Paperback ¾ Breaking Through PDF/EPUB å

Paperback ¾ Breaking Through PDF/EPUB å

Breaking Through [Download] ➾ Breaking Through ➹ Francisco Jiménez – A la edad de catorce anos Francisco Jimenez junto con su madre y Roberto su hermano mayor es capturado por la migra Obligada a abandonar su hogar en California la familia entera viaja en autobus duran A la edad de catorce anos Francisco Jimenez junto con su madre y Roberto su hermano mayor es capturado por la migra Obligada a abandonar su hogar en California la familia entera viaja en autobus durante veinte horas hasta llegar a la frontera mexicano estadounidense en Nogales Arizona En los meses y anos subsiguientes Francisco su madre y su padre asi como su hermana y sus cuatro hermanos no solo luchan para mantener junta a su familia sino ue enfrentan tambien una aplastante pobreza largas horas de trabajo y flagrantes prejuicios racistas La manera en ue ellos logran mantener su esperanza tenacidad y generosa bondad se revela en esta emocionante continuacion de Cajas de carton Sin amargura ni sentimentalismo Francisco Jimenez termina de contar la historia de su juventud Una vez mas sus palabras sencillas pero potentes permitiran a los lectores abrir sus mentes y sus corazones La fotografia en la cubierta es del autor edad de trece anos en el Rancho Bonetti en Santa Maria California Fotografia en la cubierta cortesia de Francisco Jimenez.

About the Author: Francisco Jiménez

Francisco Jimenez emigrated from Tlauepaue Mexico to California where he worked for many years in the fields with his family He received both his master's degree and his PhD from Columbia University and is now chairman of the Modern Languages and Literature Department at Santa Clara University the setting of much of Reaching Out He is the award winning author of The Circuit Breaking Thr.

10 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I purchased a classroom set of this book prior to reading it What relief to find that I did not make a huge and expensive mistake The story is clear and simply written The authenticity of the writer's voice is the strength of the story What captivated me as a reader was Jimenez' ability to bring honesty to a difficult relationship with his father and a challenging up bringing with such sensitivity to the people who experienced it with him In particular I was moved by the way he described his fatherWith such subtly and compassion he shows how his father's hopes are diminished by a system of poverty and discrimination that eat away at his hope In turn he takes out his crushing defeat on those he loves the most his family Jimenez shows the reader the realities of living in such a space but he does this without demonizing those who suffer the greatest under its restraints I respected his ability to bring about these complexities with such humanity Jimenez demonstrates a level of trust in his reader He does not become didactic or ideological in his telling of the story Something I have found in many stories that deal with issues of poverty discrimination and racism Instead he shares his experiences outright This storytelling style provided me with the space to receive the story without feeling defensive or apologetic Rather I felt able to travel through time and space open to share in Jimenez' experiences as a desperate young man I longed for and agonized over each success Pancho achieved I worried How long would this last? At what point would the reality of being an undocumented migrant farmhand consume Francisco? I could only imagine how it must have been for the young Jimenez The story is both inspiring and heartbreaking Jimenez speaks to possibility against all odds However despite my sense of joyous celebration felt for Jimenez I left he story recognizing that his memoir is amazing because it is so uncommon 15% of migrant workers in the US graduate from high school Most begin working around the age of 12 and continue to work to help support their families The majority of those engaged in such work live well below the poverty line I am not sharing statistics from the 1940s and 50s the time in which the story takes place I am sharing statistics from the last two decades Jimenez is rare His determination paid off In part due to the support of those around him I fear the reader would be engaging in a very different kind of story if even the slightest wind had blown in a different direction It is hard not to consider the outcome if he had worked with a different school counselor What if his father failed to secure a green card for him? What if the family could not find money and he was forced back into the fields full time? His success was tenuous I have seen first hand how one small shift can change everythingI did not leave this book with the sense that the American dream can be realized if one works hard prays hard and has hope I have seen too many people cling to all three only to live a life much like that of Francisco's father I left the book wondering about the people Jimenez left behind I found myself consumed with the fate of his siblings and parents I then I started to consider those today who face a similar struggle I worry that a reader may leave the book believing that breaking through is only a matter of determination Sadly I have seen people with extraordinary determination battle against the inhumanity Jimenez and his family faced only to be crushed by its unforgiving realities I leave the story uestioning how to get breaking through

