The Lion's Lady PDF/EPUB ´ The Lion's eBook Í

The Lion's Lady PDF/EPUB ´ The Lion's eBook Í

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • The Lion's Lady
  • Julie Garwood
  • English
  • 09 February 2014
  • 9780671643607

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  1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    First off I need to say I loved the prologue It was so well written and touching that it left me feeling that Black Eagle and Merry were well deserving of their own storyChristina is one of the funniest of Garwood's characters I've read and Lyon the most determined Together they are a one of my favorite couples in the Crown Spies seriesOne of the best exchanges between Lyon and Christina takes place at their wedding reception Here is a snippet Lyon shook his head I can't take much of this crowd Let's leave I want to be alone with youNow?Now he announced To show her he'd meant exactly what he said he took hold of her hand and started pulling her out the front doorwayAunt Harriet cut them off at the bottom stepChristina had the good grace to look contrite Lyon looked exasperatedAunt Harriet didn't budge from her posistion She reminded Lyon of a centurion for her hands were settled on her hips her bosom was heaving forward like a solid plate of armorA smile suddenly softened her rigid stance I've put Christina's satchel inside your carriage Lyon You've lasted a good hour longer than I imagined you wouldAunt Harriet wrapped Christina in a suffocatingly affectionate hug then released her Be gentle this night she instructed LyonI shallIt was Christina who gave the promise Both Lyon and his aunt looked at her She means me Christina Lyon said drylyI'm not going to go on and on singing the praises of the hero and heroine Suffice it to say that this one is being added to my Must re read shelf

  2. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    One of my favorite Garwood books I love her heroines and Christina Bennett raised by Native American Indians is a fish out of water in Regency England Not that that stops her from taking the city by storm while riding bare back and finding her fierce Lyon Some classic LOL moments in this book And my favorite scene?Lyon dismounted slapped his horse on the hinduarters as a signal to take to the stables then called out to Christina's former butler Elbert? What are you doing with my shoes?The madam's orders my lord Elbert answered Didn't know a man could own so many boots he added Been at this task near an hour now Up the stairs and down the stairs then up Elbert? Give me the reason why Lyon interrupted his voice irritated And what are you doing at Lyonwood? Did Christina invite you to visit? Hired me sir Elbert announced I'm to be Brown's assistant Did you know how worried she was about me? She knew I wouldn't last with the old bat Your misses has a good heart I'll do my part my lord I won't be a shirking me responsibilities to youChristina did have a good heart His gentle wife knew Elbert wouldn't be able to find work with anyone else He was simply too old too feeble I'm sure you'll do fine Elbert Lyon said Glad to have you on staffThank you my lord Elbert returnedLyon notice Brown standing in the open doorway then His butler looked upset Good afternoon my lord Brown called out It is so very good to have you back he added His voice sounded strained to Lyon relieved as well Did you see your shoes sir?I'm not blind man Of course I saw them Would you care to explain what in thunderation is going on? Your wife's order Brown announcedPast wife Elbert interjected with a cackleLyon took a deep breath What are you talking about? He addressed his uestion to Brown believing his young butler would make sense than the old man snickering with laughter behind himYou're being divorced my lordI'm what?Brown's shoulders sagged He knew his lord wasn't going to take the news well DivorcedCast out my lord pushed aside forgotten dead in her heart I get you meaning Elbert Lyon muttered in exasperation I'm aware of what the word divorce meansLyon continued into the house The old servant shuffled after him Those were her very words My mistress is divorcing you the way her people do She said it was uite all right to get rid of a husband You have to find someplace else to liveI what? Lyon asked certain he hadn't heard correctlyBrown's insistent nod indicated he hadYou're cast out pushed aside For God's sake Elbert cease your litany Lyon demanded He turned back to Brown What is the significance of the shoes?They signify your departure my lord Brown saidThe butler tried not to stare at the incredulous look on his master's face He was in jeopardy of losing his control He stared at the floor insteadLet me get this straight in my mind Lyon muttered My wife believes the house belongs to her?And your mother of course Brown blurted out She's keeping herBrown was biting his lower lip Lyon thought he might be trying not to laughOf course Lyon drawledElbert tried to be helpful once again It's the way her people do he interjected his voice gratingly cheerfulWhere is my wife? Lyon asked ignoring Elbert's commentsHe didn't wait for his servants to answer him but took the stairs two at a time to reach the bedrooms A sudden thought made him pause Did she cut her hair? he called outShe did Elbert shouted before Brown could open his mouth It's the way of it Elbert insisted Once the hair's cut well then you're as good as dead to her You're set aside cast I've gotten her message Lyon shouted Brown bring my shoes inside Elbert go sit somewhereWell worth the read

