Night Train to Nykobing: A Novel PDF/EPUB ✓ to

Night Train to Nykobing: A Novel PDF/EPUB ✓ to

Night Train to Nykobing: A Novel (Fiction) ➶ [Reading] ➸ Night Train to Nykobing: A Novel (Fiction) By Kristjana Gunnars ➫ – A woman hopelessly in love boards the night train to NykA bing Denmark not knowing if the lover she leaves behind will ever be with her again Then through attempts to write her distant lover a letter A woman hopelessly in love boards to Nykobing: MOBI ó the night train to NykA bing Denmark not knowing if the lover she leaves behind will ever be with her again Then through attempts to write her distant lover a letter she knows will Night Train PDF or never be sent she recounts a long vigil inspired by love and her conspiracy with a waiting heart Night Train to NykA bing is a transformative tale that articulates the dense codes of love and the intensity of a life on Train to Nykobing: PDF/EPUB À the edge of abandonment But this also is a story of return finally to a heart that has wandered through the desert of time.

5 thoughts on “Night Train to Nykobing: A Novel (Fiction)

  1. Tung Tung says:

    The title of this novella at 95 pages it isn’t a novel comes from the primary framework of the plot a woman boards a train headed to Nykobing Denmark and leaves behind her lover at the station Which leads me to my one massive criticism of the book there is nothing else to the plot whatsoever The bulk of this story is a series of snippets of the woman’s thought processes and emotions And these thoughts and emotions are spread throughout time We get pieces and memories of the woman’s life with her lover and with relatives before and after the train station event We also get snippets that occur all over the globe some of these snippets are from Canada and the others all over Europe Paris to Denmark to Norway But nothing really happens We don’t get an explanation of why they part or how they met or any other actual storyline I get the point that Gunnars is trying to convey that our lives – and especially our lives within complex relationships – are not linear and our relationships are often combinations of these non linear events and feelings and memories That doesn’t make the thinness of this novella’s plot any better In the book the main character often shares her thoughts about books she has read and at the end of the book she shares the following “I put down the book by Clarise Lispector I have been reading all along The Stream of Life It is a short book only seventy pages It is chaotic and formless There is no pattern or development” That perfectly captures Gunnars’ own work I would rate this book lower except the prose is really pretty terrific Gunnars has written several collections of poetry and you can certainly see her poet’s background in the prose Every sentence is concise with well chosen words Paragraphs were filled with evocative language with whole sentences that on their own could stand as poems A beautifully written but ultimately shallow read

  2. Mark Lisac Mark Lisac says:

    Not a novel not even a novella given its lack of a straight line narrative More like fragments of poetry assembled in somewhat random order between a beginning and an end enigmatic as the end is The poetic prose —and it's a plain unforced accessible poetry — gives the book its allure I'd be tempted to give it 4 stars except that I didn't like the way uotations from various authors kept popping up even if the narrator does teach literature at a university Is there a point to the story? The narrator mentions a theory that our expectations determine how our worlds unfold She seems to decide in the end that it's best not to have expectations and simply to meet life as courageously and joyfully as possible No guarantee that this interpretation is correct Enjoyed the book and was impressed at Gunnars' ability to make simple sentences attractive and meaningful although I was glad it was a one day read

  3. David David says:

    Night Train to Nykøbing by Kristjana Gunnars is an episodic novella There are no chapters The episodes are short often only a few paragraphs The story is simple but made convoluted by jumping between British Columbia and Denmark and by rearranging the chronology The gist of the story is straight forward The narrator wonders if she has made a mistake Should she commit to her fiance or not? There is no dramatic tension There is a lot of odd uotes from how to write books The little episodes are informative in their own right but the whole doesn't eual the sum of the pieces

  4. Daniel Kukwa Daniel Kukwa says:

    It's written in a very soothing manner but for such a small book it felt like ages were passing as I read it Perhaps it has an identity crisis a book that seems like it would rather be poetry than prose It felt like I wasn't getting anywhere fast trying to read this

  5. Rick Rick says:

    Called a novel the book is very slim less than a hundred small pages so a novella The author was born in Iceland and is of Scandinavian heritage but is a Canadian citizen The book has an evocative almost film noir cover a station platform steam billowing from the engine into the night a silhouetted figure with a bag in each hand I bought the book some years ago it’s copyrighted 1998 and only picked it up recently because I was going away for the weekend and knew I would finish the book I was taking so needed something else to the ready Its slenderness was a decisive trait as I sifted through the stacks of unread books on the dining room bookshelfDespite all this near randomness Night Train to Nykobing is a perfect companion read to BS Johnson’s The Unfortunates Gunnars’ protagonist is a female academic with an ancestry similar to hers who gives up two homes in western Canada to pursue a relationship with a new lover The tale is told in small vignettes that seem to bounce back and forth across time fairly randomly so the effect is of a prose mosaic with bound signatures But sometimes we are before the relationship resolves itself sometimes after it Sometimes we are with them together in various places but most often we are with her waiting her mind tracking the strands of her life leading into and out of the now and why of her lifeAlso like Johnson with The Unfortunates the writer is aware that she is writing a book and knows that the reader therefore is reading one and addresses us directly shares sources and rationales Unlike Johnson she is sure of herself reflective and less whiney—Johnson has an agitated sureness the blustery aggressiveness of someone in a bar whose attitude rather than argument is the stronger force in his case Her prose is less antsy surefooted over the shifting landscapes of British Columbia Denmark Paris and the interior landscape of waiting“To say what is To be in my own story and not someone else’s That is what I saw in Clarise Lispector’s book She seized her own story and held it The way a tiny Rufous Hummingbird holds on to the naked branch below The branch stand straight into the sky without leaves and on the very tip is a red throated hummingbird ticking for a new aerial display It is his desire to fling straight up and then throw himself down at breakneck speed I know it is not an easy flight he is about to make But he will I know he will”

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