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Slice Arielle Greenberg S Slice Is A Challenging And Turbulent Collection That Captures The Havoc Of Motherhood And Sexuality In Sprawling, Omnivorous Verse And Prose That Seem To Be Written In A Fury, Greenberg Reveals The Terrifying Anxieties And Spirit Of A Self Negotiating Her Gendered Identities As Mother, Wife, Lover, And Friend Brutally Honest And Intimate, These Poems Range From Comical Sexual Fantasies To Mournful Memories Of Birthing A Stillborn Greenberg S Brave Poetry Brims With The Cauterizing Contradictions Of Life Cathy Park Hong Slice Might Cut You Or Offer You A Generous Portion Of What You Desire, Something Delicious And Daring I Love This Collection Of Joyfully Falling Apart Poems, Rounded And Grounded In Selfhood, Motherhood, And The Life Of A Poet Ambitious And Sexy, Greenberg S Unbridled Desire Coalesces Into A Generous And Gorgeous Sharing Of A Bold And Honest Life Brenda Coultas

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