Animal Money MOBI í Animal Money MOBI :å

Animal Money MOBI í Animal Money MOBI :å

Animal Money [Reading] ➷ Animal Money By Michael Cisco – A living form of money results in the unraveling of the worldThe bank is there to save and lend Workers work and customers spend A living form of money results in the unraveling of the worldThe bank is there to save and lend Workers work and customers spend.

About the Author: Michael Cisco

Michael Cisco is an American writer and teacher currently living in New York City He is best known for his first novel, The Divinity Student, winner of the International Horror Guild Award for Best First Novel of He is interested in confusion.

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  1. Ronald Morton Ronald Morton says:

    We discuss each paper, even the latter In the criss cross of our conversation the idea of animal money appears None of us can account for it, none of us can take credit for it.The idea silences us for a while, as we try to grasp it, each within ourselves It really is only a chance coupling of two words, but they seem to call to each other It is immediately obvious to us that animal money does not refer to the age old practice of rating wealth in head of cattle or otherwise using livestock as money there is something new in our minds As far as I can tell, Cisco is the best of all authors currently active in the long form Weird Fiction New Weird space.And there are a ton of qualifiers and retractions and specifications that go along with that, most of them actually unimportant But I will say that the general speculative scene has over the years become progressively less interesting and compelling to me, to the point that it receives little of my attention or passion, and that has been the case for at least a few years now There are a few authors I still pay attention to, and Cisco is high on that list Truthfully, only Reza Negarestani is higher, and he has still not followed up Cyclonopedia yet, so he might not actually count for these purposes.And even with Cisco being high on the list I ve still got his last three sitting unread on a shelf this sounded too good to skip though, so I gave it a shot.As the rating belies, I greatly enjoyed this, though I will say that I still feel The Narrator is his best work He seems to have evolved a bit over the last few years where in the past I felt his voice was only his own, at times here he sounds a bit like Mi ville via his earliest works or maybe Embassytown , Eco via Foucault s Pendulum , and a bit like a less theory driven not as versed in Deleuze, Guattari, Brassier Negarestani but the evolution suits the story he s trying to tell, so it s difficult to tell if he has a writer has changed or if he only adapted for the needs of the narrative Even all that said, his voice is still firmly his own, just influenced.At 780 pages this book felt a bit too long at times, but Cisco is doing a lot here, and covering a lot of ground he s really telling at least four to five different narratives all wound together, so while there is some bloat and it s likely what put this behind the crystalline The Narrator for me what I ve noted as bloat is surprisingly minimal for a book of this size.All that said, I m not sure who I would recommend this to outside of people who are already fans of Cisco It is difficult that mostly anything currently circulating in the Speculative space, but it s too Speculative there are aspects of this particular book that make it genre that anything he s done prior to really push off on those who like dense literary experimentation unless they also overlap into some Speculative tastes.But it s good, and reinforces for me that Cisco is an author to continue to stay aware of and hell, maybe I ll read those three I ve got sitting at some point.

  2. Tobias Tobias says:

    Sort of like the surreal offspring of Julio Cortazar s THE WINNERS, Samuel R Delany s THE EINSTEIN INTERSECTION, and Renee Gladman s Ravicka novels By which I mean that I enjoyed this a whole lot.

  3. Jeff Clark Jeff Clark says:

    Threaded by confusion that compels you to wander until you reach the end Lovely words, ideas mingle, brackishness throughout So many things, so many of them amazing, so many confounding Interpretation is critical and it is only yours We are all economists of our own reality yet slaves to a tongue louse.

  4. Vincenzo Bilof Vincenzo Bilof says:

    VOICE What can you tell us about Animal Money Assiyeh awoke after the conference and began to wonder if all of her revolutionary technologies had made a difference, but it is not the difference that she wondered about, but rather, the idea of the technologies being revolutionary and what it meant for those technologies to be revolutionary There is a sort of awareness that occurs for Assiyeh while reflecting upon the definition of a revolution and whether or not something can be revolutionary, and her mind began to consider the idea that a revolution is a movement that can only exist in opposition to stagnation and that same movement might better be understood during her attempt to create a state of absolute rest Assiyeh began to experiment, and her conclusion that we are always moving to search for something that is better than ourselves by constantly creating materials that will enhance our state of existence whether it is a brand new television set or a new way to have sex by using only your fingertips each new idea both a quantitative and qualitative doubling from nonexistence to existence Through discussing the idea or the awareness of the idea there is a doubling that occurs between all individuals who partake in the exchange, for if they did not have the idea before they now have the idea When you consider what you know about Animal Money and then begin to learn about it, your experience with the very literature that discusses Animal Money doubles your knowledge from zero to something than zero, which is a sort of doubling There is always a sort of self awareness that the exchange is taking place that an author of a book, for example, knows they are composing a piece that becomes a medium of exchange with the reader, because the reader starts with zero experience with that book and upon completing it becomes the beneficiary or inheritor of a type of currency that is qualitative relative to the reader and the author the book need not be about Animal Money, but it could be a science fiction novel in which the idea of Animal Money becomes a sort of metaphor for those people or characters who first talked about the idea of Animal Money but could not exactly determine where the idea came from, because their own knowledge of Animal Money became itself an exchange of experiences and ideas and the only way to review such a book is to ask what Animal Money is and to wonder whether or not we should expect a certain kind of answer or whether or not there is an answer, or maybe whether or not we are capable of understanding that the question itself exists and we are aware of the question Note I don t think you can actually review the book, on a philosophical level, but it is very good, interesting, a challenge to read, with aliens or maybe not aliens, with ideas, some action or maybe not action depending on whether or not everything is a dream, and if it is a dream or not a dream then what is fiction if not Animal Money

