The Seven Steps to Help Boys Love School MOBI é Steps

The Seven Steps to Help Boys Love School MOBI é Steps

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  1. Linda Marie Linda Marie says:

    HMMMM MAYBE I AM A LITTLE BIASED?HI AND HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS 2016 HELP STOP BULLIES WITH US BY USING KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING FIRST? GREAT VALENTINE'S GIFT TOO HERE IS MY NEW BOOK SERIES PROJECT TO HELP TEACHERS KIDS AND PARENTS NAVIGATE THROUGH LIFE MORE EASILY WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW PROCEEDS GO TO ST JUDE'S RESEARCH HOSPITALLinda Marie Gilliam is passionate about helping all children enjoy life and learning wwwteacheradvocatecom PLEASE click me Moogli and Me Our Magical Adventures first in a series of 8is Linda's way to hopefully accomplish both in priceless pictures The animals do the talking not the humans SEE US ATTACHED OR IN ABOVE WEBSITE wwwteacheradvocatecom Moogli and Me is a humorous look at the UNLIKELY relationship between a retired race horse Phenom Pharaoh Great Great Grandson of Secretariat and Seattle Slew and a barn cat Magical Moogli who lives in his stable Told in a photographically illustrated story book emphasizing important values for children this book will be a treasured addition to any child's library This is the first of many in a series of photo books following the animal and people friends at the barn where Moogli and Me live AND will be loved by all for only 1399 great gift ALSO available at createspacecom Proceeds go toward St Jude's Children's Research Hospital By taking photos of animals and writing their humorous stories Ms Gilliam knows children will definitely enjoy this series and be able to relate to the values being taught in a enjoyable way After teaching elementary grades for over 40 years and becoming a Literacy Specialist Linda has seen how children love real photos and relate better to the books using photography to capture the child's interest and attention Her silly retired racehorse Pharaoh and the famous barn cat Moogliboth great friends can teach all of us many important lessons about how to make and keep friends They are both very different but it does not seem to matter when their love and similarities can overshadow those differences while helping to make the world A MORE PEACEFUL PLACE for all of us This fun book Moogli and Me is the first in the series OF 8 that will not only cover feelings but also TEACHES better health through personal safety nutrition exercise care of teeth personal hygiene and many other important issues Linda's dream is for all children to learn about EMPATHY COMPASSION and KINDNESS by trying harder to UNDERSTAND OTHERS and their feelings THERE IS NO TIME FOR BULLIES NOW Please come enjoy a HAPPIER life with us todayHORSIE Hugs from LINDA MARIE GILLIAM wwwteacheradvocatecomOn 932015 805 AM Linda Gilliam wrote From Linda Marie Gilliam Author TEACHER AND STUDENT ADVOCATE wwwteacheradvocatecom DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL TO OTHERS? Looks like we have similar passions AND A NEW SCHOOL YEAR IS ALREADY HALF OVER HAVE YOU OFTEN WONDERED WHY SO MANY OF OUR BOYS HAVE TROUBLE IN SCHOOL? WHY DO SOME BOYS FEEL FAILURE AND SADLY HATE SCHOOL BY THE TENDER AGE OF 6? I SAW IT FIRST HAND BY TEACHING 40 YEARS However I also discovered some great boy friendly strategies from studying brain research and learning about the best environment for improved learning in boys Girls love them too SOThanks for YOUR IMPORTANT connection I am currently residing in Portland trying to change HOW we teach boys for success and less aggression Please SEE ATTACHMENTS ; Our future depends on this We need happier productive citizens less aggression and better success in schools now This teacher of 40 yrs is passionate about helping to impact how boys are taughtat their developmental age and by using brain research to make sure learning is active and engaging to them 7 Steps to Help Boys Love School published by Rowman Littlefield Educational Dept tells strategies I discovered as a primary teacher and Literacy Specialist that work Additionally I was proud to receive Teacher of the Year for my efforts in Vancouver WA check out wwwteacheradvocatecom I am a TEACHERPARENTADMINISTRATOR AND STUDENT ADVOCATE Please take time to look over my timely book with all 5 reviews on com? It is a VERY CARING BACK TO SCHOOL HELPFUL GUIDE With deep appreciation from LINDA MARIE GILLIAM twitter Lgilliammarie MOOGLI 1jpg

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The Seven Steps to Help Boys Love School ❴Ebook❵ ➢ The Seven Steps to Help Boys Love School Author Linda Marie Gilliam – The 7 Steps to Help Boys Love School Teaching to their Passion for Less Frustration is an easy to follow humorous book with practical researched strategies for ensuring boys success in school home and The Steps Steps to PDF/EPUB ¾ to Help Boys Love School Teaching to their Passion for Less Frustration is an easy to follow humorous book with practical researched strategies for ensuring boys success in school home and in their future pursuits This book is built upon the Es of Excellent Education with step by step exciting lessons for both struggling and bright boys Girls love them too.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 250 pages
  • The Seven Steps to Help Boys Love School
  • Linda Marie Gilliam
  • English
  • 11 January 2014