Tempting the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #1 PDF/EPUB Ï

Tempting the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #1 PDF/EPUB Ï

Tempting the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #1 ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Tempting the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #1 Author Sennah Tate – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Sarah is than just a curvy book obsessed librarian she’s a lady with secrets Magical secrets that cannot be revealed especially to the sexy new Director of her beloved library She’s got way too mu Sarah is than just a Tiger Palm PDF/EPUB À curvy book obsessed librarian she’s a lady with secrets Magical secrets that cannot be revealed especially to the sexy new Director of her beloved library She’s got way too much going on in her life to be checking out the boss much less investigating the strange phone calls he keeps getting that he won't explainSloan has a few furry secrets of his own shifting into a tiger for instance but he can’t seem to keep Tempting the Kindle - anything from Sarah The sexy little witch stirs his imagination and fills his dreams With a lot of flirting and a little time Sloan’s pretty damn sure he’ll lure Sarah into his bed Suddenly Sloan’s loyalties are thrown into uestion when the interests of the pack involve Sarah’s destruction and time uickly becomes his enemy All he wants is to get Sarah to take her hair down show her how good it can feel to let looseOnly Sloan might be the the Tiger Palm ePUB ´ one to lose his tightly held control and it just might spell disaster for his clan or his love Note Although best enjoyed together each book in the Palm Haven Shifters series are completely stand alone romance novellas each the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters PDF/EPUB ² with their own very satisfying HEA.

10 thoughts on “Tempting the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #1

  1. Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** says:

    dnf at 10% when my imagination came up with a smarmy guy trolling bars I lost interest in the hero“uad shot for Sexy?” the pimple faced barista rolled his eyes and called across the room clearly looking for a patron of the feminine persuasion He was about to be sorely disappointed              Sloan’s earlier flirtation with the register girl seemed distant and foolish now When she’d asked for a name for the order he’d simply said ‘Call me whatever you’re going to scream out later’oh virgin h manwhore H so many overused tropes already shoved into the first 10%

  2. A. Cook A. Cook says:

    Ended a little too uickly and never really get to know the main characters

  3. Sydney M Neblett Sydney M Neblett says:

    Get a gripThis was the first book I’ve read by this author and I enjoyed every minute of the experience I love the characters she spent so much time building them and intimately weaving them into the story that I really felt connected with the outcome Throughout the book there was an intensity that kept driving me to read another page and made the ending bittersweet I was so invested in the story that the ending felt rather abrupt But this couple reached their hard fought HEA and now I desperately need to read the next book to see what happens with the guardians of the library

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 FREE on today 8242020 🎁

  5. Cherri-Anne Cherri-Anne says:

    Resisting Sloan was torture Exhausting torture 5 GOLDEN TIGERSThe tiger was ready to pounce To claim her She was his prey and the hunt was on WOW This story is so STRIPETACULAR It's so PAWSITIVELY TIGERTASTIC Sennah's Tiger Witch are so magically delicious they're GRR R R EAT It's loaded with charm humor bad guys magic secrets friends love There is also all of that yummy naughty stuff too wink All PURRRFECTLY woven into one helluva spellbinding can't put down book that will tempt you to read it over over and over again And that's the magical beauty of ANY book by Sennah you CAN read them many times over and enjoy them just as much as the first time if not I ABSO FURRY LUTELY LOVE this one from start to finish From the moment we meet Sarah I couldn't help but love her She is just one of those characters that I LOVE to become living her story with her AS her and loving every single second of it dreamy sigh And then there is Sloan He could make me puurrrr any every day night ALL day night He is that PAWFECT mix of Bad Boy Fierce Protector and Naughty Tiger all rolled into one while being both SORRY No spoilers here droooool See why I WANT to be Sarah?? I love how rich the story is the depth attention to detail that Sennah gives to every part of it all while keeping me completely entertained CATIVATED so much so that I growled when I reached those two nasty words I hate so much The End GRRRRRR I was nowhere near ready to PAWS the story Thankfully I have book 2 already to go so I can continue my Sennah binge with only a minor interruption of switching books Every book of Sennah's that I have read so far I LOVE Using that naturally FURNOMENAL talent TIGERRIFIC genuine gift she crafts these SHIFTACULAR stories that I eagerly lose myself in becoming one with the characters their stories each and every single time No matter how many books of hers I have read no matter how many times I read them even if no especially if they are in the same series they are all uniue never cookie cutter and always PARANOMENAL

