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Monita Secreta I Was There, Veser Said Calmly As If Time Travel Was Normal It Can T Be True Time Travel Is Impossible But It Was True And He Was There At The Berlin Wall In On The Train With Lenin In At The Meeting With Wilhelm I At Ems In And In Cracow, Poland In Where Cardinal Acquavia Had Just Completed The Monita Secreta, A Jesuit Document With A Machiavellian Message Veser And His Young Journalist Colleague Follow This Document As It Travels Through History Until It Eventually Evolves Into A Secret Society Dedicated To Changing The World It Was Veser S Friend, Dr Reesek Who D First Discovered How People Could Travel Through Time When He Was Murdered By The Monita Secreta, Veser Became Obsessed With Exposing The Murderer And Sabotaging Their Attempts At Corrupting The Course Of HistoryTime Travel Secret Societies Conspiracy Murder The Monita Secreta Explores The Hidden Power Of The Mind And The Impossible Dream Of Visiting The Past Time Travel Becomes The Tool Used To Expose The Threat Of Secret Societies In A World Where Globalization Has Become The New Political Order

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