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Daredevil Epic Collection Vol. 21 The Return Of A Legendand The End Of An Era Gene The Dean Colan Draws Daredevil Once Again, As Mr Fear Launches His Latest Campaign Of Terror But When Matt Comes Between His Angry Ex Love Black Widow And Evil Mutant Omega Red, He Will Feel Than The Widow S Bite What Deadly Game Is The Avenger Playing And DD Meets DP When Deadpool Comes A Calling, But Will Typhoid Mary Make It An Unholy Love Triangle And What Does It All Mean For Deuce The Devil Dog Plus, Flash Back To Matt Murdock S College Years, As He Meets Foggy Nelson For The First Time And How And Why Has Matt Regained His Sight Daredevil S First Series Hurtles To A Finish, And It S Going To End With A Bang COLLECTING Dare Devil 1964 365 380, 1 Daredevil Deadpool Annual 97 Daredevil Epic Collection Vol 21.

10 thoughts on “Daredevil Epic Collection Vol. 21

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    A real mixed bag this DD volume from Joe Kelly, and some of the artists involved were just not at their best.I really loved the Mr Fear storyline, the Daredevil Deadpool annual was great and it fixed something really bad old hornhead done when start...

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    Surprisingly a pretty good collection, considering it follows quite closely from Fall From Grace which wasn t that great There s a gratuitous crossover with new fan favourite on the block, Deadpool, as Joe Kelly takes over writing Daredevil for a year or so A good conclusion to...

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    Maybe 3.5

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    The fast half of this collection is a little messy, the plot sometimes confusing The four part Flying Blind is a good yarn

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