The Beautiful and the Wicked ePUB è and the MOBI

The Beautiful and the Wicked ePUB è and the MOBI

10 thoughts on “The Beautiful and the Wicked (Lila Day, #2)

  1. Lyssa Lyssa says:

    This book was not as good as the first one Lila does get herself into some truly uniue situations which make the story entertaining However the people on the yacht were unbearable vile humans

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I received this book for free through LibraryThing's Early ReviewersThis book was as enjoyable as the first one Lots of rich people spending ridiculous amounts of money Like the first one it keeps you guessing until the end

  3. Donnell Donnell says:

    Much enjoyed the first book in this series the RIch and the Dead The idea about going back to a recent past is pretty cool This second book was not as absorbing as the first however Perhaps because 1 Most of the story takes place on a yacht a luxury yacht perhaps the most luxurious of yachts but its still a limited location with narrow passages and a cell size sleeping compartment shared with a room mate for the narrator2 The people with whom you are stuck on this yacht are the most detestable of people there is no one to like 3 The narrator through whose eyes the reader enters the story is worked hard sometimes nearly around the clock under a tyrannical boss doing mundane labor cleaning washing laundry etc while the rich people she is serving tend to treat her like an inferior species perhaps even one that is not human 4 When the dust settles Jack Warren's biggest crime appears to be that he stole Lila's sister's life forcing her to be on the run for a murder she did not commit Yet Lila does basically the same thing early on when she takes the identity of Nicky after Lila sets the real Nicky up as a snitch forcing the real Nicky to be on the run possibly for the rest of her life from an angry drug cartel Finally a tiny thing but the book illustrates how hard it is to do historical fiction Even when the historic time period is relatively recent like 2008 its easy to get the facts wrong For example in September 2008a character uses an iPad Yet the iPad was not released until April 2010

  4. PopcornReads PopcornReads says:

    Book Review Giveaway Last year I was approached about reading and potentially reviewing a contemporary detective novel that involved time travel I like both kinds of novels but this one didn’t sound like a fantasy genre novel aside from that pesky time travel thingy The end of this little tale is that I loved Liv Spector’s novel The Rich And The Dead so when I learned Book #2 The Beautiful And The Wicked was coming out I could hardly wait This Miami based series features a former police detective who uses a tech wunderkind’s machine to travel back to try to solve cold cases by getting right into the thick of things as they’re about to go down Sound too simple? It’s not Sound like fun? Yes it is And Book #2 can easily be read as a stand alone novel so if you like what you read in the rest of my review at be sure to enter our giveaway

  5. Phillis Phillis says:

    It was as good as the first book The Rich and the Dead This time Lila had to go back 11 years to find out who killed a very hated very arrogant billionaire on the night of his 50th birthday party This party takes place on a mega yacht Lila must secure passage as a ships stewardess working the job and trying to find a killer among the many guests attending the party All have a good reason to want to see him dead The one hitch is that the original murder was pinned on her sister whom Lila is sure is innocent Since she hasn't see or heard from her sister in over 11 years she has no way of asking her what happened that night When things progress and its looking and like her sister did it Lila finds herself doing things she isn't supposed to do in the past so as not to change the future

  6. Karen Ress Karen Ress says:

    Great Read This book was so entertaining that I couldn't put down The time travel aspect drew me in to this thoroughly interesting mystery I would recommend this anyone who likes whodunnits

  7. Iza October Iza October says:

    Review first published in Shelf AwarenessLila Day used to be a police officer Now she solves cold cases for Teddy Hawkins a billionaire who created a time machine In order to preserve the past and not hurt their present Lila has to obey Teddy's instructions The only problem is Lila's not great at following rules Her passion the reason she excels at investigating murders often leads her to make poor decisions and blinds her to the damage her meddling may cause To avoid disaster Teddy carefully chooses the cases she works and any case with a personal connection is strictly prohibited Ten years ago Lila's sister Ava was accused of murdering software tycoon Jack Warren on the night of his 50th birthday Certain of her sister's innocence Lila convinces Teddy to send her back in time to find out what really happened the night Jack died Arriving in the year 2008 she gains employment on Jack's luxury yacht by posing as a stewardess Lila is uickly thrown into the dramatic and unpredictable world of the glitterati and self important plutocrats where she discovers that everyone aboard the ship has a reason to hate Jack and many also possess the means to murder From start to finish of Liv Spector's sopho effort after The Rich and the Dead each new piece of information complicates both the plot and relations between characters Set against the tantalizing backdrop of excess consumption and privilege beyond the scope of most people The Beautiful and the Wicked is an entertaining whodunit

  8. Water Moon Water Moon says:

    True guilty pleasure fiction A detective goes undercover as the help on a luxury superyacht to clear her sister’s name as a murderer With such a premise you’d expect all the bells and whistles and it certainly delivers lavish dinner parties horrid bosses drunken debauchery and a cast of characters to rival Days of Our Lives And if you can ignore the unnecessary sci fi element when they travel in a time machine all the way back to 2008 of all years Spector is actually a good writer Although if one writer describes the ocean as cerulean I might explode The ending however is not amazing and may leave you feeling a bit duped as it comes out of nowhere Overall though this is a book to read after back to back heavy novels and I was satisfied that it entertained me without having to think too hard about it

  9. Kelli Mahoney Kelli Mahoney says:

    Lila Day sure keeps your attention and she travels back in time once again This time she's set on trying to clear her sister's name I found I kept wanting to read to find out what happened next Could it really be? How? Who? And then Wow

  10. Ron Ron says:

    Good concept but a little boring Liked her first one better

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The Beautiful and the Wicked (Lila Day, #2) ➵ The Beautiful and the Wicked (Lila Day, #2) Read ➼ Author Liv Spector – In exclusive Star Island Miami blood isn’t always thicker than water The second book in a thrilling time traveling mystery series featuring a former Miami PD who solves murders before they happen— and the MOBI · In exclusive Star Island Miami blood isn’t always thicker than water The second book in a thrilling time traveling mystery series featuring a former Miami PD who solves murders before they happen—by going back in timeThe night of his fiftieth birthday software billionaire Jack Warren went missing hundreds of miles out to sea his blood spattered aboard his yacht his body gone His mistress Ava Day was charged with his murder—but she had already vanished without a traceNow ten years later detective Lila Day still refuses to believe that her sister is a cold blooded killer To clear The Beautiful PDF/EPUB ² Ava’s name and solve this long cold case Lila asks her friend Teddy Hawkins to do what he has done before—send her back to time to solve the crime before it takes placeAnd so she goes back to with only a month to prove her sister’s innocence and bring Warren’s real killer to justice But as she dives ever deeper into the world of high speed yachting and corporate intrigue and the night of Warren’s birthday draws ever closer the truth becomes murkier than ever And then Lila discovers information that shocks her deeply—a terrible truth that changes Beautiful and the PDF/EPUB ì everything she thought she knew about her sister and herself.