  3. NMmomof4 NMmomof4 says:

    4 StarsOverall Opinion This was a cute story full of some fun banter and great characters I enjoyed it I'm liking what I've been doing lately with throwing in some historical romances along with my go to contemporary romances just to mix things up So if you have any great HR books that you'd recommend please let me know The characters in this were both really likable and I really enjoyed the banter and miscommunication between them I had uite a few moments where my husband and kids gave me funny looks because I was literally laughing out loud and that alone says this worked for meBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Christina and Lyon's story They meet when Christina is new in town with her aunt and Lyon is instantly intruiged by her odd ways and mysterious past After a few flirty encounters they find it hard to fight the pull they feel towards one another When Christina finds out she must marry someone within the next few months in order to get the inheritance from her grandfather Lyon is the first person she thinks of for the job There is some family and friend drama a little suspense some sexy times and some laugh out loud momentsand they get a HEA endingPOV This alternated between focusing mainly on Christina and Lyon in third person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Good The first chapter was a little slow but I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well otherwiseInstalove No but instant connection and attractionH rating 45 stars Lyon I liked him He was possessive but not OTT sweet and sexyh rating 45 stars Christina I really liked her She was strong and sweet and she wouldn't let the H get away with anythingSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoilerThe h pushes away emotionally for a while ecause of her upbringing The H is the main pursuer of the relationship hide spoiler

  4. Dina Dina says:

    Another Garwood another fun read It must be my destiny to read and enjoy all her books This book is set in the Regency Era but it's far from being a typical Regency Romance Yes you have the ton the balls and the somewhat rakish hero but you also have a most unusual heroine a white Englishwoman who has been raised by and is a proud member of the savage Dakota tribe of Native American indians Very interestingWhen she was only 2 years old Christina Bennett was adopted by the Dakotas after a series of events that ended with her English mother being murdered while trying to escape her Christina's vicious father The story takes off when Christina almost 19 years old now returns to England to avenge her mother's death and to finally fulfill a promise her deceased mother was unable to see through She's introduced to the ton as Princess Christina and the air of mystery that surrounds her past entices and charms the English breed that's how she calls them in her mindLyon the Maruess of Lyonwood is a scowling and feared member of the English breed who due to his 1st wife and his brother's betrayal doesn't trust easily When he meets Christina at a party the strong attraction between them is unexpected and he's intrigued enough to follow her and try to unearth her mysterious past He's a former spy and confident enough to believe he'll make Christina tell him all her secrets in no time To his surprise he soon finds out that she's a master at evading his uestions and confusing the hell out of him with her lying skillsChristina tries to stay away from Lyon not only to save her disguise but also to save her heart She intends to go back to her Dakota family as soon as her task in England is completed and she knows that won't happen if she falls in love with Lyon Obviously destiny plays its hand and Lyon and Christina end up married ; But the HEA is still far away as Christina hasn't come clean about herself to Lyon and her life might still be in danger Will Lyon be able to protect her if he doesn't know what's happening?I really enjoyed this read especially the way Ms Garwood chose to reveal what Christine's reason for returning to England was See Christina's mother left her a journal narrating the events that led to her untimely death and asking Christina to unmask her Christina's evil father and avenge her death Each chapter of this book begins with an excerpt from that journal and it was very nicely doneLyon and Christina were also very likable He was the typical Garwood hero strong dominant protective and utterly arrogant but he's so completely in love with Christina that I can't help forgiving and loving him Just because this is Romancelandia of course In real life I'd have to smack him in the head and leave him in the dust LOL Luckily for him Christina was than a match for him and she knows when to listen to him and when to ignore his lectures completely Atta girlSo why wasn't this a 5 star read to me? Well as much as I had fun with Lyon and Christina's banter her refusal to tell him the truth about her past lasted longer than I liked How many times the man had to tell and show her he loved her before she trusted him? Silly girl I also felt a little unhappy unfulfilled with the ending Have no fear the HEA was there and it was definitive But I couldn't help wondering about Christina's Dakota family As the book ends she's happily settled and reproducing with Lyon in England and there's no mention of her ever visiting her NA family again I know that traveling from England to the American colonies and back wasn't an easy feat in their time but I was annoyed by the fact that Christina didn't seem that upset by the idea of never seeing her family again Just sayin'

