Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God

Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God

Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD) [PDF / Epub] ☃ Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD) By Wayne W. Dyer – The practice of meditation takes us on a fabulous journey into the gap between our thoughts where all the advantages of a peaceful stress free healthy and fatigue free life are available but which are The practice of meditation takes us the Gap: PDF ↠ on a fabulous journey into the gap Getting in PDF/EPUB ² between our thoughts where all the advantages of a peaceful stress free healthy and in the Gap: PDF/EPUB è fatigue free life are available but which are simply side benefits The paramount reason in the Gap: Making Conscious MOBI :å for daily meditation is to get into the gap between our thoughts and make conscious contact with the creative energy of life itself Dr Wayne W Dyer explains the soul nourishing meditation techniue for making conscious contact with God which the ancient masters have told us aboutYou have the potential to be an instrument of the highest good for all concerned and to be a literal miracle worker in your own life No person government or religion can legitimately claim to do this for you “In fact” says Dr Dyer “I agree with Carl Jung who said ‘One of the main functions of formalized religion is to protect people against a direct experience of God’” When you master getting into the gap and staying there for prolonged segments of meditation and experience what you bring back to the material world you will know your answer to the uestion “Why meditate”.

10 thoughts on “Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD)

  1. Steve Steve says:

    This is one fantastic meditation cd I have only been reading Dr Dyer's work and meditating for a short time and this guided meditation helped me achieve a level of relaxation and renewed energy that I would not have believed possibleI also feel that I have been able to make conscious contact with my Source using this techniue I also used it to perform the manifesting test as described by Dr Dyer on his Power of Intention CD by visualizing and contemplating on a simple object then had it appear in my life only hours later by mere coincidence Coincidence meaning two things that fit perfectly together What was so remarkable about the experience was not that the object appeared in my life or that it appeared so uickly but that my appreciation for it and how it made me feel by just looking at it could only be described as spiritual I think that's the whole point right? Not merely getting things to come into your life but appreciating things that most likely are already in our lives or in our environment that we just don't seeI highly recommend this bookcd and recommend using it every day without fail Keep an open mind and then use the techniues without the cd at bed time or whenever It really does uiet the mind

  2. Iona Stewart Iona Stewart says:

    This is a little book which comprises a meditation CDIn this book Wayne explains how we can easily get into a meditative space by focusing on the gap between words He illustrates this by using the first ten words of the Lord’s prayer but I assume that any words would sufficeWhen focusing on the gap we “say the name of God repeatedly” and doing this is called Japa We are thus guided to say “ah” repeatedly However this is the first time I’ve heard it stated that “ah” is the name of God On the meditation CD I assumed that the word being said was “om” and later in the book Wayne uotes Patanjali as stating that “aum” is the name of God“When repeated as a mantra while in the gap this sound keeps us in a prolonged state of conscious contact with our source”“The gap or space between our thoughts is where all creation and manifestation originate”Therefore Wayne maintains that doing Japa and simultaneously focusing on what we want enables us to manifest thisFirst we should feel at one with God then focus on the sound of God and what we desire in our lifeWayne says we “will begin to experience an overwhelming sense of bliss” Though I do occasionally experience bliss and have previously often done so as yet I have not experienced bliss while doing JapaThough I disagree with Wayne about “ah” being the sound of God I appreciated this little book and the accompanying CD The meditation is simple and easy and with practice it may enable you to manifest whatever you desire Five stars

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    For those who have not read much on meditation and spiritual growthdiscovery it is a very helpful introduction that even comes with a free CD during which Dyer guides you through your first meditation experience I just didn't feel that I got much new and mind blowing from it other than some great uotes

  4. Rebecca Young Rebecca Young says:

    uick read I enjoyed a number of thoughts that he shared I also like the idea of using the words to The Lords Prayer to meditate and find that space in between the words I liked the way he described that I have not listened to the CD yet but the book was oknothing fabulous

  5. Mark Manderson Mark Manderson says:

    Best book I've read on meditationStarted practicing using the Japa method and feel greatHere are my takeawaysTHE GAP IS THE SPACE BETWEEN THOUGHTS Meditation helps tame the ego OUR THOUGHTS KEEP US FROM SILENCE Meditation nourishes the soul When a distracting thoughts surfaces just NOTE IT AND USE ITS PRESENCE AS A REMINDER TO GO BACK TO THE GAP THE LORD'S PRAYER and use the space between each word for Japa Ahhhh to get in thr gap To start Picture one word such as our and say it several times inside Then say the next word such as father and say it several times Then FOCUS ON THE SPACE BETWEEN THE 2 WORDSAll man's miseries derive from not being able to sit uietly in a room alone Pascal 

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    This short book on meditation was supposed to have an accompanying CD but my library copy didn't have a CD Perhaps it's the CD that makes all the difference because the book itself wasn't anything spectacular Dyer introduced a meditation techniue called Japa which is basically the Om meditation used by Buddhists Fully 25% of the book consisted of letters to Dyer about how his techniue has changed their lives which seemed like a sales pitch than actual good info There are better books out there on meditation; this one can be skipped

  7. Alana Cash Alana Cash says:

    The reason I gave this book three stars is because there was a meditation CD inside that is useful The book itself has a short essay some A which might not apply to many people and a print out of the CD I think all that could be in a short pamphlet and save the paper

  8. Renee Renee says:

    A uick read on meditation and its benefits as I explore this practice The Japa meditation really does help with stray thoughts Enjoyed the guided meditation included on the CD which I was lucky enough to do in a very peaceful setting at a monastery

  9. Sheila Sheila says:

    Love this simple but powerful meditation I love learning new meditation techniues This one is so simple and yet brilliant Anyone can do it and it’s powerful I tried it immediately upon finishing the book and noticed a difference in the uiet between my thoughts Yes

  10. Rosemary Daly Rosemary Daly says:

    I love Dwyer's books and this one is no exception to that rule If you are looking to look at practicing Japa meditation this book provides a great introduction to the practice

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