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Awake Due To The Depletion Of Earth S Resources, Scientists Have Come Up With A Plan If The Earth Could Be Free From Human Interference For Just Twenty Short Years, It Would Renew Itself In Order To Accomplish That The Entire Human Population Would Have To Be Placed In Suspended Animation.Get Ready To Hit The SAC And Have The Best Rest Of Your Life.Trusting The Government With His Life And The Lives Of His Parents Doesn T Come Easy For Timothy Stone, Especially Because His Father Has Alzheimer S Waking Up And Finding His Father Missing Is Just The Beginning Of Things That Go Wrong Before Tim Can Figure Things Out, He Has To Find His Father, First.

  • ebook
  • Awake
  • James M. McCracken
  • 15 May 2017

About the Author: James M. McCracken

James M McCracken was born and raised in Oregon He is the fifth of seven children He lost his mother when he was eighteen That is why family has always been important to him and features prominently in the stories he writes.However, his love for writing began when he was a teen At age 13 he went away to a seminary boarding school It was there that he began to write but mainly for his own ent

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    Although the premise of this short story has a great deal of promise, I found it dry The story is told from Tim s point of view, in first person Despite that, we learn very little of what he thinks or feels, and some parts plod with dull recitation of events I did this, I did that, I did the other thing Every part of this story screamed out for emotional investment yet had none The characters are, at best, vague.It also suffers from some mild editorial problems that another read through could resolve.The story itself is an interesting idea, and despite its shortcomings, I m interested in how it progresses in the next installment of the serial It s a post apocalyptic survival tale, about starting from not quite nothing and trying to rebuild some kind of life and m...

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