  5. MG *Bury Me with My Kindle.. & a REALLY Long Charger* MG *Bury Me with My Kindle.. & a REALLY Long Charger* says:

    45 the lyon finds his lioness starsThis is the first book in Garwood's Crown Spies series that focuses on the men and in a few cases women that worked for British Intelligence in the late early 1800's Alexander Michael Phillips the Maruess of Lyonswood Lyon to those who know him is retiring from working for the government after many years of service to the crown He is also never getting married again after losing his wife and child in childbirth not so much because he mourns their loss but so because the child was not his it was his brother's; thus he has serious trust issues when it comes to the fairer sex Yet here he is out at a society function for the first time in a very long time as escort to his younger sister who is having her first season when he hears of an interesting new arrival Princess Christina Little is known about her background except that she is the daughter of a gentleman and she was not raised in England as her history only goes back two months' time to when she arrived to live with her aunt A good mystery has always intrigued Lyon and though he has given intelligence gathering up the official capacity his curiosity gets the better of him especially when he meets her and sees that she is not only the most beautiful woman he has ever seen but is also very different from any lady he has ever known Until very recently Christina lived with a Native American tribe and was raised as one of them though her tribal parents hired a tutor for her to learn white language and mannerisms as they knew eventually she would need to return to England to assume her position among the other young ladies of her ilk As the story unfolds the reader gets pieces of a journal Christina's mother wrote before she passed away and the story of how she ended up in the Dakotas with the tribe is revealed Christina must return to claim her heritage or it will default to her father a man she knows from her mother's entries to be ruthless and cruel; thus she refuses to allow that to happen To ensure it does not Christina must marry before her 19th birthday which is only a few weeks away She plans to be married temporarily as she wishes most to return to where she considers her home to be with her tribe but once she meets Lyon she cannot deny that spending time with him holds uite a bit of appealThe or less Lyon learns about Christina the he is intrigued who is this woman and where did she come from? Her mannerisms and misuse of the English language amuse him and her passion sets him on fire As much as he swore to never give his heart to a woman again he cannot help but fall in love with Christina But can Lyon convince her to stay with him? And what will happen when her life is in danger? What I liked The banter between the mcs is fun and funny Christina's oddities make her all the likeable as the h of the story one of my favorite parts is when Lyon is observing his very nervous fiancee out on the lawn with the other ladies from a window where his friend asks which one she is his response the one eating the shrubbery Lyon is the damaged alpha male you just can't help but swoon over Very fast moving plot with numerous moving pieces but not too many to confuse things STEAMY goodnessWhat I didn't like as much A couple inconsistencies for example James was the oldest brother yet while he was alive Lyon was known as LyonMaruess of Lyonswood that shouldn't have been the case if he was the 2nd son andor his title should have changed when James died I wish that Diana Lyon's younger sister and his friend got their own story they were fun characters that could have been explored much Lyon's mother was an annoying plot point than anything else and didn't really lend much to the storyOverall a signature Garwood story with all the elements I enjoy likeable characters mysteryintriguedanger uick moving story line steamy goodness galore and a satisfying HEAPlot 455Main Characters 455Supporting Cast 455Steam Level 45Violence nothing graphicLanguage not egregiousPOV 3rdNote that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it 05 clean; 15 mild; 25 sensual but nothing descriptive; 35 now we're getting somewhere; 45 yes please ; 55 they did EVERYTHING in this one y'all

  6. ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader says:

    This book was fun I had a blast with the banter between Christina and Lyon Its not one of my favorites by Julie Garwood but it was a good book overall

  7. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    I forgot how funny this story wasJulie Garwood was one of the first romance authors I read as a teenager and her historical romances are still my favourites Sassy heroines and bossy heroes are something that Ms Garwood excels at The Lion's Lady gives us a fantastic and original character in Christina who sleeps on the floor because it's comfortable with a knife under her pillow Lyon is gruff and snarly on the outside with a loving inside that he shares only with Christina The two of them appear so different but as we get to know them realise they're both warriors I loved that Lyon could scream the house down in displeasure and Christina would yell right back She wasn't intimidated and gave back as good as she gotUnfortunately the narrator did not live up to my expectations Her reading was fine but her character portrayals when doing the dialogue was not my favourite Every time Christina has to whisper something it made me shudder and she did a LOT of whispering Lyon was a bit nasally Not all accents or characters were bad but the worst ones were Lyon's and Christina's which alas were the most usedEven though the narrator wasn't my favourite listening to The Lion's Lady was a lot of fun I was laughing out loud at the clashes between combatants when Lyon wanted to protect his lioness and his lioness had just sharpened her claws for the fight I did not remember laughing this much when I was younger but maybe I didn't get married humour back in the dayI will definitely listen to in this series sometime in the future Not changing my rating here as I love the story I would allocate 3 stars for the audio though