  2. Julia Julia says:

    I first picked up this book because actually my Dad was reading it and he recommended it to me He told me the basic summary of it how a boy was living in CA so many years ago working jobs to support his family and not even really thinking about himself I got interested so I decided to read this book The first time I read the book my initial reaction was wow I have read other books about how a child was the hero unwittingly and a bit too boastful and predictable but this is truly from the heart I mean I know the situation right now is not exactly the same as it was long ago right now in the United States Well not for tweens beg teenagers But my first reaction was how Francisco handled so much things he had going on for him I mean he was working early in the day to late in the afternoon to night to support his family yet he was going to the library after school to read and do homework and lastly he was running for class body president and he won Also he was very much liked and popular at his high school and his grades were good especially his math He excelled in math I mean this is one story that I will forget and will read it again and again to try to be like Francisco I learned some very important life lessons and some creative study methods for studying for tests etc This is my second time reading the book I have read the preuel The Circuit The Circuit is also really good includes his child life to teenager I'm going to read this book again sometime soon and learn about his life and how he handled it The thing that I will take with me forever to the real world now is his courage and endurance to keep going even at when it's so hard you want to stop Don't Stop Keep going and everything will be all right

  3. Ali Burns Ali Burns says:

    This was a great book that was assigned to my z level reading group this year by my 5th grade teacher It really made you think as in how thankful you should be to have a home food nice clothes schooling and not having to live in poverty In this book there are 5 children that are Mexican's the main characters name is Franscisco and he is extremly poor along with the rest of his family His father and other brothers work for very little to nothing They reminded me a little bit of slaves becasue they werent really payed and they had to raise cattle and pick crops and cotton It really did make me stop taking everything for grantid we are very lucky to live in a time where most of this is over but unfortunatly it still does still exist sometimes This is a great book for any age

  4. LARRY LARRY says:

    As posted in I bought Breaking Through without realizing that it was a seuel to The Circuit Nonetheless you aren't lost if you start with Breaking Through I loved this memoir because it was one of the best portrayal of a migrant family This memoir chronicled the life of Francisco Jimenez from the time that him and his family entered America from Mexico to his entrance into college The Jimenez family saved up some money and entered into Mexico illegally They were soon caught after a time and deported back However they were able to get papers and return Despite living in the land of freedom and opportunities the family has to work hard in order to survive They worked in strawberry fields lettuce patches and cleaned buildings Francisco is loving school yet struggled to stay on top as he also has to work His older brother did well in school but worked nearly as much as their often ill father did The mother stayed home and took care of the children However she often substituted in their work when needed Breaking Through is a story of a family working together It's also a story of one finding one's own identity in America It's also a story of one trying to achieve the American dream You'll laugh You'll cry If you don't understand the Mexican culture you'll find yourself puzzled at some things Coming from a Hispanic family I found myself nodding and taking strolls in memory lane Overall it's easy reading for a great book

  5. Emme Emme says:

    Breaking Through is a good book because it has faith hope and trust The setting of the book is in the Great Depression This family worked in the fields picking crops They had to move around to find work This family is trying to get to California to get their jobs back Their jobs were taken from them when they were sent back to Mexico by immigration officers The kids have gotten a passport to America but their parents could not get a passport so the kids went to America so they could work and earn money They wanted to send for their parents when they had enough money in this book the mane cricter is a 16 year old boy named Fansisco Hemenes how has to worc vary hade to ceap his vary poor family aliv despit heis strugls and wores he exsels in school and was a vary smart doy but this fasinating boy did not do it on his one he had help from his big brother roberto

  6. Naomi Hernandez Naomi Hernandez says:

    I am a freshman in high school and was reuired to read this book for my Spanish class This book was a very realistic description of a life as an immigrant in the United States It described the difficulties of learning a new language and providing for your family with low paying jobs My favorite part of the book was when Francisco’s parents went to his high school graduation with him It was touching because it showed their love for him I related to Francisco because he had ambitious goals Francisco wanted to complete high school and college to be successful I have a goal to complete high school and college with a 40 so that I can get a high paying job

  7. Valeria Ambriz Valeria Ambriz says:

    I liked this book and I also read the book before this one that is called The circuit they were both good books and I liked what it was about and what Francisco had to pass for when the immigration got him and Roberto and him not knowing English and him studying during he was working it must be really difficult

