Kindle Edition ¾ The Painter PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ¾ The Painter PDF/EPUB å

The Painter ☉ The Painter PDF / Epub ❤ Author J.W. Deas – Life can be complicated for a liar and fake artist As a university art student in 1992 Andy has stealing bits and pieces from other works down to a science His deception is rooted so deep within himse Life can be complicated for a liar and fake artist As a university art student in Andy has stealing bits and pieces from other works down to a science His deception is rooted so deep within himself he's even beginning to believe his own lies When Andy meets Henry an actual artist his life tumbles farther down the rabbit hole Henry lives in the shadows of Athens Georgia unable to face humanity for his own dark reasons When the two join forces Henry gives Andy the keys to the art kingdom a move which will alter both of their lives As Andy and Henry's duplicity takes form an eclectic cast of characters add to the deceptive backdrop Andy is creating with his lies A girlfriend and her roommate a musical bartender a blind man and a crazy beatnik all take shape in Andy's colorful life Within a story of love laughter hangovers and lies Andy must decide between the life he's painted using someone else's brush or finding his true self within the gray.

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  1. Chip Chip says:

    I never really felt connected to the characters but kept reading because the references to Athens amused me Any novel that talks about the transition of Shrimp Boat to China Boat and dipping pennies in Guthrie's sauce is worth a read It was fun to read about Athens and UGA in the 1990's since that is when I was actually going to the bars

  2. Sam Neumann Sam Neumann says:

    Tremendous An honest and startlingly bold story with excellent pacing Seemingly unconnected themes come together late in the book in a way that makes you shake your head A true story of redemption One of my favorite books of the year

  3. Helena Helena says:

    Rec'd by Colleen Hoover

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    When I was half way done with this book I started trying to figure out how I wanted it to end I decided I wanted Henry to be ok being out to the world and I wanted Grayson to forgiveYou see Andy's world is made up of lies Not hurtful lies just lies He lies and tells everyone that Henry's art is his Hernry wants him to Unfortunately that means lying to Grayson Andy has such a big heart and connects so deeply with everyone His love with Greyson is on another planet He is sweet to a mentally handicapped man he tries to help a blind man see redAs the book comes closer to it's end and Andy realizes he loves to act and Henry comes out of his shell I realize that I'm not going to get my perfect endingThe ending made me feel like you do the moment you know you'll never see someone again Shaky and sick in the stomach yet foolish for feeling that way I still love the book regardless of it ripping a hole in my heart

  5. C.M. Subasic C.M. Subasic says:

    A funky stroll through an eclectic rock’n’roll townReading this book is like taking a walk through that funky Southern town Athens GA A town known for 80s bands the B 52s and REM it has developed into an arts hotbed The music scene is still thriving and artists of all varieties long ago joined the party The town may be small but it has the cultural assets of a big city which is what makes it so uniue so loved so special In this story set in Athens we meet Andy who struggles with a past he can barely admit to himself He wants to be something he's not; a visual artist Paintings live and breathe to him but he doesn’t think much of his own efforts to create them So he lies fabricates pretends As the novel begins he happens into an artist who doesn't want to be the face of his own art Henry and the two make a matched set Together with Andy as the face of the art and Henry as the maker things seem to be going tickety boo The journey takes us to football games university classes drinking to excess and experimentation that come with coming of age Oh we can’t forget love Andy meets Grayson a girl who shares his tendency toward excess and he wonders if he’s found his partner for life Andy’s development as an artist culminates in a touching seuence on how to communicate the colour red Although the final reveal of this seuence is disappointing we are rooting for Andy every step of the way What this book does well is give us characters and moments that sparkle Henry is a study in the gruff softy with an artistic focus that can’t be broken Ruby who comes later in the book is painted with a few swift strokes that burst with energy The writing itself is at times cheeky truthful and surprising It smelled like grandmas and funky old gas stations; or playful She locked the door and dropped her towel and the next twenty five minutes have been censored from this edition The storyline itself is character based uirky in its trajectory surprising in some of its dead ends and destinations And yet The central struggle of the main character is his tendency to lie Now it's an interesting thing we do lying We do it to save ourselves from shame keep from admitting our disappointing behaviour errors fatal flaws mis judgements Thus the uestions What defines a lie when does a “white lie” cross into the harm zone? How are we all lying to ourselves to others? How far can a lie be taken before it has gone too far? Can a lie ever become the truth? In a world where everyone seems to be lying to us Your call is important to us how and why do our little lies matter? So it's definitely a theme worth exploring But in this book these or other uestions aren't raised No exploration consideration is done Because of that the book didn’t satisfy this reader Also although the writing at times sings it lacks consistency In some stretches particularly the drinking scenes we are left wondering if this is memoir than novel as the shards we're shown seem too haphazardly lifelike lacking meaning or connections Athens may be the setting but anyone not familiar with the town will need to Google the local references as many are not described Rock’n’roll aficionados may know 40 Watt Club but probably not The Engine Room now closed? Some of the bars seem to be chosen because well because they were there And yet the story is also a bit like popcorn uick and easy to digest It is uirky eclectic Southern fun This book could be an enjoyable read to those interested in walking the streets of a funky town returning to the freedom of university student dom getting a smoking or drinking contact high or of course for Athens townies who enjoy seeing themselves reflected in the arena of fiction

  6. Jenifer Jenifer says:

    Loved reading about Athens in the 90's Couldn't put this one down

  7. Marie (UK) Marie (UK) says:

    I enjoyed this tale of a very untalented art major at university who is persuaded to present an exceptionally talented painters work as his own There is a foray through his college life his friends and his search for himself

  8. Lico Lico says:

    uniue plotFell in love with each character couldn't put the book down uick ending I didn't want it to be over

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