Hook, Line, and Homicide MOBI õ Hook, Line, MOBI

Hook, Line, and Homicide MOBI õ Hook, Line, MOBI

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Hook, Line, and Homicide (Paul Turner, Book 9)
  • Mark Richard Zubro
  • English
  • 02 July 2015
  • 9780312333034

9 thoughts on “Hook, Line, and Homicide (Paul Turner, Book 9)

  1. Neet Neet says:

    The 9th book in the Paul Turner mysteries is a vast improvement from the last two that I read In this mystery we find Detectives Turner Fenwick om much needed RR with their families and friends in a small town in Canada The two families go every year to a great fishing spot in Canada rent houseboats and enjoy each others companyMrs Talucci next door Neighbor and friend goes every year and disappears mysteriously and Ian reporterex love of Turner has decided to accompany them While out on their first evening there Turner Ben Fenwick and Marge witness First Nation teens being hassled by a bunch of young white thugsThey report the incident and the ineffective and prejudice police officers seem on the side of white thugs who started it Also the Turner Fenwick's encounter the same thugs and fight back as the cowards leaveThe group soon find their houseboats almost burglarized Ian's room trashed and his travel checks and watch stolen and books torn Ian encounter the youths who run off and the police are called and still do nothing The Detectives families soon encounter these out in water while fishing playing a game of chicken with these out of control youthsThe vacation is anything but restful and the perspective families wonder if they should leave While fishing Jeff catches something and we soon discover it's not a fish but a body The corpse is that of the bully and leader of the thugs that have been harassing the two familiesThe deceased we learn was a sociopath who had an affluent family and athletic prowess to protect him from his many misdeeds The whole story revolves of the cruelty of this young man the blatant homophobia of the police department and some in the townIt's a real intense read and I really was surprised at the outcome So sit back and enjoy because this is a good read

  2. Fritzer Fritzer says:

    This is another of the formulaic Paul Turner mysteries The setting is different than the others which adds a new dimensionThis is very readable I read it on the beach in Mexico with the usual cast of characters and an interesting plot twist when the mystery is revealedIf you like Mark Richard Zubro's books you will likely enjoy this one Always a fast moving story with lots of dimension to the mystery and possible outcomes

  3. Grey853 Grey853 says:

    The action was a little unbelieveable and over the top I know it moves the action along to have a small town run by a rich bully boy but it just didn't ring true to me Plus I think if I were on vacation with my two kids and I got attacked and burglared and THEN attacked again the next day I'd be leaving not investigating Of course then it'd be a very short bookIt's okay book but not great

  4. Lori S. Lori S. says:

    This is probably one of the most solid books in the Paul Turner series Set in a place called The North Woods in Canada the story read like a fun mystery than the usual police procedural Zubro tends to plod through The issues of bullying in a number of forms and homophobia are handled uite well as well as showing just how blind some parents are to their own faults and those of their children Well worth reading

  5. A A says:

    This is a great mystery Turner takes his family on their annual fishing trip when they encounter a slew of unexplained drownings vandalism from a group of teens prejudice and hatred from the local police bullying from a local hero and murder Once Turner finds out who the killer is he has some tough decisions to make on whether or not to turn them in

  6. James James says:

    Full review here many ways it's a bit like reading the middle three books in Tales of the City wherein what was current at the time of the writing isn't so much any While the issues might remain they're no longer uite as immediate or as strongly opposed as they were at the time

  7. Rai Rai says:

    The writing style is kind of flat and the dialogue is awful Most of the book drags on and on with us finding out the same information about the dead guy over and over no one liked him we get it I was going to give it two stars but I did really like the reveal and I thought it ended well

  8. linnea linnea says:

    this was such a fun book I am really glad i found this at the library i like light fluffy murder mysteries every once in a while and I like the twist these offer

  9. Keita Ito Keita Ito says:

    Mystery Thriller that had me reading it in one sitting A lot of characters to love and to hate murder as well

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Hook, Line, and Homicide (Paul Turner, Book 9)[KINDLE] ❆ Hook, Line, and Homicide (Paul Turner, Book 9) By Mark Richard Zubro – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Since when are vacations ever relaxing All Chicago police Detective Paul Turner is hoping for on his annual retreat from the city and his job is a little peace and uiet This time he's headed to the Ca Since when are vacations ever relaxing All Chicago police Detective Paul Turner is hoping for on his annual retreat from the city and his job is a little peace and uiet This time he's headed to the Canadian Great North Woods for a couple of weeks with family and friends his two teenaged sons his lover Ben neighborhood pals and his long term police partner Detective Buck Fenwick along with his wife But hopes of tranuility are soon crushed when Turner intervenes in a Hook, Line, MOBI :å scuffle between a group of First Nations teens and a local bully and his cohorts In the days following the incident Turner and company find themselves the object of a series of attacks break ins and sabotage of their euipment Unable to get the attention of the local police the events continue to escalate culminating in the local bully's dead body being found floating in the water near the dock of their houseboat Making this not only one of the least relaxing vacations ever but one of the deadliest.

About the Author: Mark Richard Zubro

Mark ZubroMark Richard Zubro is an American mystery novelist He lives in Mokena Illinois and taught th grade English at Summit Hill Jr High in nearby Frankfort Suare IllinoisZubro writes bestselling mysteries set in Chicago and the surrounding Cook County area which are widely praised as fast paced with interesting plots and well rounded likeable characters His novels feature gay themes and Zubro is himself gayHis longest running series features high school teacher Tom Mason and Tom's boyfriend professional baseball player Scott Carpenter Hook, Line, MOBI :å The other series Zubro is known for is the Paul Turner mysteries which are about a Chicago police detective The books are a part of the Stonewall Inn Mystery series published by St Martin's Press Zubro won a Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Men's Mystery for his book A Simple Suburban MurderSeries.