Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom PDF/EPUB º

Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom PDF/EPUB º

Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom [PDF / Epub] ☉ Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom Author Jay Cutts – This YA sci fifantasy adventure portrays the teen condition with than a bit of humor a la Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching It features Annie Gomez and her coterie of fellow outcasts Annie Gomez having This YA sci fifantasy adventure portrays and the Kindle × the teen condition with than a Annie Gomez PDF or bit of humor a la Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching It features Annie Gomez Gomez and the eBook ✓ and her coterie of fellow outcasts Annie Gomez having just completed th grade Gomez and the Gigantic Foot Epub / wrestles with being the smartest person she knows and probably the smartest person ever and yet having to deal with absurd parents thick classmates and saving the world from aliens or possibly fairies Fortunately Annie isn't uite totally alone Her circle of carefully chosen friends include Andy half Inuit half African American who once played Anne Frank on stage; Johnny a shy Romany boy who loves history; Naomi a sophisticated mature woman of the world ok year old of the world; Justin who still looks like a th grader and a golden retriever but plays trombone with a world class jazz band and is the high schools leading expert in exobiology the study of alien life; and finally Aaron whose brilliant mind is beyond the ken of ordinary humans Aaron is autistic rarely speaks and spends his time in realms that are imaginary Or are they On the last day of the school year Annie's biology teacher warns her that he believes aliens are trying to take over her mind Why not she Gomez and the Gigantic Foot Epub / shrugs Everyone else is Yet as she continues to lose her grip on reality over the next weeks she has no choice but to accept the possibility As events unfold Annie finds that not one but two different alien races are trying to contact her One is trying to help One is trying to destroy humanity But which is which Feeling totally helpless for the first time in her life Annie is pulled first by one and then the other into strange and dangerous landscapes And her friends except Aaron mysteriously disappears are pulled with her which is probably a good thing she figures A fortune teller told her that she had to learn to trust others yeah right but that in the end she would have to depend on her own resources hey can't someone help me out here At the last minute she makes her final effort deploying her secret weapon only to be used when there are no other options And it fails With no hope left she finds herself locked in mortal hand to hand combat with a terrifying powerful alien a battle that will determine whether humanity survives Her strength failing she faces the very real probability of her own death and please don't tell this to ANYONE but she realizes she really loves her parents Will she prevail at the last minute Where has Aaron been this whole time What happens when you fall in love with someone from a parallel dimension And what can stop that gigantic foot descending from the sky.

10 thoughts on “Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom

  1. Nicholas Adams Nicholas Adams says:

    Jay Cutts takes the reader on a fanciful journey between three worlds mixing science fiction and fantasy Annie and her Coterie become the central figures in a conflict beyond their meager high school troubles Encountering fairy tale creatures and aliens they must decide whose cause is just and who's just using them What I liked Cutts' writing is imaginative reminding me a bit of Douglas Adams' stream of consciousness style The alien worlds are well described making you feel like you're thereWhat I didn't like the characters including the main group felt 2D And in spite of the constant worlds about to end crisis I never felt like Annie or her friends were in any real dangerAll in all I had a hard time switching between the sci if and fantasy worlds Had the author picked one over the other I think would have made the story strongerI wish Jay Cutts all the best in his current and future writing endeavors

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    Annie Gomex and the Gigantic Foot of Doom which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a fanciful sci fi blend that begins with an unusual young tenth grader who not only forms a coterie of friends who are also reviled and denigrated at Highbotham High but also ace's a biology test answering every uestion correctly While discussing her mark with Mr Tripledoor he suggests that aliens may be trying to communicate with her especially after writing a cryptic essay response the human race faces extinction In a freewheeling writing style Jay Cutts takes the reader on a journey with Annie and her band of misfits who encounter two opposing alien races one good one bad and struggle to save the world from doom The story which is lighthearted whimsical and humorous but could be expanded adding depth and dimension to the plot and complexity to the characters to enlarge its reading audience I rate it a 35 as having potential

  3. LadyRose LadyRose says:

    I liked this book It was a 45 star book for me overall The book drew me in so that I found it fun and interesting to read and hard to put down most of the time It has many of the scifi two aliens and a group of kids who then have to save our world scenarios but it was still a fun interesting read I especially liked the voice the book is written in one of those not too anything just right for the storyThis was a goodreads giveaway book review Thank you for the chance to read this fun book

  4. Carrie Carrie says:

    I won this book from Goodreads First ReadsThis book is about Annie and her friends encountering a couple of different alien races and saving the world from certain doom Lighthearted fun read that would be good for anyone but particularly the younger audiences because there isn't any adult language or situations involved

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