relationships Rebecca's partner is a hard drinking drug taking misfit and Ari’s partner has tired of waiting for a commitment from him and has left him The story really develops from here whereby Ari gains an audience with Lord Astbury and cracks in the cover up of the past start to appear The author increases the suspense and manages to drag it out whereby now this book is hard to put down Truths are finally revealed with Anni’s insights to the life of her lost son becoming the truth Whilst suspicions of Lord Astbury are indicated the final twist is a bit of a doozy and unexpected

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    A 35 star read for me Sometimes I need a good dollop of escapism in my reading material especially during the dreary Winter months when sunshine is in short supply Fortunately I had The Midnight Rose Lucinda Riley’s latest novel to keep me entertained when the Christmas festivities had fizzled outThis is the story of Anni Anahita Chavan a tale which spans four generations and two continents As Anni celebrates her 100th birthday in Darjeeling India surrounded by her extended family she decides to entrust her great grandson Ari with the task of uncovering long buried family secrets – secrets which will lead him to Astbury Hall and the staid world of the English aristocracyAs the novel progresses we see the vivid colours of India at the height of the Raj; a warm vibrant setting which contrasts sharply with the cold reserved atmosphere which awaits Anni when she comes to England The characters are larger than life particularly the strong women in the shape of Anni and her nemesis Lady Maud AstburyThe Midnight Rose is a thoroughly entertaining read which will appeal to those who enjoy historical sagas in the style of Barbara Taylor Bradford and Lesley Pearse and perhaps fans of Downton Abbey Yes there are a few predictable elements but there’s no doubt Ms Riley can spin a good yarn to keep her readers captivated See at

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