  5. Caulen Caulen says:

    Does the reader want the incidents the reader fantasized Yes Does the reader want to escape from the incidents the reader fantasized Yes Does the reader want to have not lived those incidents No Does the reader want to live incidents of an entirely different kind, without going into the details of the difference Yes Does the reader want things to change or things to freeze I prefer change, but both, really Does the reader want to escape from these questions No, thanks for asking.

  6. Axolotl Axolotl says:

    So far it is a lot of hilarious non sense and I love it There is to hold onto than I feel Cisco usually allows There was an early narrator switch that I think was just a mistake as right now Ronald Crest appears to be the man in charge.

  7. David Wegehaupt David Wegehaupt says:

    By far the craziest book I ve ever read What in the bizarro weird world just happened for 780 pages Animal Money contains so many fantastic passages, and often has some wonderful narrative momentum It s some of the most fun I ve had reading in years I also would be hard pressed to describe a plot to someone without sounding like a lunatic There were chunks of the book where I had no idea what in the hell I was reading but decided to just go along, enjoy the ride, and not insist on clarity or anything being easy The book starts in a bizarre fictional future where a bunch of economists traveling to a conference all coincidentally get hilarious head injuries As they recover together, they find their recent work has common themes and the collaboratively develop a new, bizarre and fascinating economic system and it gets them in a lot of trouble with the powers that be The book becomes an adventure conspiracy, with all sorts of powerful forces trying to suppress their treatise on Animal Money and it gets weirder as it goes, including aliens and space travel, extra dimensions, at least one dead ghost narrator, a heavy drinking journalist controlled by his louse infested tongue, a giant spider who runs an island that appears from nowhere and communicates by people drinking her venom or something , a scientist who may or may not be a fictional creation of other characters to distract from their economic theories that threaten to change the world as it is known, etc etc etc Also, one of my all time favorite characters, SuperAesop It s a helluva lot of fun and insanely imaginative Half the time I just was wondering how Cisco s mind conjured this phantasmagorical adventure.There was a while in the middle of this where I had to take a break for a week or two Overall it was fairly slow going, but I also never wanted it to end It d be hard to recommend to anybody whose reading preferences I am not super familiar with Think Pynchon, Wallace, some David Lynch and or Cronenberg as suggested by some reviewer , and then get a lot weirder 95% of the time I was really enjoying each wonderful scene Losing coherence and clarity of plot as the book got weirder is not problematic for my reading tastes, but surely would be for others I m definitely looking forward to reading Michael Cisco once I ve recovered from the mind melting fun that is Animal Money I don t think I ll be able to get this book out of my head for a really long time As soon as it s gone, I might have to read it again And if you want a authoritative recommendation, weird maestro expert Jeff VanderMeer says of it not just possibly the finest weird novel of the modern era, but also an uncanny Infinite Jest by way of early Pynchon and Robert Bola o s 2666 This novel requires your full and undivided attention, but will not come away from the experience unchanged to Lazy Fascist Press for consistently introducing me to amazingly creative and fun to read contemporary authors

