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Laws of Order: A Book of Hierarchies, Rankings, Infrastructures,* The Book That Puts Everything In Its Place From The Animal Kingdoms To The Hierarchy Of Angels Man Likes Structure He Is A Creature Who Operates Best By Divvying Up Into Categories The Knowledge And Information He Has So Carefully Acquired Now, This Unique And Comprehensive Library Of Lists And Laws Helps You Put The World In Order From The Invisible Inner Workings Of The Atom To The Complex Mechanics Of The Universe With Laws Of Order At Your Side, You Can Crack The Codes Of Conduct, Hierarchies Of Nature, And Classifications That Organize Science, History, Government, And At A Glance Subjects Include The Elements Of Drama Dante S Levels Of Hell The CIA The FBI The Mafia U.S.D.A Classifications The Steps To Knighthood The Six Types Of Government Chess Values Poker Hands Earthquake Scales Dream Rhythms Ages Of Civilizations The Greek, Hebrew, And Arabic Alphabets German Army Ranks In World War II Ranks During The Civil War Nuclear Missiles The Laws Of Witches Gods And Goddesses Jewish, Islamic, And Hindu Calendars Boxing Classes Vehicle Safety Standards Nintendo Rankings Ship Classifications Alien Encounters The Presidential Succession The Wind Scale The Pollutant Standard IndexAn Entertaining And Far Reaching Treasury Of Information, Laws Of Order Provides The Fascinating And Diverse Ways In Which We Structure Our World In General, And Our Civilization In Particular.

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