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7 thoughts on “Spectre Specter Blue Ravine

  1. Eleanor Eleanor says:

    Well god freaking damnThis book has only cemented NL Shompole's status as one of my favorite poets right up there with if I may be so bold EE Cummings and Richard Siken From structure to language everything about Shompole's writing explodes with complex emotion and beauty Not only is the form of her poems uniue there are so many times I was reading and thought yes exactly She puts so well into words plenty of thoughts and themes that are often difficult to capture Plus reading her work always inspires me and gets me in the mood to write and try out new styles I loved so many of these poems but here's a short list of my very very favorites Apparitions at Midnight Night Diver Conversations About War Other Euphemisms for Disaster A History of Saints 0 and Where the Water Sleeps This is a book I see myself coming back to again and again and again Any fans of Rupi Kaur or Amanda Lovelace will adore both this book and this poet I can't recommend either enough

  2. Eunice Moral Eunice Moral says:

    Review to follow

  3. Xian Xian Xian Xian says:

    This was received for an honest reviewSpectre Specter Blue Ravine is her latest collection It’s on the personal side of a self discovery or coming of age type of collection Where themes such as diaspora death loss and the uestion of home and what is home are the main structure of the collectionThis one is a lot developed compared to her previous ones The surrealism and the fantastical kind of evaporate in the background and now it’s about the self but it is still present but used as a device for self discovery There are some poems that feel sort of like prose or narrative poetry where broken relationships and loved ones who have passed are curtains and houses burning as the ‘The End’ and coming back as phantoms for forgiveness or reminders Icarus is also a constant visitor in this collection Unfortunately I’m not up to date with my mythology so I can’t comment on thatIt’s about pain when realizing home is too distant when you’re a foreigner in your own home but yet you feel comfortable with it because you would rather not be somewhere where colonialism or imperialism affects your every foot step Shompole is Kenyan born but lives in the US so she experiences the loss of her mother tongue from her memory and a lack of belonging between two worlds This is an occurring theme since it ties with the loneliness of general human existence where similarities and differences are so vast and detailed that everyone is connected but yet so far out of reach and comfort Isolated frustrated with it but there’s still a little something and that is enough at timesThis is Shompole’s magnum opus it’s my favorite one out of them all because it just feels so much heavier on the heartRating 55 Notes on the shore

  4. Hristina Hristina says:

    Advance Readers’ CopyEnormous thanks to NL Shompole for reaching out and giving me the chance to read this collection before its release“Some beasts are better left slumbering”I had to read this collection three times before I realized what exactly was happening to me From the very beginning I felt as if I’m being overwhelmed by something and as I read on the feeling only grew I finished it in about two hours I took a small break and started it again Once again I felt overpowered I slept on it Then the third time was the sameI felt every line as heaviness on my chestThis collection talks about dealing with loss as well as the fight for a new begging and saying that it’s beautifully written would be an understatement It’s so engaging it’s something that can only be experienced“All the bodies in the sky are dead she says eyes raw and tear ducts empty of their salt water concoction”I must admit that I might be an unfair judge When I first discovered NL Shompole’s writing I was struck by the feeling that the lines the verses understood me and put my emotion into words I feel attached to her poems I’ll defend this poetry against anyoneAnd you know what?“Some days I would rather wait for the night”

  5. j j says:

    oh my god oh my god oh my god

  6. Dwayne Wojtowicz Dwayne Wojtowicz says:

    I won this book in a Goodreadscom giveaway“Spectre Specter Blue Ravine” is a collection of poetry with “phantoms as euphemisms for disaster” As this is my first attempt to read a collection of poetry and prose I found it somewhat cumbersome to find no rhythm pattern or even a beat in N L Shompole’s writings Though the poetry does speak strong on issues such as love loss and even longing; however I felt empty after I read themNow I might not be the best judge on a book of poetry but maybe it’s because it is not my cup of tea I will leave the prose to the poets; novels to the writers

  7. jm jm says:

    Will write a full review later

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Spectre Specter Blue Ravine ❴Ebook❵ ➤ Spectre Specter Blue Ravine Author N.L. Shompole – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk As a collection of poetry and prose Phantoms as Euphemisms for Disaster explores the many faces of loss Not only the loss of love but loss of language culture identity and self The book seamlessly nav As a collection of poetry and prose Phantoms as Euphemisms Spectre Specter PDF or for Disaster explores the many faces of loss Not only the loss of love but loss of language culture identity and self The book seamlessly navigates the silences between harrowing conversations to realizations about growing up about grief and how to deal with loss to the reawakening of tenderness hope and awareness in the innate power of self This is a fantastic collection for anyone who appreciates a uniue voice beautiful language and the ache and sweetness that is living.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Spectre Specter Blue Ravine
  • N.L. Shompole
  • 04 September 2016

About the Author: N.L. Shompole

NL Shompole was born in Kenya She is a multi Spectre Specter PDF or platform artist whose written and photographic works have been featured in various print and online publications including Words Dance Publication Maps for Teeth Invitation Annual Kinfolks uarterly and The Rising Phoenix Review Her latest collection Spectre Specter Blue Ravine was released November Shompole can be found viawww nlshompolec.