  8. K.H. Vaughan K.H. Vaughan says:

    This is a difficult book to review, and I think it will be a five star book for a small number of people On the one hand, I enjoyed the writing enough to continue through to the end Cisco has a strong voice and can create compelling imagery He has a wicked sense of humor and the occasionally graphic or explicit content stands out in contrast to the rest of the text to good effect I think I did not ultimately enjoy the book as a whole because of several issues Animal Money is willfully non linear, with the narrative jumping perspectives, times, and in and out of hallucinatory episodes without any warning or roadmap I can live with this I m a big fan of David Lynch, and I am than willing to do the work to try and meet a work on it s own terms However, I didn t have a sense of this technique reflecting any underlying coherence It too often read as surrealism for its own sake If you enjoy the disorienting long strange trip for its own sake, then you might get mileage out of this than I did I don t need to read nearly 800 pages to get the point that things don t necessarily conform to our preconceptions of what narratives or reality are supposed to be It s old news If that is the only goal of Animal Money, it isn t enough Besides, Hunter Thomson does a better job of describing drug induced experiences Besides, if you want to experience that terrain, reading is a very indirect and poor substitute Animal Money is intentionally obscure There is a thesis, of sorts, about economics and its relationship to reality in the text, but Cisco goes out of his way to hide that point Every once in a while, he seems to get to some sort of explicit statement the closest he comes, really is end money , but why all the obfuscation He is brutally critical of academic institutions and the absurdity that often goes with the ritual orthodoxy of the Academy, and I agree with his views there so much of academic writing is nothing than fancy verbiage that hides a lack of rigor or meaning Yet Cisco critiques obscurantism only to double down on it in the book If he has a real thesis about the things he is concerned about, then why hide it He offers hints that may explain it comments about the need for teachers to communicate the message over and over again in as many ways as are possible in order to disrupt the complacent understanding of the unenlightened The un woke masses are consistently referred to as dupes in various ways It s the sort of thing common in Leftist revolutionary theory the masses must be dragged into revolution against their will as they will never get there on their own It s a very elitist philosophy for all the alleged glorification of the worker I also have a sense that Cisco may be entertaining the idea that the medium is the message that by disrupting expectations and generating dissonance, the reader will somehow be forced to question all In the book, the release of an economics treatise also called Animal Money disrupts the economy of the world and the shape of history I just disagree with that perspective A meaningful point or idea can be expressed plainly, and I don t think this kind of exercise will have any sort of impact on any individual not already on board with the ideology Again, if you are already there, you may enjoy it, but a text like this can only preach to the choir.Last, as a critique of capitalism, Animal Money fails in the most important respect it offers no alternative No one in the text is able to offer a coherent explanation of what Animal Money is, or how it actually functions It s fine to talk about the failings of capitalism it has many But the text offers no than magical wish fulfillment about what might replace it Capitalism sucks, then, I don t know a miracle maybe aliens or something and then we are in a brave new post capitalist economic utopia, isn t an alternative If that s all Animal Money can accomplish then it is a profoundly nihilistic text, stating that the system sucks but there is no way out I don t think that was Cisco s intention, which would make the book a failure on its own terms.If you like the writing, and can take the trip at face value, then you might enjoy the ride Otherwise, I think this is going to be a tough sell I don t think the Emperor is actually naked, but the elaborate suit he is wearing doesn t actually cover the bits it is supposed to That is, the naive boy would point and say his junk is still showing

  9. Remi Remi says:

    Before the imposing Edinburgh castle gates, sits the statue of Adam Smith, the father of modern Capitalism Keeping a watchful eye on tourists, tourism representatives, street performers and the odd vagrant scuffling through the crowd, hoping someone will lend them a fiver Although, should you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of people, all gnashing for the same photo of the cathedral and the litany of selfie sticks, a refuge is just a short walk around the corner Blackwell books, Edinburgh s oldest bookshop and one that I found myself in an absolute awe of the selection With my hands already overflowing with a number of finds that have been on the backlog for quite some time spotting Animal Money was like some dirty trick played by the employees It sat in the horror section, with a staff recommendation that absolutely thrilled my imagination, coupled with the eye catching artwork and to make matters worse, a doorstopper, seemed to check all the boxes of all my literary weaknesses in one fell swoop So the armful was dropped and the tome along with two other separate smaller novels for balance sake brought to the til.The novel itself is a beguiling cascade of Lovecraftian divination of cultists, nightmare logic and unknown horror wrapping itself behind every page But, not just limited to HP, for economic theory pervades the book, and one could be forgiven for thinking that it is a treatise against Capitalism If anything the novel concerns itself with a new form of capital, rather than standard paper or credit systems that the developed world utilizes, one of growth and with a rhizomatic sensibility takes over What comes after capitalism, and how the world will change, and within the novel, the world literally changes employing a strange foreign pervading every step While it is an alternative reality, the world in which Animal Money exists is very much like our own, and the current pitfalls of late stage capitalism The revere of businessmen and economists as some sort of gods or wizards who steer the world, the destruction of Earth and resources to benefit a few I could go on but anyone familiar with the current arguments against the system, have heard these time and time again Though while critical of the source material , Cisco does employ the arguments for the current system, and why how people squeezed by its tendrils opening the book is like bursting a chaotic evil puffball in your face A gush of malignantly psychedelic invective inundates your head whirling in the brain to form mental twisters that are autonomous hate elementals herding the thoughts, driving the thoughts before them, raking the mental air with alarms and searchlights and snarling police dogs that send hapless fantasies, emotions and other mental personnel scrambling for safe places to hide.If you re a fan of New Weird, economic social capital theory, which itself is a strange melange of elements, then this novel will completely take you to another thousand plateaus altogether.

  10. Jon Hilty Jon Hilty says:

    I don t know what of the events in the book actually happened, how many narrators there were, how many of them actually existed, how many were alive or dead, when it was, when it wasn t, what it was or wasn t, or even why it was But I do know it was funny, bizarre, occasionally lucid, interesting, confounding, complex, and all sorts of other adjectives Four stars to begin with A fifth added because of the exceptional amount of confusing material, and then one subtracted because of the exceptional amount of confusing material Michael Cisco still has not done wrong by me A very difficult book to get through, but worth it to me.

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