➠ Marching to a Different Accordion (Chase Banter Trilogy Book 2) Ebook ➦ Author Saxon Bennett – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk

➠ Marching to a Different Accordion (Chase Banter Trilogy Book 2)  Ebook ➦ Author Saxon Bennett – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 293 pages
  • Marching to a Different Accordion (Chase Banter Trilogy Book 2)
  • Saxon Bennett
  • English
  • 18 June 2019

Marching to a Different Accordion (Chase Banter Trilogy Book 2) Chase Banter Had Thought She D Adjusted Completely To The Demands Of Parenthood She S Not Disconcerted By Her Four Year Old Daughter S Budding Genius, Or The First Encounter With The PTA Her Writing Career Has Hit Bumpy Roads On Her Latest Tour, Though, And Then Things Don T Go So Well When Denizens Of The PTA Mention Books And Banning In The Same Sentence.Her BFF Lacey Has A Plan It S Simple World Wide Domination Empower Their Inner Lesbian Superhero And Take Over It S A Lesbian Nation Rumble As They Raise The Forces Of Revolution The PTA Isn T Going To Know What Hit Them Join Saxon Bennett On Yet Another Goldie Award Winning Wild Ride Through The Quirky Life Of Chase Banter Goldie Award Winner, Book 2 In The Chase Banter Trilogy

About the Author: Saxon Bennett

Saxon Bennett is an admitted bibliophile and has the bookcases to prove it Her favorite book is Harriet the Spy She grew up among the pine trees of Washington where she learned to be a Keeper of Odd Knowledge with a special liking for new words the queerer the better She has a penchant for inspirational quotes the motivational the better A serious aficionado of pie, she also drinks a

10 thoughts on “Marching to a Different Accordion (Chase Banter Trilogy Book 2)

  1. says:

    I love Addison and Bud This book cracked me up.

  2. says:

    A bipolar woman struggles to address a group.The author has created a believable story about the antics two people go through when one of them has a problem of meeting and knowing how to conduct herself in front of other people Delightful story Enjoy

  3. says:

    Two thumbs up An excellent continuation of Family Affair You want nuts Read this book and you ll get it in multiple As a reader said in the review it was comedic neurotic fun and I totally agree Highly recommend

  4. says:

    This is a nice story Sometime I got lost with all the fancy words I thought the first book was better, although this one was hilarious at times Nice love scenes with a nice ending.

  5. says:

    Just a quick note mostly funny story Lacey continues to annoy me pink mafia and concept kind of enraged me.Reading these three books or less one after the other probably wasn t smart Not sure I m going to be able to finish the third The underlying story in that one is completely and utterly stupid But that s the third book, this is the second.It s four years after the first book Bud, yes they still call their girl Bud, is 4 now Addison, who played a deepish role in the first book appears to have been pushed aside for Bud in this book here Though Addison makes a...

  6. says:

    It wasn t really to my taste too much madcap, not enough story, too much pointed commentary, not enough character development I also found the main character to be unlikable this really reads like the second...

  7. says:

    Great book.I loved this second book on the trilogy as much as the first I love the Chase Banter family Thanks to Saxon Bennett for not taking 5 pages to describe every sex scene We get enough of that with some of the other authors.

  8. says:

    Every word Saxon puts to page is delightful and crafted with skill and brilliance This book is a follow up to the book Family Affair and is enjoyable from the first page to the last word You will be glad you read this and will immediately want to order the next in the series.

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