  8. Rachel Distelrath Rachel Distelrath says:

    Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez is about a young boy giving his first person account of being an immigrant into California from Mexico His family experiences deportation when they fail to give proof for some of their children living in America Francisco talks about his time in junior high and high school and how he had to work everyday after school and through the weekends to support his family Francisco is really close with his brother Roberto so he always has someone to work with and talk to Francisco excels in school and extracurricular activities During his senior year he is even named his class President Francisco struggles with being different in America in comparison to other people around him In small instances he is the victim of discrimination in particular when dating a girl and her parents not liking him He tells everyone he was born in California when really he was born in Mexico his is too afraid to admit the truth He is proud of his family but hates struggling and having to work long hours while maintaining good grades Francisco ends up getting scholarships to attend college and leaves his family but leaves the reader with a sense of pride he has for his family and the meaning of hard work This is not a book I would typically read But I really enjoyed it and it was an extremely fast read Francisco is a really likeable character He works really hard and is able to do well in school Even though he is faced with adversity due to his circumstances he is able to overcome them with grace I think many people would enjoy this book because it is really conversational and easy to follow It has many great life lessons incorporated as well I would recommend this book to students from early middle school to late high school I think it is a book many students could relate to even if they were not Mexican The main character is a really genuine person and I think many students would like that about him The book is also really easy and fast and many students would appreciate that I would recommend the book to students who may be struggling in poverty or working a job on the side to support themselves or their family Like I previously mentioned this book is extremely relatable for anyone and I know many future students would enjoy it

  9. Eddy Cach Eddy Cach says:

    Breaking ThroughFansico Jimenez193Genre biography and autobiographyReading level55Exposition this book takes back in the late 5060 in a labor camp A child was born in mexico and at a young age he crossed the us boarder with his family After some time of living in the labor camp he always had anxiety on working with his brother mother and father After a couple of years his mother got pregnant and he had the opportunity to start working As a child he always thought that work was going to be fun Now that he is much older he knows he isn’t doing this for fun any he is doing this for the better of his family With little money almost al his clothes were hand me downs by his older brother Conflict the conflict in his life is going to college Since he works at a labor camp they don’t pay much And college is expensive His parents cant afford to send him off while there is still work to be done By work I mean picking fuits in a field He has a younger sister and four other brothers He is the second to oldest child in his family So they need support to stay togetherClimax after studying hard and working most of the time he found out about scholarships At first he was confused about people giving free money for school He starts to talk and with his counselor about ways to get into college and get scholarships for the time he will spend there so he works even harder to help his family and works even harder in schoolResolution at the end he gets accepted to Santa Clara university he got a scholarship for the 4 years he will remain in college his younger brother made a promise to Fransico on helping out in the fields while he is gone his mother and father were upset that he was leaving and going somewhere they arent going to be able to visit him in a little way they alwso were proud on him pushing himself forwards and being able to get education than anyone in their family he is the first child in his entire family to be able to go to school after highschool and have it all paid for himfor this part i will choose a theme in this bookResolution i believe that in this book and The Catcher In The Rye

  10. Carlos Omar Carlos Omar says:

    In memoir Breaking Through by Francisco JimenezThis kid named Francisco crossed the border illegally when he was a little kid with all his family He studied in Santa Clara but one day when he was in eighth grade the police patrol found him and wanted to kick him out of the country However when the police patrol went with his dad Francisco’s Dad showed the police the Green Card it’s a card that if you cross the border illegally Americans can help you to stay in the country and the police patrol left them alone Francisco continued with his life and that was the end of the first book of three booksAt the star of the second book Francisco the protagonist of this book was in his Freshmen year at Santa Clarita High School He made a lot of friends and studied really hard He was also learning a new language English and the teachers helped him a lot He grew as a student and made relationships When he was in Junior year his dad hurt his back and he couldn’t work so Francisco and his big brother worked to give his family food When he was in Senior year he received a scholarship from a college for his grades and he went to collegeI really like this book because the story teach you is always a solution of a problem and working hard you going to have what you deserve and also I feel identified with some parts of the book because I’m studying on US and I sometimes across the line and that make me remember the book history but in this last months I’m Living in Tijuana so I always remember the book history when I going to the schoolI think that if you like to read happy stories you should read this book because you can learn that if a person starts out with a really bad life with the passage of time they can strive in what they want to be in their life This is a good book to read

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