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Polski Klub 44: The improbable miracle of existence On Several Occasions, As Described In This Book The Survival Of My Parents, And Small Part Of My Family, Was Almost As Random As A Dice Throw Therefore, I Owe My Existence To An Unprobable Dices Game Or Like The Spin Of A Roulette Located Elsewhere On Some Cosmic Casino, Located Billions Of Light Years From Our Galaxy, Probably Inside Some Giant Black Hole From Where Neither The Genesis Lights Could Escape My Friends Of Christian Origin Always Repeats To Me You Are A Quantum Improbable Event A Point Outside The Existence Curve By Your Life Story, You Were Not Supposed To Exist But According To Einstein, God Does Not Play Dices, And He Has All Events Very Well Written Although In Crooked Lines In His Great Book Of Life So For Some Of His Mysterious Plans I Exist Maybe By A Complex Web Of Infinite Factors, Which Must Have Begun To Combine Millennia Before The Big Bang, Or Perhaps At Zero Hour Of The First Day Of Genesis, I Got Born Billions Years After Out Of The Semen Of A Man And The Ovule Of A Woman Who Were Sentenced To Death, But That For Some Strange Reasons, Planned Since The Times Neither Space Time, Nor Matter, Did Not Exist They Managed To Deceive Their Executioners And Escape From The Mass Murder Trains Going Straight To Auschwitz There Are Only Two Ways Of Understanding The Universe To Think Nothing Is A Miracle Or Think Everything Is A Miracle It Is This Last Way That I Think Is The Truth Yes Here And Now I M Writing This Confession, Therefore I Exist And I Confess And Declare That I Exist Miraculously Signed Roberto Leon Ponczek Filiation Mother Wanda Goldblum Ponczek Father Tadeusz David Ponczek

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