  6. Amber Daulton Amber Daulton says:

    Sarah is a librarian and a witch who cannot control her power She’s scared of this power and tries her best to keep to herself to not hurt other people When she meets the new director of the library her power goes even out of control because she feels an instant connection to him Sloan is a tiger shifter who bought out the library in order to discover if there are ley lines—powerful magical lines that crisscross under the ground beneath the library If there are ley lines he and his tiger clan want to control them to fight off the wolf and bear clans Sarah is the Guardian of the ley lines but doesn’t know it Sloan is hell bent on seducing her to discover if the lines really do exist In the process he realizes she’s his mate and must choose whether to obey the tiger clan and do their bidding or keep Sarah and the library safe There were a few typos but I enjoyed the author’s writing style Unfortunately I couldn’t connect with either Sarah or Sloan In my opinion Sarah was too wishy washing and Sloan didn’t seem strong enough The book didn’t really end on a cliffhanger but it feels like it did Even though Sarah gets her power under control and scares off the villain the bad guy will certainly cause problems later on The library and the ley lines are still in danger from the tiger clan and Sloan could be killed for siding with Sarah and not killing her as he should’ve done How will all this be resolved? I know there are books in the series but I thought this was the only book that focused on Sarah and Sloan 3 Stars Disclaimer – I downloaded this book free and volunteered to review it I am not compensated in any way shape or form for this honest review I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    Tldr distinctly meh A hot mess author has potential but needs a lot workThough I was born a Leo I've always had an affinity for tigers so any time I see a tiger shifterbook I snatch it up I think this author has a kernel of talent because despite this book being a hot mess there was something to it that was enjoyable However the kernel needed a lot time before being kicked into the world We're dropped into the middle of a world where a supernatural war seems to be looming and yet there's no world building and only minimal description The author was constantly writing things that were contradictory to something written earlier ie at first having sex recharges a witches energy and she already has too much then sex being the magical answer to fixing her overactive powers There were a few editing issues Though the sexy talk was hot the actual sex scenes were full of dripping folds and clenching channels In other words cringey Also maybe I missed something but the whole him ramming into her thing went astray My reading of it was her first interaction as a teenager went so poorly she shunned sex so she was either a virgin or celibate long enough that she might as well have been one The romantic and plot development both seem to skip ahead with no warning and the hea promised in the blurb didn't feel at all like a resolution The romance felt like it was just beginning and the plot wasn't resolved at all

  8. Lasasha Sharpe Lasasha Sharpe says:

    The setting and main characters were great I lobed both the main characters personality and how they needed one annother The enviornment of the story was great however so things about the plot I didnt uiet understand and the reason they were fighting unless I missed it somewhere The antagonist felt as if he was evil just because they needed him to be There was no reason for him to really go after the main protagonist Other than that is was a great lobe story and I cannot see where the next book lead readers

  9. Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth says:

    WhatWhat an amazing start to a series Sarah is a witch who has no control over her powers She is a uiet curvy librarian but could she really be ?Sloan is a tiger shifter who was sent by the clan he had abandoned years prior to do a job but Sarah was the key to his success Would he endanger her life to accomplish his goal?Excitement suspense and betrayal what can you ask for? Oh yaromance too 😉

  10. Anita Hargreaves Anita Hargreaves says:

    Seriesuick read but satisfying It does end on a slight cliff hanger with new characters introduced towards the end continuing on book 2 This story is about a Librarian witch unaware of her skills and an Alpha Tiger shapeshifter This series is set to be a war within the shapeshifters

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