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The Ultimate Berenstain Bears Collection The Berenstain Bears Book Pack Consist Of 15 Books Titles Include The Berenstain Bears And The Trouble With Chores Learn About Strangers Bad Habit Bad Dream The Berenstain Bears And The Truth Don T Pollute Any Hug Make Up Messy Room Think Of Those In Need No Girls Allowed Lose A Friend Berenstain And The Golden Rule Moving Day Big Road Race Too Much Junk Food

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    In this book, the Berenstain s have a new baby but sister is not a fan of her Sister is used to being the baby and she does not like that her new baby sister is getting all of the attention She is jealous of her sister and makes comments on everything she does When Mama and Papa realize what is going on, they show brother and sister videos from when sister was a baby, and it makes her realize that her parents did all of these same annoying things when she was a baby The story ends with sister adding her sister into the family picture she drew which showed how her feelings about her sister had changed This is fantasy because there is personification, with the bears acting like people They wear clothes, talk and take videos of their new baby This is also fantasy because of the setting, with the bears living in a tree with a door and windows to make ...

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    We read the book about them bringing home their new baby sister.In this book, the Bernstein bears bring home a new baby, and sister is not very happy about it She is getting jealous of the baby because she is used to being the baby and getting all the attention She makes comments on everything she does and is acting out Mama and Papa bear notice when she brings home a drawing of the family she made, so decided to show her home videos of her to show her they did the same thing to her as baby She then realizes this and decides her sister is not so bad and is actually kind of cute.This is fantasy because it personifies the bears They wear clothes, talk to each other, and video tape babies just like people do The setting also makes its fantasy because they live in a tree with a door and windows to resemble a house.The book uses bright colors such as blue, orange, and yellow to attract the...

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