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Worse things happen (I think Ill go to sea Book 2) After Twenty Years At Sea, Bob Jackson Is Now Master These Memoirs Take Him From Enjoying The Odd Cold Beer Sailing Peacefully Across The Indian Ocean To Being Trapped In A War Zone Here He Sees Life At Sea Changing From The Leisurely Days Of General Cargoes To The Hectic Computerised Containerships He Seems To Have Done It All Rescuing Drug Runners From The Ice, Dredging Aggregates In The North Sea And Finally Skippering A Steamer On A Tranquil Lake This Volume Is The Second Of Bob S Memoirs Covering His Service As Master On A Wide Variety Of Ships The First Book I Think I Ll Go To Sea Relates To His Experiences Climbing Up Through The Ranks In This Book He Has To Flee The USA To Avoid Arrest For Drug Smuggling, Assists Rescuing A Ship S Crew When Their Ship Sinks In Pack Ice And Gets Stuck In The Middle Of The Iraq Iran War He Also Experiences Alcohol Free Ships Which Take Away The Pleasure Of His Cold Beer

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    Book ll, Master Captain.Another great book about being Master of MERCHANT ships in the Royal merchant marine Lots of adventure and fun to read.

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    Deck dreaming shooting starsI sailed as a marine engineer from 1968 to 1988 when like Bob was sacked by united Arab shipping and went on to work as an engineer surveyor Whilst I find a lot he records reasonably accurate , his perception of the engineering duties and workload leave me tom get real I sailed as chief engineer for my last three years at sea and thank goodness I didn t have to consume the amount of alcohol he seemed to have consumed.As for his imagined idea that s ...

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    Enjoyed very muchAs good as previous book, a good insight to an industry that is long gone and I joined 20 years to late,

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