  8. CC CC says:

    Totally loved this story Loved the prologue Laughed a lot My only complaint was Christina's patience with her aunt But I loved her and Lyon Wished they had gone to visit her family though Minor OW drama Former paramour tried to warn her off Christina gave her ALOT tan she was expecting It was hilarious

  9. Gi& Gi& says:

    ADORED this one even then The Bride Perfect hero and heroine I loved how enchanted by her he was from the very beginning And her wild spirit and sassiness were fantastic They really brought to surface his OTT alpha protectiveness even though she could defend herself better than anyone and possessiveness as well as love and caring Completely swoon worthy Lyon and his Lioness really were PERFECT

  10. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    Knife attributed to Crazy Horse; on display at crazyhorsememorialorg★★★★★ This is a review of the audiobook Man oh man Susan Duerden does a wonderful job of narrating this one Her voices are spot on especially her despicable Aunt Patricia Her pacing is good her male voices are than acceptable I liked her accents and inflections and she sounds interested in the story Always a plusSurprisingly my least favorite voice was Christina’s the heroine’s making her sound – I thought at first – a bit too young While I loved her toddler Christina declaring “My Eagle” I had to step back and think about how she does her as a young lady I didn't realize how much Christina switched dispositions flying off the handle at Lyon the hero or starts crying However Christina at 18 is young; alas honestly Ms Duerden delivered her multiple moods and tones suitably too Being a big Julie Garwood fan I just have to re read one of her Historical Romances every once in a while I say “re read” because she has gone on to Contemporary and Romantic Suspense Luckily some of her older Historical Romances are coming out on audio now The Lion's Lady spans from an Indian encampment in the early American West to the ballrooms of Regency England where Princess Christina finds Lyon the Maruis of Lyonwood her destiny and her warrior There is a lot of humor and fun in this novel à la Garwood as Christina is a charming fish out of water Nevertheless it is eually a good mystery with the right amount of suspense for a Historical Romance novel Each chapter starts with another snippet from Christina’s mother’s journal which reveals of why she fled her country while pregnant with Christina This is a novel filled with memorable secondary characters Of course there is the malicious machinating Aunt Patrica – a woman I love to hate Other brilliant secondary characters are Lyon’s best friend Rhone who comes with his own little mystery and Lyon’s naive – and oblivious – younger sister Diana who gushes awkwardly over the newly arrived Princess and worries over what she’ll do with her grief stricken mother I also enjoyed the unsavory cutthroats in Bleak Bryan’s tavern who become bespelled with the fiercely independent Princess Still if you want to read my favorite scene in the book look at my review of the paperback edition here Ms Duerden does a delicious Elbert too which elevates this hilarious scene between perplexed master Christina’s ancient servant and Lyon’s young butler Brown LOLI highly recommend this audiobook All in all a GoodRead – or listen Crazy Horse was NOT depicted in this novel; however he was from the Dakota area which is where Christina was raised I thought her knife which played such a major role in the story could have looked like this oneFrom Wiki Crazy Horse literally “His Horse Is Crazy” or “His Horse Is Spirited” was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota He took up arms against the US Federal government to fight against encroachments on the territories and way of life of the Lakota people including leading a war party to victory at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in June 1876

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The Lion's Lady[Read] ➪ The Lion's Lady By Julie Garwood – 1810 She has taken London society by storm Christina Bennett the ravishing beauty with the mysterious past Rumor whispers she is a princess from a far off kingdom on the continent But only she holds t She has taken London society by storm Christina Bennett the ravishing beauty with the mysterious past Rumor whispers she is a princess from a far off kingdom on the continent But only she holds the secret until the night Lord Alexander Michael Phillips Maruis of Lyonwood steals a searching sensuous kiss A proud arrogant nobleman The Lion's eBook Í with a pirate's passions he tastes the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina's cool charm and swears to possess her before he is doneBut Lyon soon discovers that his dream of conuest will not be easily satisfied The feisty and defiant Christina has no fear of him or of any other man She alone is master of her heart mistress of her fortune And though Lyon's hungry caresses dizzy her senses though his fierce embrace arouses her desire she will not surrender to his love For if she does she must also forsake at last her precious secret and her promised destiny.

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With than million books in print and NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers Julie Garwood has earned a position among America's favorite fiction writersBorn and raised in Kansas City MO Ms Garwood attributes much of her success to growing up in a large family of Irish heritage The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all The Lion's eBook Í of the details and nuances of every situation Add in the fa.