My Master - Part 1 ePUB Å Master - Part Kindle

My Master - Part 1 ePUB Å Master - Part Kindle

8 thoughts on “My Master - Part 1

  1. angela barfield angela barfield says:

    I like itDom are there to help u I I am looking for one to help I can't find one that understand me

  2. Lori Hoopengardner Lori Hoopengardner says:

    Good book it will draw you in and keep you there You will definitely feel their emotions

  3. Nancy Silk Nancy Silk says:

    A Gripping and Captivating Modern Romance StoryThis is the first episode of of the story of Laura Lee and her step brother Daryl Montgomery Laura Lee is an artist who lands a job at a popular art gallery When sexy millionaire Bill Reigns steps into her face too assertively reuesting she give him a personal tour of her artwork on display She'd rather not but he was one of the biggest contributors to the gallery and she doesn't want to disappoint her boss As Bill gets a little arrogant and aggressive with Laura Lee she backs away with sarcasm Daryl comes to her aid and keeps an eye on her for the rest of the evening She and Daryl grew up together and have always been very tightly knit as sister and brother and as best friends But sometimes Laura Lee is attracted sexually to him The next evening Laura Lee has dinner with Daryl at his home Her sexual aspirations for him are starting to flame They both fall into a heated beginning of foreplay when suddenly Daryl calls it off knowing there is no way they can allow themselves such a relationship Rapidly moving out of his apartment disappointed and still with a heat of passion she takes Bill's business card from her pocket and gives him a call This is a well written story nearing a romance yet to come and I'm looking forward to the seuel My Master Stepbrother Romance Part 2 Recommended for adults only

  4. Stephen Byron Stephen Byron says:

    In the pages of this book a woman of mediocre income meets a guy of wealth and with reality and fantasy has dreams of becoming someone that will be a sexual slave to this wealthy man Read the book to see what happens Read of all the through hoops that must be jumped through to get what both people want

  5. Lynn Mullan Lynn Mullan says:

    I'm sorry but this wasn't my cup of tea The story wasn't actually believable the characters were completely one dimensional and I couldn't have cared less what happened to them Also far too many typos

  6. Donna Donna says:

    OmgThis story was amazing and I was rivited to the very end I am so ready to read the next installment of this series

  7. Fatmata Sankoh Fatmata Sankoh says:

    It just wasn't for me

  8. Lorraine Anton Lorraine Anton says:

    GreatBarbara hits Alfred's car He is a billionaire and a writer She knows of him She then plans to pay him back See how

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