Twelve Days in December PDF ↠ Twelve Days eBook

Twelve Days in December PDF ↠ Twelve Days eBook

  • ebook
  • 85 pages
  • Twelve Days in December (Hearthfire Romance, #3.5)
  • Michele Paige Holmes
  • English
  • 03 April 2014

10 thoughts on “Twelve Days in December (Hearthfire Romance, #3.5)

  1. Julie Carpenter Julie Carpenter says:

    Oh my heart I loved this story and wished that it wasn't so short but it was power packed with little goodies Charolette Marsali's sister has stepped in and agreed to marry Mr Vancer when it is discovered that Christopher is alive and Marsali is still a married woman Charolette is a young widow with a young toddler to care for and she has been worried how she will manage that Yet when Marsali's wedding day approaches and with only a few hours left until the wedding she realizes that Mr Vancer is a good man She has watched how he treats her sister even his kindness to her and her little son has proven to her that he is kind and would be a good father and husband to them Mr Vancer asks if Charolette might consider marrying him and with her affirmative answer we get this sweet novella Starting with the wedding and their sweet courtship after their marriage of convenience of course So sweet and the healing that they are able to help each other with was very touching I loved all the scenes with Charolette's son The waltzoh my The snowball fightssuper fun If you don't or haven't read any of the other books in this series you can read this one no worries and will love itClean with a few sweet kissesMy own personal copyHappy Reading

  2. Kathy Jo Kathy Jo says:

    Charlotte has lost her husband and finds herself in a horrible situation trying to provide for herself and her 15 month old son Alec When she unexpectedly becomes the bride to the wealthy William Vancer her life will be changed forever While she is grateful for everything he has done for her and her son she struggles with her feelings for him Is it possible to love again after such a short period of time? William is in need of a wife in order to receive his large inheritance He thought this marriage of convenience would be the best thing for all involved What he wasn't expecting was to fall in love with Charlotte and her son How can he help her to see that loving him in return doesn't mean that she is betraying her first husband and that she has enough love for the both of them? I loved seeing Charlotte and William's relationship grow from friendship into love William was so patient with Charlotte and seemed to understand just what she needed Their relationship was so sweet and I found myself letting out little dreamy sighs on several occasions I would say the only thing I didn't like about Twelve Days in December was it just ended I wanted just a little bit An epilogue would have been amazing Even if it was just a few months down the road I guess what they say is true when a book is good you always find it too short ; This was my very first book by Michele Paige Holmes and I can tell you that it definitely will not be my last I love finding new authors to read It really makes me happy And yes even though this was a novella I still did a casting ; Hehe

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    You don't have to read this in December to enjoy this sweet romance Sometimes it's nice to read this stories after the holiday I have really come to enjoy this regency series and follow the characters throughout I also like how each can really stand on its own although with any series it is nice to read them in order to better understand all the backstories Marriage of convenience stories are some of my very favorite I thought this one was handled well I liked that Charlotte had been married before she loved her first husband and feels it may be too soon to fall in love again William was not expecting to fall in love with Charlotte but of course as the two spend time together feelings soon arise I enjoyed their relationship and thought this was a sweet story ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence NoneReligious None mildSource Review copy

  4. JP JP says:

    Ohhhh I loved this so much sigh This is my favorite Christmas story ♥️

  5. Faith Faith says:

    I received a copy of this book for free from Ebooks for Review in exchange for my honest review My rating 35 stars After starting this book uite awhile ago I didn't get her far into it before pausing forweeks Life got in the way and just yesterday I remembered it and continued readingand stayed up late to finish it xD Seeing as how historical romance isn't My thing I have mixed feelings for this novella William's reasons for needing to marry before the end of the year confused me at first but I soon sorted it all out His and Charlotte's marriage of convenience was sweet but rather rushed I felt I mean she hadn't even been a widow for six months yet But I understand that she needed the security of knowing she and her son Alec would be well taken care of William was really sweet and it was obvious that his love and care for both Charlotte and Alec was genuine I loved the part with them making snow angels in the park 3 The writing of this book really was beautiful and I LOVED the time periodsetting As far as the content of this book goes? It was perfectly clean in my opinion There were a few mentions of things but in a right that's the best word I can think of way I mean they ARE married people All in all I did enjoy this book I'm super curious to know what happenedhappens with Marsali and Christopher too I'll probably never read it again but this was what I needed when I needed it This was a good read and I enjoyed it

  6. Melanie Melanie says:

    I loved the Hearthfire series William and Charlotte were two of my favorite characters so I was excited to learn there was a novella with their story We met them in the third book Marrying Christopher Twelve Days in December starts with a scene from that book which is told from Charlotte's perspective Charlotte is Marsali's sister who had been recently widowed and had a young son to raiseI loved William Vancer and felt bad for him when things didn't work out with Marsali I was very happy for her though In order to save his business he needed to be married by a certain date and Charlotte spontaneously agreed to marry him We learned her reasons for that and his reasons for needing to get married They were unsure of each other at first which was humorous at times and it was fun to see their relationship progressI could have read about them but am glad that they each got a happy ending What I did like about the length is that it was a fast read and was perfect for this time of year This probably could work as a standalone but it would be much fun to read Marrying Christopher firstI received a copy of this book from eBooks for Review for an honest review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves

  7. Nicole Marie Nicole Marie says:

    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Twelve Days in December is the fourth contribution to the Hearthfire Romance series by Michele Paige Holmes However this Christmas novella is the first that I have read from both the series and the author The first chapter is actually the last chapter of Marrying Christopher retold from Charlotte Holbrook’s point of view and introduces us to the circumstances in which Charlotte takes her sister’s place as the bride of wealthy New York businessman William Vancer The novella then follows the 12 days after they are married the last 12 days of December 1828 and how their relationship develops Twelve Days in December is a sweet novella If you read the book description for the pertinent background information this can be read as a standalone However I do wish I had known to read Marrying Christopher first as this novella contains spoilers and probably a good share of references that were not properly appreciated since I read this as a standalone novella

  8. Lisa (Bookworm Lisa) Lisa (Bookworm Lisa) says:

    This is a very sweet romantic Christmas novellaCharlotte is a widow and has come for the marriage of her sister to William A change of circumstance puts Charlotte in a position to marry William instead This provides security for herself and toddler son She is willing to help others giving up some of her own hopesThis book takes place for twelve days after their wedding It is a confusing time for both of them and they take their relationship slowly to come to know each otherI loved how sweetly William and Charlotte try to put each others feelings before their own William is willing and able to step up as a husband and a father He immediately takes to Charlotte's son and gives him love and attention The process to love isn't always easy but it is wonderful when it happens I loved that Charlotte was a widow and that her heart wasn't closed up because of the death of her husband This is a book about second chances and living life after heartbreak

  9. Sam B Sam B says:

    I received this ebook through ebooksforreview in exchange for an honest reviewThis novella is part of the Hearthfire Romance series Twelve Days in December tells Charlotte and William’s story after the event of Marrying ChristopherAlthough it was a short novella I really appreciated reading about Charlotte and William’s romance The story was well developed and I believe it concludes well the Thatcher’s romances as I understand the following books will introduce new charactersI always love Michelle Paige Holmes sweet romances and how she develops her characters Once again she was able to bring the readers back in time to get a glimpse of her character’s lives and emotionsI’m looking forward to the next book in the series

  10. Olivia-Savannah Roach Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

    I know it’s not anywhere near Christmas time But it is getting closer to Valentines and this is a historical romance? So does that give me a bit of a pass?Anyway I wanted to read this book because it is a historical novella in a romance series that I have been following Even though the conclusion to Marrying Christopher was closed I never wondered what happened to Charlotte and Mr Vancer aka William even though they were left with only a few hours to arrange their own marriage If you want to know how that came about you should read the previous books That aside I wasn’t curious until I heard what this novella was about It seems like a grand idea especially as all the romances in the series so far have been love matches and not hastily arranged onesMy favourite thing about this novella was that even though it was short it still had a story and a message and a theme to it The theme being that Charlotte is only recently a widow and she is still in mourning Although arranging a marriage for herself is the best possible thing she can do for the safety of her son it is hard to even consider loving someone else at the current moment Which is a predicament I can imagine must be immensely hard to be put in Even though it is only a short while with this book Michele manages to bring across the theme incredibly wellIn this novella we also have a romance that finally includes a family seeing as Charlotte already has a son It’s not too often that we see those kind of historical romances seeing as in those times it wasn’t proper for a lady to have a child before wedding in the slightestThe writing style in this novella was perfect as always Expect nothing less from Michele’s writing folks because it is always spot on I also really appreciated the characters Although we have seen them a little in book three they really do come to life here – William especially Charlotte even reminded me a little of Grace but she stayed uniue as her own character tooThe romance was sweet if not a little fast It doesn’t classify as insta love in the slightest But even if it was a little fast this can be excused because it’s only a novellaLooking forward to book fourThis review and can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe

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Twelve Days in December (Hearthfire Romance, #3.5)[PDF / Epub] ★ Twelve Days in December (Hearthfire Romance, #3.5) Author Michele Paige Holmes – A Christmas Novella from the bestselling Hearthfire Romance series by Michele Paige Holmes Five months isn’t enough time to grieve the death of her husband and marry again but when the unexpected op A Christmas Novella from the bestselling Hearthfire Romance series by Michele Paige Holmes Five months isn’t enough time to grieve the death of her husband and marry again but when the unexpected opportunity to take her sister’s place as the bride of wealthy New York businessman William Vancer presents itself twenty four year old Charlotte Holbrook agrees Their marriage of Twelve Days eBook Î convenience will provide a secure future for her son while William will be able to claim the inheritance he needs to expand his company westwardTo begin their perfect and perfectly safe arrangement William allots the last twelve days in December to become acuainted with his new family—a task easily accomplished than he had imagined For in Charlotte he finds a tender heart and companion while stepping into the role of father to her son brings William a great measure of joy as well Before the twelve days have passed he finds himself wishing their marriage of convenience could be something much For Charlotte every day with William is one of overwhelming gratitude as he anticipates and provides for her needs as well as the fondest desires of her heart More than material comforts William offers friendship as well and a loving concern that Charlotte has gone too long without Guilt ridden she struggles with her growing attraction and wonders how she can ever remain loyal to her first husband while allowing herself to love William as he deserves.

About the Author: Michele Paige Holmes

Michele Paige Holmes spent her childhood and youth in Arizona and northern California often curled up with a good book instead of out enjoying the sunshine She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education and found it an excellent major in which to indulge her love of children's literatureShe is the author of a dozen published Twelve Days eBook Î romance novels including contempor.