Celtic Spirit PDF Í Celtic Spirit PDF \

Celtic Spirit PDF Í Celtic Spirit PDF \

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  1. Ann L Ann L says:

    I could not put this down, I really enjoyed it, although I had to have a few tissues to hand, it s everything you could want laughter, tears and happiness, you find yourself immersed in the characters and feel for them For anyone who read the previous book in the series you would be familiar with the hero Derek and probably didn t like him all that much, well, prepare to change your mind, I m not going to go into it because if I did I would probably give it all away, all I will say is that this book is even better than the previous two and that s saying something, as they were great and I really can t wait for the next one in the series.

  2. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    Past meets present in redemptive love Keira Collum goes through than her share of gut wrenching he ll in this story and the modern day men in her life are the worst It is no wonder she moves to Scotland the first chance she gets to live in a castle and chase a fairytale hunk in her dreams Sign me up for that fantasy come true I would never have pictures Derek Campbell to be that beautiful from previous stories given his past, but am glad he turned out to be the highland hunk of Keira s dreams Loved this story and would choose to live it in a heartbeat

  3. Heather Heather says:

    This a must read..it was my first book by ria. I can t wait to read rest of the series Kiera is straight forward modern woman and she is not mushy mushy Like most romance novels Plus her situation is easy to relate to which is a plus Our hunky highlander phantom gets punished just to be rejudged again Must read for any whom like paranormal romance or Scottish romancekeep stories coming ria.

  4. sharon smith sharon smith says:

    A beautiful story ,a little too much repeating but what really ruined it for me was the sexual scenes.uUsually I don t read anything with too much bedroom scenes But I didn t realize it was.I just skipped over that stuff ,and tried to enjoy the book.I won t get another book by her because of that I did like the story and I hope people that are fine with that subject matter enjoy the book it is a good read

  5. phil phil says:

    Great story I have enjoyed all of the Celtic Storm Books This was very different and special Having the characters in modern times was a good twist Couldn t put it down.

  6. Monica Boots Monica Boots says:

    This is the first book of Ria Cantrell s I ve read and it was awesome I loved the story line and the characters When Derek died he should have gone to hell for all he had done But someone pleaded to the Guardians to give him a chance to redeem himself Bound to stay at castle Campbell he is not alive nor is he dead but somewhere in between cursed to wander the grounds but never be seen Centuries later Kiera Callum is drawn to Castle Campbell and ends up taking a job there She is the only one that can see Derek and is to help him earn his redemption But she has been hurt herself and trusting does not come easy And just when you think all will be ok something happens that will threaten to destroy it all Ria Cantrell has a way to bring the emotions across in her writing I laughed, I cried and yes there were a few times I couldn t help but curse I will definitely read Ria s previous books.

  7. Lily Lily says:

    This 4th book in the Celtic Storm series does not disappoint It delved much into the paranormal realm than the previous books, but the story was so much fun to read It is best to read all the books that come before since each successive novel continues the Campbell and MacCollum story line and can be better understood with the backstory complete It was astounding how much I hated Derek Campbell in the last book, but came to love him in this one The characters really wrap themselves around your heart and I was sobbing by the end As with the others, the passion is off the charts hot and steamy here I am loving this series and can t wait to read the last one about Morag Ohand I loved the cover

  8. Faye Lawson Faye Lawson says:

    Greater love hath no man.This story begins with a dying and a prayer for a second chance at redemption for a lost soul, a soul so lost that his dead stepmother cursed further when she saw that chance was granted, her wish being to take away hope of redemption But in spite of the limitations of body and spirit and the rejection of his love he made the ultimate sacrifice and found redemption The journey to that redemption was uplifting documented and well done, my question is where were the Guardians when he needed them the most

  9. Vikki Vikki says:

    I was gifted Celtic Spirit for an honest review by the author.Celtic Spirit was the first book I have read by Rita Cantrell and I really enjoyed it At first the story started out slow for me and took me a few pages to really get into the plot But once pulled in, I was hooked by the characters emotions and needed to know if the hero finds his true love I do recommend Celtic Spirit if you believe in the magic of true love.

  10. Aurrora James Aurrora James says:

    A love that transcends timeThis was a touching story about a man making up for his past and a woman running from her problems I immediately liked Derek and rooted for him to learn from his mistakes At times, I found it hard to like Kiera but at the same time I understood that her anger and defensiveness toward Derek were really based in fear I was really glad to see her learn and grow And Jax got his comeuppance.

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Celtic Spirit ★ Celtic Spirit PDF / Epub ✪ Author Ria Cantrell – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Can a man be redeemed of his ills of the past Derek Campbell did not know the answer to that All he knew was the pain and suffering he had caused and the pain he now felt from the fateful fall from th Can a man be redeemed of his ills of the past Derek Campbell did not know the answer to that All he knew was the pain and suffering he had caused and the pain he now felt from the fateful fall from the tree limb that now lay splintered beneath him As certain death was about to befall him, he was granted a chance of redemption Somehow, he was deemed worthy of a second chance but it would come with a Celtic Spirit PDF \ price The price would plunge him into a world between the living and the dead, where isolation was his only companion Isolation and timeThose were things he would have an abundance of to ponder the misdeeds he had wrought throughout his life Old hatreds of the past prevented Derek from opening the path of redemption Love would be the only thing to save his soul from the endless years spent not quite a man not quite a ghost His punishment was severe and an ancient curse prevented him from satisfying his human needs in every sense He knew want he knew loneliness Only in the Tower, protected by the Guardians of the past, could he claim his humanity The tower held the key to unlock Derek Campbell from the prison of his soul and of his heart Kiera Callum was running from a failed relationship and a career with a sadistic and abusive boss The Highlands of Scotland seemed like just the balm to soothe her battered spirit She never dreamed that taking the menial job as a tour guide would afford her to actually live in the main quarters of Castle Campbell She also could not imagine that the Keep came complete with ayear old spirit It seemed Kiera ran from many things in her life when the going got tougher One of those things was her ability to sense the spirits of those who had gone before She had denied that gift her entire life because it marked her as a freak Only now there was nowhere to run Kiera had to finally face everything she had run from in order to help the trapped soul of a medieval man whose presence was the most vital thing she had ever encountered She would have to learn to trust in the things that could not be explained Things are not always as they appear Could love end his torment Would Kiera be able to open her heart enough to release him from the prison of isolation Would her love be strong enough to let him go Celtic Spirit spans six and half centuries where the past and present collide Love can bridge time and space Love is eternal.