Christmas with the Savages PDF ë Christmas with

Christmas with the Savages PDF ë Christmas with

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  1. Stacey (prettybooks) Stacey (prettybooks) says:

    Mary Clive's Christmas with the Savages was the perfect children's classic to read in December It's about Evelyn an 8 year old who much prefers the company of adults to other children Evelyn is dismayed when she is sent toTamerlane Hall a large Edwardian house in the countryside where she finds children than she's ever experienced before – the Glens the Howliboos and the SavagesChristmas with the Savages was a delightful festive read full of humour It's based on Mary Clive's own experiences growing up – and it was lovely to be transported into this eccentric family's holiday celebrations All the children are left to roam the house and gardens so it's full of hilarious escapades and antics I loved Evelyn's prim and proper opinion on just about everything from the youngest of children to the Nannies who can't uite cope with all 13 childrenChristmas with the Savages is a classic I only discovered this year and I'm so very glad I did If you're participating in the 2016 Classics Challenge be sure to consider this one for December I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books

  2. Beth Bonini Beth Bonini says:

    I had never even heard of this book first published in 1955 but an attractive new edition from Puffin will make it very popular with the crowd probably adult readers than children who loved Downton Abbey It's the lightly fictionalised tale of author Mary Clive's born Lady Mary Katharine Pakenham Edwardian childhood in grand houses Evelyn is the 8 year old protagonist and when her father is injured in Scotland she is packed off with her Swiss nursery maid to Tamerlane Hall where she joins the four Savage children and their cousins Glens and Howliboos for the Christmas holiday Evelyn is an only child and she acknowledges that this privileged position allows her access to the drawing room than was usual for children her age; she notes that 'I believe visitors thought me spoilt and a bore' In fact the author was not Evelyn at all but apparently one of the younger children in the raucous clan that the author describes as the 'Savages' There is some very interesting biographical information about the author at the end of the book The set up of the book allows the reader to enjoy Evelyn's priggish desire to side with and please the grown ups whilst also joining in with varying degrees of success with the antics of the various childrenThere are several distinct pleasures in this period piece First of all there are wonderful details in this upstairsdownstairs saga and anyone interested in the Edwardian era will enjoy the glimpse into the fashions traditions and s of English life on a grand scale The house itself is beautifully described in all of its many nooks and crannies grottos attics and still rooms There are also some moments of universal recognition particularly in the way that Christmas morning is described with its intense half sick rapture of anticipation There are some truly humorous moments in the book too and I laughed out loud several times at the set piece of the children's theatrical where Evelyn totally lets herself down in its creator Lionel's eyes 'Stop smiling or I will kill you' I particularly enjoyed the last third of the book in which Evelyn really hits her stride and the childish mischief maker masters the prig in her personality I think that I would have loved this book as 12 year old and I would certainly recommend it to the many Anglophile readers I know who appreciate the setting and manners of a bygone world 3 5 stars

  3. Michael Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald says:

    Amusing though I was expecting a bit Christmas it might as well have taken place at any time of the year

  4. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    I just happened to see this book at the till in a bookshop and seeing that it was half price I thought I would give it ago even though it was a children's book Set at the turn of the century Evelyn is sent away at Christmas to stay with the Savages the unruly grandchildren of an old friend of her mother's Lady Tamerlane Any other child would perhaps relish the thought of spending time with children her own age but not Evelyn Wise beyond her years Evelyn much prefers the company of adults so her stay with the Savage children will not be an enjoyable experienceIf I had been reading this book as a child it would've been very enlightening about how children at the turn of the last century spent their childhoods Although the main character of Evelyn is invented this story is based upon Mary's own experience of growing up in the first 20 years of the last centuryA very enjoyable story for both adults and children with plenty of humour for all ages

  5. Kathy Strayer Kathy Strayer says:

    What a FUN READ

  6. Alex Alex says:

    hilarious it's funny every page an example your spending Christmas with the savages Evelyn Oh there cannibals? Amazing

  7. Caroline Caroline says:

    Christmas With the Savages is a kind of fictionalized memoir The characters are about eleven children between the implied ages of 4 12 The setting is an Edwardian English upper class Christmas gathering This comic novel was first published in 1955 and was an attempt by its author to show her own children what her childhood was like Most of the characters are based on her own family membersIn the novel eight year old Evelyn is sent to spend Christmas with family friends including three sets of cousins the Savages et al She is both repelled and attracted by their exuberant behavior and misadventures No lessons are learned it's not that kind of book It's about nostalgia and humorThe humor though must have worked better on its original audience those who had grown up in that world I kind of felt like a stranger not uite getting the jokes not exactly understanding the referencesAlthough a lot of the tropes were foreign the politics of nannies are uite outside my experience I will say that Christmas with the Savages does one thing very well It effectively evokes the exasperated stress of a group of children who may not necessarily know or like each other being shoved together and told to go playI think my favorite part was when the children explored the attic and discovered a crawlspace through the rafters This I could relate to since it was something I had always yearned to do as a kid Alas my grandparents lived in ranch houses and bungalows and no one had a real attic I might have liked it better if the children had been likable Evelyn declares that she treats he own nanny like mud and doesn't care a bit The others aren't any better As it is they are kind of brats or at least young people who have not yet developed a sense of empathy

  8. Gertievandermint Gertievandermint says:

    This was a lovely read It is a very slight in length but also in content book about a posh Edwardian Christmas from the point of view of a child I enjoyed the details of Edwardian life and the children get into all kinds of amusing scrapes It's a funny book although it gave me a bit too much of a sense of the author working hard to make adults laugh in a kids say the darnedest things sort of way which was a little annoying The children were very ridiculous and twee in a way that felt too affected But they do indeed say and do some funny things and the children are pretty dreadful and rambunctious It's a thinly veiled memoir and you can certainly feel that It is not at all heart warming which I did appreciate in a Christmas story

  9. Donna R Donna R says:

    Would have been better with Christmas I liked the characters The story was meh The writing was good

  10. Shaifali Vohra Shaifali Vohra says:

    I didn't love the story much and I don't know why? Maybe I was just not able to connect to the story

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Christmas with the Savages [Ebook] ➩ Christmas with the Savages Author Mary Clive – CHRISTMAS WITH THE SAVAGES by Mary Clive is based on real events and people It is the story of a small girl's Christmas holiday in a large Edwardian country house is effortlessly funny At Tamerlane Ha Christmas with the Savages by Mary Clive is based on real events and people It is the story Christmas with PDF/EPUB ² of a small girl's Christmas holiday in a large Edwardian country house is effortlessly funny At Tamerlane Hall Evelyn finds a horde of children the gentle Glens the plaintive Howliboos and above all the uninhibited Savages They are controlled or not by a host of parents supernumerary Uncles and Aunts Nannies and nurserymaids Evelyn survives the Christmas festivities just returning home none too soon Seen through the eyes of a prim little eight year old this is an amusing and touching account of a childhood a hundred years ago.