Java in a Nutshell Kindle » Java in PDF/EPUB or

Java in a Nutshell Kindle » Java in PDF/EPUB or

Java in a Nutshell ❮Read❯ ➪ Java in a Nutshell Author Benjamin J. Evans – Popular Book, Java in a Nutshell author Benjamin J. Evans There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9781449371319: format: ebook and others 418 pages Popular Book, Java in a Nutshell author Benjamin J Evans There are many interesting things in this book isbn : format: ebook and others pages.

6 thoughts on “Java in a Nutshell

  1. Gang Lei Gang Lei says:

    A good book to read for any coder The ratio of time spent reading vs writing is well over 101

  2. Jeanne Boyarsky Jeanne Boyarsky says:

    “Java in a Nutshell” has been updated for Java 11 It has everything you'd expect from the prior editions – syntax examples and a great reference New features from Java 8 are highlighted Some design patterns and tradeoffs are explained A lot of concepts like garbage collection are covered as wellI particularly liked the examples of common methods There were a few in Collections that I could use and didn't realize existed I also learned about a trick to with var and anonymous inner classes that I hope not to see in real code And of course I like that big O notation was used in discussing collections Many new features were covered well including method handles and modulesA number of garbage collectors were discussed I was surprised the g1 garbage collector didn't get attention It was well explained but didn't have a section header I was also surprised to see an appendix that covered Nashorn since it a deprecated featureOverall this is a great book and I recommend it for your Java learningreference

  3. Robert Robert says:

    This book presents a survey of the Java technology as evolved up to java 8 At the point I am writing this Java 11 is already released So as it happens with technology books they get older by the day The presentation of all new features is not deep but it is comprehensive enough to get a good idea of what is out there and offers good pointers to get info as necessary A good time saver and good starting point for a refresher

  4. Nathan Ormond Nathan Ormond says:

    Great book comprehensive will now make a handy reference manual after reading

  5. Burak Dede Burak Dede says:

    Nicely done Author gives the balance between too much boring detail and skimming the surface Book updated with newest featues like stream api nashorn engine diamond method handles and all other java78 features Not a great way to learn generics and collections topic especially with lambdasstreams book did not do a great job on those topics

  6. Shea Shea says:

    Great introduction to Java for someone who is already familiar with programming concepts

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